Where high-performing women get paid fairly while prioritizing their well-being.

Led by Susan Lee
Led by Susan Lee
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Wellthy is a one-day master course for high-performing women who are ready to build their wealth in a way that prioritizes their time while breaking the stigma of shame around money.

Does this sound like you?


You have a proven track record of being a high-performing, professional woman.


You're done settling for any job. You only want to work for those who value your time as much as you do.


You want to attract opportunities that are eager to pay you at a premium, but fair price.


You want to consistently advocate for yourself just as you advocate for others.


You're ready to talk about money with like-minded women in a safe environment.


And last but not least...you don't think that money should be a taboo subject.

By the end of this course, you will

Accelerate your earning potential.

Our clients increased their yearly salaries by ten to fifteen-percent (on average). Studies show that a yearly two-percent raise over the course of your career could add at least $500,000 to your lifetime earnings.

Negotiate like a natural.

Engage in conversations about money that feel natural and respectful even when there are objections at the offer table. No matter the financial outcome, you will establish yourself as a trusted figure.

Magnetize fulfilling opportunities.

Embody supporting money beliefs that will attract opportunities and people who align with your values. You will trust yourself to the point where you can turn down jobs that drain your energy.

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🌟 BONUS: The first five registrants will receive a FREE private 60-minute coaching session with Susan ($250 value).

See what people are saying

        I used Susan's negotiation strategy two times. Both times resulted in an increase of 15-17% from the original offer. The confidence and self-worth that I've gained are lifetime benefits that are worth far more than the paycheck.
Katie H.
Katie H.
Senior Salesforce Consultant
        I had never had the confidence nor the right words on how to do that - even so, I didn't even know I could negotiate salary. I was able to raise my pay about $10,000 by using Susan's negotiation techniques!
Dayana R.
Dayana R.
Inventory Control Analyst at Beyond Meat
        After working with Susan, I gained the confidence to decline a job offer that undervalued my skill set. This opened up a new opportunity where I make my own schedule, and I'm making more than double doing something I love.
Nerissa A.
Nerissa A.
Founder at Nerissa Alford Designs
        Having the ability to advocate for others has always come easy for me. Susan helped me to see that I can take that power and advocate for myself, that I do indeed deserve a better salary, and how to negotiate in a way that is proven and successful.
Deja Joi B.
Deja Joi B.
Program Coordinator and DEI Lead
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❌ It's not about what your worth.

✅ It's about what your results are worth.

Course syllabus


Reprogram your money mindset.

We will start with your money story, including the beliefs and emotions tied to money. This is what holds us back from fully owning the value of our work.

You will rewrite your money script so that your actions (i.e. how you spend your time) aligns with your values.


Price your work at a premium.

Position yourself to magnetize opportunities that fit into your life, rather than wasting your energy chasing them around.

You will identify your unique value offering that will make you irresistible to your ideal employers.


Sharpen your negotiation skills.

Confidence comes with practice, but the only time you can practice negotiating is when there are real stakes involved. Not anymore.

This course gives you a rare opportunity to role-play an empathetic negotiation strategy where you'll receive immediate feedback to elevate your negotiation skill set.

Meet your instructor

Susan Lee
Susan Lee

As a daughter of Korean immigrants, I was conditioned to be grateful for what I was offered and not ask for more.

I peaked early in my life (Teacher of the Year, debt free by 27 years old), but I just as quickly burned out. Even though my parents meant well, I wanted to design a life of my own.

It wasn't easy. I faced severe pay cuts with every career pivot, despite the high value that I offered. Instead of settling, I learned how to negotiate and adopted healthier money beliefs.

This is what happened next 👇

  • My first negotiation resulted in a sixty-percent salary increase.
  • I negotiated a 10% raise and a promotion two months later.
  • About a year later, I was making six figures.

Emboldened by landing these offers, I started helping my friends negotiate. Word spread about what I was doing.

Since 2020, I've helped women achieved an average of an $8,000 yearly salary increase.

But the true transformation was in their mindset shift. They created a new narrative where they could make money and while prioritizing their time on what they valued.

As a women empowerment and leadership content creator, I fiercely advocate for women to get paid fairly so they can prioritize themselves first and do more good for others.

What's a cohort-based course?

What's a cohort-based course?
Transformation happens here.

This is not another self-paced online course.

Through a live online session and ongoing community support post-course, you will accelerate your earning potential in a healthy way alongside a powerful network of high-performing women.

"If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together." -African proverb

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