Deliver Constructive Feedback That Inspires Action

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Discussing constructive feedback is challenging and emotional. Learn to deliver constructive feedback that is motivating and objective.

Hosted by

Chelsea Seid

Founder at Talent Praxis, ICF PCC Coach, and Expert in Talent Development

Course overview

Feel confident that your constructive feedback will be effective

Bad feedback is vague, subjective, random, or unspoken. Stop avoiding tough feedback.

Give your team members the tools to succeed.

Who is this course for


You are a people manager who is hesitant when delivering constructive feedback.


You manage 3+ direct reports and spend the majority of your time working and interacting with others.


Your team has ambitious goals and you need to guide them to know how to be successful.

What you’ll get out of this course

4 steps to deliver constructive feedback

Learn how to word feedback clearly by applying a variation of the Center for Creative Leadership's feedback formula SBI.

Clarify the behavior your report needs to improve to be successful

Objectively define and communicate the behavior you want your team member to change to reduce negative responses and get results.

Make feedback actionable and motivating for your team

Adapt the impact of your feedback- or why your feedback is important. Communicate an impact that is motivating enough to evoke change while maintaining trust with your team member.

Tailor your approach in the feedback discussion

Evaluate the art of discussing feedback and assess the various positions you can take in a conversation to get the results you need.

What people are saying

        Yesterday, I had to deliver feedback. It was going to be difficult, or so I thought. Thanks to Chelsea Seid and her company’s resources, it was a little easier.
Jennifer Yates

Jennifer Yates

Business Operations Leader
        I would strongly recommend Chelsea's firm for Executive Coaching services. Chelsea's methodology was thoughtful, intentional, and impactful. She was always laser-focused on outcomes and mindfully efficient in how we achieved those outcomes. Her feedback was insighful and guidance on target. I look forward to continuing to work with Chelsea...
Idris Manley

Idris Manley

Technology Leader
        Chelsea is an expert in the professional coaching space. Working with Chelsea has been a huge benefit to me personally and the organization I serve. She offered great advice and encouragement in my new role. Her expertise and coaching allowed me to remove self-imposed barriers regarding my new career and face challenges head-on.
Tami Brown 

Tami Brown 

Director Of Corporate And Foundation Relations
        I legitimately can't recommend Chelsea enough. She helped me navigate a very difficult personnel situation I inherited as a brand new manager when we didn't have HR. We'd just started working together and she was humane, thoughtful and made me feel confident going into some difficult conversations. That alone was worth the price for her services. 
Tad Whitaker

Tad Whitaker

Director of Security

Meet your instructor

Chelsea Seid

Chelsea Seid

My name is Chelsea Seid and I am the founder and chief coach at Talent Praxis, Talent Praxis is a talent development practice dedicated to helping people turn ideas into actions to achieve their goals through one-on-one leadership coaching, people management training, and consulting. See more here:

I am an International Coaching Federation PCC-certified coach. I have been formally coaching for the past six years, partnering with 30+ companies and coaching 100+ managers, leaders, and executives. I have 15 years of experience managing and leading teams; leading business operations and strategy; and leading HR, talent development, and talent acquisition across a variety of industries. I also have 5 years of experience as a co-founder of a venture-backed scalable coaching startup. 

Connect and read more here.

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Deliver Constructive Feedback That Inspires Action

Course Syllabus


Session 1: The Formula

An easy formula to give tough feedback! When you need to deliver constructive feedback do you find yourself lost for words or fearful you will leave your audience upset or disinterested? Unspoken or poorly prepared feedback is the least effective. Discover the tools and confidence to deliver the feedback your team members need to be successful.


Session 2: Defining the Objective Behavior

Effective feedback includes an objective behavior, not a subjective evaluation. This “you are not asking for others’ ideas” not “you do not work collaboratively.” In this session, we will take feedback and dissect the objective behaviors to ensure your team members know exactly what you are asking them to do differently


Session 3: Aligning Impact and Motivation

Feedback needs a why- “why is this important?” Your why, or impact, needs to be motivating enough to evoke change without breaking trust and disengaging your audience. We will craft your why so it aligns with the motivators of your audience, gives them the inspiration to do things differently, and maintains excitement in their work.


Session 4: Your Ask and Your Approach

So what’s next? Now that you have the wording for your tough feedback you need to consider how you will approach the conversation. In this session, we will discover how to apply situational leadership to adjust your approach to the needs of your team member and the situation at hand. 

Course schedule

2 hours per week
  • Live Sessions, Cohort-style

    4 hour-long sessions over 2 weeks

    Meet with your instructor and other people managers for instruction and group activities to begin applying to tools to communicate constructive feedback.

  • Role-playing

    Come prepared with 2-5 examples of constructive feedback you have communicated or need to communicate.

    We will role-play scenarios to apply the tools in real time and put learning into practice.

  • Put Learning into Practice

    Begin applying what you have learned. From each session consider not only what you are learning but also what you plan to do differently and how you can test your results.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Easy tools you can apply tomorrow

This course teaches you simple tools to begin wording more effective feedback right away

Interactive role-playing

Learn exactly how to apply the concepts by practicing them live and role-playing out different scenarios to refine your feedback

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can’t make a live session?
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
Can I expense this course to my employer?
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Deliver Constructive Feedback That Inspires Action