How to Grow & Monetize Your LinkedIn Following


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Cohort-based Course

Learn to grow and monetize your audience quickly, get questions answered 1:1 by a top creator, and network with other budding talents.

Course overview

I've helped countless people scale past 10k followers and make money. Your turn.

My LinkedIn growth has changed my life. I've grown from a humble freelance content writer to a ghostwriting agency owner serving some of the most influential people on the planet—all powered by my LinkedIn presence.

This cohort will help you find life-changing results with your own LinkedIn presence. While everyone's journey is different, the principles I teach will dramatically accelerate your engagement growth and enable you to create new income from the start.

You'll learn the same strategies I used to scale from 0 to 120k followers in a year—without any of the cuts and bruises I endured along the way.

One cohort. One teacher. Life-changing results. Are you in?

Who is this cohort for?


Complete beginners with less than one thousand followers who want to cut out the guesswork and grow quickly


Intermediate creators with thousands of followers but slow growth and mild engagement


Ambitious creators who want to network and synergize with other budding creators for long-term growth


Established creators struggling to monetize the attention they're already creating


Creators of any stripe who want to maximize the results they're already receiving

You'll learn...

...the secrets elite creators use to build tens of thousands of followers in months.

You've watched in bewilderment as creators like me, Colby Kultgen, Chase Dimond, and Charles Miller build massive followings almost overnight. I'll teach you all the secrets we use to grow at unprecedented speed.

...the most effective posting time and frequency for max engagement.

Posting time matters, but not for the reasons you think. I'll explain what posting schedule the LinkedIn algorithm likes and why.

...what content formats build followers the fastest.

Not all formats deliver the same results. Some create much more engagement and have higher view-to-follower conversion rates. I'll teach you which—and how to use them effectively. to monetize the attention you create to five-figures and beyond.

Likes, comments, and shares are great. But as a wise person once said, "likes ain't cash." You'll learn to create content that (actually) makes money you can scale to full-time employment. perform cold outreach with astonishingly high response rates.

LinkedIn is hands-down the best place to perform cold outreach—I know from experience. I'll teach you how to do it with 20%+ response rates (over 400% higher than cold email). repurpose your content and post daily with effortless consistency.

Not even the most resourceful creators make new content every day. I'll teach you the principles of intelligent content repurposing so you can 10x your output on all platforms. build a reputation that transcends platforms.

As I tell my ghostwriting clients, we're in the business of building reputations first and audiences second. My quality-first content approach will enable you to build a rep that transcends LinkedIn. proactively network with power players in your industry.

It's true: your network is your net worth. I'll teach you to build friendships with other creators that lead to life-changing opportunities. understand the LinkedIn algorithm.

LinkedIn's algorithm is similar to other social media platforms but distinct in a few key areas. And since this course is taught live, you can count on this information to always be up to date.

What people are saying

        Sam’s character is brilliant and makes me feel a lot more at ease than some of the robots that churn out these types of courses.
Matt Barker

Matt Barker

Founder, Matt Barker Copy
        The first post I made after applying Sam's insights reached 220,000 impressions and got me 600 new followers!
Simon Nopp

Simon Nopp

Partner, Atlanto
        I really appreciate Sam's straightforward manner, actionable advice, enthusiasm, as well as his respect for the viewer's time (there is no filler—just advice, facts, and examples). He's also highly responsive.
Sara Knapp

Sara Knapp

Executive Coach, Bay Street Coaching
        He knows [LinkedIn] incredibly well. He understands how to hack the algorithm and generate more attention—his attention to detail is incredible.
Lara Acosta

Lara Acosta

Founder, LA Digital
        [Sam is] my go-to for all things LinkedIn. If you need any sort of guidance, don't hesitate.
Chase Dimond

Chase Dimond

Influencer and Serial Growth Partner
        There is Sam Szuchan, and there is everyone else. He is masterful at creating super high value content that blows up into millions of views. He has done it over and over again.
Sam Browne

Sam Browne

Influencer and Serial Entrepreneur

Meet your instructor

Sam Szuchan

Sam Szuchan

I scaled from zero to 120k LinkedIn followers in one year without the help of a presence on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social platform.

But don't the big six-figure follower count fool you—barely a year ago, I was a clueless creator with more fingers than followers.

I scaled quickly through carefully studying, testing, and networking over thousands of hours. In my course, I'll teach you everything I learned to make my growth possible.

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How to Grow & Monetize Your LinkedIn Following


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Course Syllabus & Schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Welcome & Course Intro

    Live | Saturday, Sep 2, 1 - 1:45pm EST

    I'll welcome you to my cohort and tell you what to expect as we progress. I'll also advise you on best practices for getting the most out of our time together and encourage you to start building connections with other students.

  • Perfecting Your Message, Positioning, and Offering

    Live | Wednesday, Sep 6, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    Forget everything you know about "niching down." In this section, I'll train you to build digital leverage that continually compounds in value. After that, I'll teach you how to leverage your growing digital real estate to its full monetization potential.

  • Conversion-Optimizing Your Profile

    Live | Monday, Sep 11, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    Your profile is a landing page. It's absolutely essential that you tweak each part of it to convert visitors into followers, clients, and raving fans—or else your LinkedIn growth is meaningless. That's why I've dedicated an entire module to it.

  • Content Research & Ideation

    Live | Friday, Sep 15, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    The best writing, the most beautiful carousels, and the most well-edited videos are all useless if they're covering topics nobody cares about. In this section, I'll teach you why certain content goes viral, my systems for developing viral content, and reliable inspiration strats.

  • Content Creation 101

    Live | Wednesday, Sep 20, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    Copywriting. Style. Formatting. Hooks. Written posts. Carousels. Even video. This module covers anything and everything related to writing viral, results-driven LinkedIn content—buckle up.

  • Publishing, Republishing, Analysis, and Iteration

    Live | Monday, Sep 25, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    It's not just about what you publish—it's about how you publish it. This module will cover best practices for posting, reposting, and understanding your content performance.

  • Community, Networking, and Outbound Outreach

    Live | Friday, Sep 29, 1 - 2:00pm EST

    If it's one place where LinkedIn shines, it's the platform's raw power as a networking tool. Proactively leveraging its full potential will lead to life-changing results—friends, business partners, clients, and more. I'll teach you exactly how to do it.

  • Closing Notes + Final Q&A

    Friday, Sep 30, 1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

    We've covered a massive amount of information. And even with the additional resources I've provided, you'll undoubtedly have questions. After a few quick closing notes, I'll dedicate this module's session to answering your remaining questions 1:1.

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LinkedIn is better with a cohort

LinkedIn is better with a cohort

Live workshops

Get your LinkedIn questions answered 1:1 by an accomplished creator both in live sessions and in our community portal.


Learn alongside other ambitious creators and form synergy groups (and life-long friendships) with up-and-coming LinkedIn superstars.

Up-to-date information

Ditch LinkedIn courses with years-old advice written for a different era. Everything you'll learn in this cohort is the latest and greatest in LinkedIn strategy.

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How to Grow & Monetize Your LinkedIn Following


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