Business Buyers Marketing & Deal Making Mastery Programme

7 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

The integrated marketing programme for investors to boost their lead generation and deal flow success.

Course overview

Leverage multi marketing channels to boost lead generation and deal flow.

Every investor wants to get access to great deals. That's a given. The challenge is that there are thousands of other individual investors, institutional investors, private equity and venture capital businesses all searching for them too.

What does that mean?

Well, that means that you have to be very clear, very articulate and very deliberate in how you present yourself to the market. To increase your ability to attract more deals you have to rise above the competition to increase your

- reach

- visibility

- authority

- credibility

- accessibility

That means that you can't rely solely on letters and Linkedin outreach. Having a targeted plan, implemented consistently and intentionally, supported by digital resources will deliver better outcomes.

This will be singularly the best investment you'll make into your lead generation activities.

This course is for you if you..


are a new or established private / institutional investor, in private equity, or a business owner looking to acquire businesses.


want to upgrade your lead generation activities to increase exposure to more dealmaking opportunities.


you know there are more marketing strategies to employ but you don't know where to start and what works best.

What you'll get from this programme

The 6 Pillar Niche Link Growth Strategy

Learn how to leverage the this strategy, exploiting the inter-connectedness of businesses, industries, and audiences to unlock untapped potential in your dealmaking activities.

A Robust Personal Brand Identity

You'll create a unique and cohesive identity integrating your values and professional status. This will underpin the consistency needed across your lead generation activities. We get clear.

Business & Ideal Client Clarity

Any successful business has a plan. We'll use a one pager to get super clear on what you want to achieve, the ideal structure of your business and the businesses you want to attract. We get clear.

Deal And Service Mapping

How are you presenting yourself to the market? Are you an investor looking to acquire businesses and / or are you a growth consultancy taking a WIBO / BIBO approach. We get clear on the what, how, when.

Market Positioning

Influence, authority, visual presence are the hallmarks of successful dealmakers. Being positioned in a specific market, sector or demographic will boost all three, amplify your status and desire to work with you. We get clear.

Multipotential Marketing

With the foundations in place we start to build a programme of both on and offline marketing channels to get you in front of the right people. Tech stacks, time-saving automations and systems. We get clear.

Delivering Your Unique Content

We'll explore how to generate targeted content that resonates with your target audiences. You'll consider what suits your personal style and design digital and native assets that deliver value and your expertise. We get clear.

Building a Community

The gold of all modules. Often the most over-looked and undervalued. You'll build a community based on TRUST where you'll thrive when you CONNECT rather than sell. It's powerful. Get ready.

A Lead Generation Road Map

You'll finish the programme having put in place solid foundations to push your M&A business into the market. You will have started to test what works best for you and stopped what doesn't. You will feel energised and ready to do more deals.

Meet your instructor

Susanna Hancock

Susanna Hancock

Investor, Dealmaker, Speaker, M&A Marketing & Influencer Coach

30 years starting, scaling and securing exits. 4 years in M&A, acquiring businesses, providing exit advisory services to SME business owners.

Co-founder of March Women in M&A international community and advocate for female dealmakers.

Mentor to dealmakers looking to amplify their profile, brand and influence to reach a wider audience and to do more deals.

Launching Actually M&A Marketing Agency for investors, private equity, venture capital and advisors across the M&A lifecycle including The Exit Advisory Meetup (TEAM); an invitation-only networking group for advisors working in collaboration r to help more business owners exit successfully.

I am the creator of the Niche Link Growth Strategy and the only provider of branding and digital marketing services for the M&A market in the UK.

I have experienced all aspects of the dealmaking journey from buying, to exit and acquisition advisory and selling as an independent agent.

Above everything, I love connecting people to one another, to opportunities and to creating communities that thrive together. I also love to dance like everyone is watching :)

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Business Buyers Marketing & Deal Making Mastery Programme


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Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Thursday's

    6:00pm - 7.00pm BST

    We will use the same zoom link for every session. Every week will include training content plus time for Q&A and accountability feedback. There will be flexibility in the end time if the discussion is lively and we wish to extend it to 7:30pm

  • Join us live and watch anytime

    Session are recorded

    Each course session will be recorded, so you can watch again if you have to miss a session or you just want a refresh on the material.

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    You get out what you put in to the activities you are given to carry out, research or implement. Do what you can in the time you have - every action is a positive move in the right direction.

  • Whatsapp Group


    A dedicated Whatsapp group will be set up for those who have any questions in between the weekly events. It's also the space where we'll keep one another accountable to weekly goals.

Free resource

78 ways to level up your M&A Dealflow

Access and save this checklist of 78 tactics to increase your visibility, authority and ability to get in front of more deal opportunities. It's extensive but not exhaustive - give at least one new strategy a go and see what happens!

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Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Business Buyers Marketing & Deal Making Mastery Programme


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