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Cohort-based Course

Do you want to travel the world and get the most out of your next journey? Then Travel Academy is perfect for you

Course overview

Travel without all the stress and hassle

Learn how to make traveling possible without making costly and dangerous mistakes.

Who is this course for


Aspiring Travelers who want to start traveling Worldwide


New Travelers who feel stressed out by travel planning and want to know how to make traveling more fun


Travelers who want to get the most out of their next trip without making dangerous mistakes

Be ready in 1 week to travel, with these tools:

How to plan your journey to get memorable moments for the rest of your life

Step-by-step walk though on how to make your next trip the best one so far. From the planning stage all the way to exploring your next destination. We share all the tools and resources you need to get you from planning the dream to living it.

Pack seamlessly

We'll cover the exact formula pro travelers use when they pack

  • What to bring
  • How to pack for optimal comfort
  • What types of travel bags we recommend and why
Save up to 50% of your travel budget without sacrificing quality

Budget tips so you can make both short term and long term traveling possible on any budget. With this course you can save up to $20 000 in 90 days. + Receive a budget calculator.

Flight deals and hidden gem accommodations

Get the tools that pro travelers use to find hidden flight deals, and accommodations that you didn't know exsisted.

Hacks to learn basics of local languages

Get tools and recourses on how to learn basics to get by, in a fast and easy way.

Bonus: Discover the hidden tools and resources experienced Travelers use

From this downloadable PDF you will get to know more about:

  • Global banks
  • Worldwide insurance
  • International sim-cards
  • Short and long term visas

Easily bring it with on your next trip.

What people are saying

        The course and the instructors OVER-delivered, for sure! ⚡ We had very specific objectives and goals for what we wanted to get out of the course. We got that and way more. Cecilia and Samson actually cares about the experience of their students - And THAT level of care is not something you get from just any course. Would I recommend? Absolutely!
Monique Messer-Baldwin

Monique Messer-Baldwin

Investor | Joint Ventures | Acquisitions
        Excellent course! Cecilia and Samson are simply brilliant. The content is very useful and the course flow is great.
Sharon Zaks

Sharon Zaks

Content writer, community manager & Digital nomad
        Ceci and Samson are so inspiring! Talk to real live travelers making it happen and showing you how you can do it too! It reminds me of a phrase by John Irving "If you care about something you have to protect it – If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” The Academy helps you find that courage
Scarlet Dordelly

Scarlet Dordelly

        Really loved it. So many nuggets and insights were shared. I feel confident to travel now and cant wait to embark on many adventures
Jordan Errol Minnaar

Jordan Errol Minnaar

        Cecilia, Samson and Floki embody the true definition of living life without limits or boundaries as world citizens. They are an example of location freedom. They are not just world travelers but make it a point to connect with the local community and help those in need by volunteering in local organizations.
Daisy Serrano

Daisy Serrano

Real Estate Investor | Multifamily RE Podcaster
        Samson and Cecilia are SO extraordinary and SO outside-the-box that they create their own "reality distortion field" where anything and everything is possible! I We're SO grateful for Travel Academy: It has COMPLETELY ALTERED the arc of our lives! They bent our reality all to hell! 
Mitch Messer

Mitch Messer

The Real Estate Engineer
        All of this is amazing, but that packing technique was next level. Looks like you could use that shirt, short, sock sausage as a pillow too.
Jeremy Singh

Jeremy Singh

Run Coach | Personal Trainer
        What's the point of life if you spend it all cooped up in your house? Get out and explore the world They have inspired me to try and get out there more and trust me I'm happier because of it
Chidera Onukwufor

Chidera Onukwufor

Self-published author at 19
        Great practical steps that will allow you to turn your dreams into reality that will get your butt of a chair and go travel!


Crypto Researcher

Meet Your Instructors:

Cecilia Hollmerus

Cecilia Hollmerus

Nomadic Backpacker

Back in 2019 together with my life partner, I packed 1 Carry-on Backpack and bought 1 way ticket to south east Asia.

Ever since then we have been living a life as full-time digital nomads.

Traveled to 39 countries, 6 continents and learned to speak 6 Languages.

Samson Hollmerus

Samson Hollmerus

Curiosity driven traveler

Your worldview will change as you travel.

Many times over.

Backpacking the world solo in 2016 taught me one thing:

The best moments in life are shared.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to share your newfound wisdom with someone who understands you.

That's why we created


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Travel Academy


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Course schedule


Create the Adventure | From watching adventurers on the screen - to living like an adventurer in real life

Step-by-step walk though on how to make your next trip the best one EVER.

After this session you'll know exactly what it takes to plan adventures of a lifetime.

Your friends jaws will drop when they see the photos from your trip.

They'll wonder how you find the off-the-beaten-path adventures with ease.

Only you will know.


Packing Masterclass | If you want to travel like a pro you got to pack like a pro

Nothing spoils the adventurous spirit like finding out your luggage is stuck on the other side of the world.

NEVER again.

After this class you'll know exactly HOW to bring your gear without the mess or the fuss.

You're welcome.


Secrets of the Road | What do pro travelers know that hobby travelers never will?

Travel industry is 1.6TRILLION with a T dollar industry PER YEAR.

90% of that is from clueless travelers.

In this session we'll share the moneytraps and how to detect them so you can get the most bang for your bucks.

This session (like all others) will be recorded.

But we highly recommend tuning in live for the breakout rooms.


BONUS: QnA + all the bonus material

You now have the:

  • Tools
  • Knowledge
  • Community

Now it's time for: QnA + all the bonus materials we promised to deliver to you.

On top of that:

You'll also receive exclusive offers to make your next journey even better.

Course schedule

5-6 hours per week
  • 1 week, 5 days

    12:00pm - 01:30pm EST

    Recurring once a month, If you can't make it for this one, make sure to write down the next date

  • April 24 - April 29

    1 week, 5 x Week, 450 minutes

    Hope to see you then, this course will be hosted Live.

  • Live Community

    Always on

    Get feedback and answers from me and the community in between sessions in your Maven student hub.

  • Bonus material

    On demand

    Newsletter and videos filled with travel hack & Tips are available whenever you are ready.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and Learn-by doing Tasks.

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other travelers through breakout rooms, share & Learn together.

Learn with a community of Travelers

Join a community of like-minded Travelers who want to learn and grow together.

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Travel Academy


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