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Web Development Phase 1 - HTML CSS and Javascript

8 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

The Developer Academy believe in helping those convert to a career in tech

Hosted by

Colin Smith, Neil Bizzel, Vincent Greene, and Alfie Fort

We are the Developer Academy, between us over 30 years of teaching experience

Course overview

Change Careers, Become a Junior Web Developer

More than half of our students are getting jobs as junior web developers after completing all three phases of our courses - It's not a pipe dream it is a real life changer!

Who is this course for


Anyone with an interest in technology and a willingness to learn


Career changers who need a hand


Those who like the personal touch

What you’ll get out of this course

Tried and Tested

Our software development bootcamp is delivered remotely, online with live instructor-led lessons teaching a tried-and-tested curriculum

Industry Experience

We spend a lot of time working with companies on what specific skills they look for, students graduate as well-rounded software developers able

What people are saying

        Erman said "Joining the Developer Academy Sector Routeways bootcamp enabled me to regain my confidence in my skills as an employee as well as contextualise my prior learning into real work scenarios that have helped me to be successful in my role as a Software Developer.


Junior Developer
        Just having that advice to help you to try to focus what you’re doing on towards the skills and areas that are most valuable to the industry has been really helpful. I came in with the idea of getting a job in tech so I wanted to really focus down on those aspects.



Meet your instructors

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Lead Instructor

Colin has extensive experience in industry and as a computer science teacher. He is responsible for mentoring other instructors, design of content for and delivery of some of our courses

Expertise: Azure, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Python, React, Express, Node, MongoDb

'Quote' – console log, console log, console log

Neil Bizzel

Neil Bizzel

Director of Education

Neil has extensive experience in industry and as a computer science teacher. he is responsble for developing our strategy, leading curriculum design, hiring awesome instructors and leading the instructor team. He also delivers training on several of our courses.

Expertise: Leadership, Strategy, Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Express, MongoDb, NodeJS, SQL/MySQL, MariaDB

'The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.' –John C. Maxwell

Vincent Greene

Vincent Greene

Data Science Instructor

Vincent was the first of our graduates to be hired by the Developer Academy and brought into the role of teaching. Working with our team since has offered an opportunity to hone a huge range of skills from Web Development, Team Management, Data Science, to whatever the next project we plan on tackling; always up for the next challenge.

Expertise: JavaScript, Python, C++, HTML, CSS, React, Express, Node JS, Sklearn , Pandas, SQL, Docker

'Quote' – Don't squat with your spurs on - proverbial wisdom

Alfie Fort

Alfie Fort

Web Development Instructor

Alfie is a self-taught developer mainly interested in developing applications that help people learn new skills. He worked with various startups before joining us as an instructor.

Expertise: React, Express, SQL, React Native, MongoDB.

“Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.” – Austin Freeman

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Web Development Phase 1 - HTML CSS and Javascript

Course syllabus


Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of front end development, learning about the DOM and how to make websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript Flexbox and Bootstrap.

You will also learn about UX, Object Orientated Programming (OOP) and Test Driven Development (TDD).


Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of React and back end development, you will learn how to use Redux, Express and Node.js to run code for the back end, databases, and APIs.

You will also learn about Agile, Computer Science principles and cover CVs, Portfolios and how to find a job in Software Development.


Phase 3

Phase three is all about consilidating the learning from phase 1 and 2 whilst taking part in a group project managed using Agile principles.

You will also spend some time exploring alternate technologies and will receive further careers support

Course schedule

6-8 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    13:00 - 16:00 EST

    Our delivery sessions are part time with access to our slack channels for questions outside of these times.

People Centered

People Centered


An experienced industry expert will lead the curriculum and live online lessons via our learning environment.


Our Coordinators ensure your experience is a positive one. Got questions? Need finance advice? They’ll guide you.

Expert Career Coaches

You’ll have access to expert career coaches, whom you’ll work with until you start your first job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone learn to be a web developer?
Do I need to be good at maths?
How do I get a job with no experience?

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Web Development Phase 1 - HTML CSS and Javascript