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6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn how to create an online course (the SPI way!) that students will buy, love, and recommend to others.

Hosted by

Pat Flynn and Matt Gartland

Smart Passive Income has sold over $5.1 milion in online courses since 2017.

Course overview

Heroic Online Courses (Bootcamp)

You will emerge from this course armed with the knowledge, decisions, assets, and plans you need to create a course students rave about.

Who is this course for



who are ready to start or grow their income by creating a niched online course for their audience.



with a strong skill set and love of teaching who want to add a scalable product to their services.



that want to leverage an online course to improve customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.

Heroic Online Courses goes in-depth on the following topics

Developing a course identity

Find the uniqueness that ensures your course stands out and gets noticed in your market/niche

Validating your idea

Gain confidence in your course idea by learning how to validate it before spending resources creating it

Creating your curriculum outline

Build a curriculum structure that showcases your expertise to potential students

Use topics to give an overview of the course material

Describe the transformation your students will undergo to ensure you attract the right students

Writing sales pages that deliver

Give your course its best chance for success by crafting a strong sales page poised to convert

Finding support when you're stuck

Assemble a support system that will never let you down when the going gets tough and you need help

Building a launch plan

Discover important dos and don'ts for launching a course so that you don't stumble out of the gate

Knowing what to do and when

Prevent guesswork and indecision by building an actionable course creation plan you will complete


(5 ratings)

Hear from our past heroes about their experience with Heroic Online Courses

        I've taken a couple of courses on how to build an online course...and I hadn't really made much progress. The biggest difference to me between those courses and this course is that from day one, I was producing content. I've never gotten this far before...it's totally changed my view of what I'm capable of.
Kirstin Skadberg

Kirstin Skadberg

        This cohort version is amazing because I was able to get support from other people on Pat's team, as well as all the other people that were in the course with me. Everything was so well organized and laid out and simple, and so it took away that overwhelm that I felt the first time when I created a course by myself.
Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis

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Heroic Online Courses

Meet your Team SPI instructors

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Creator of Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the creator of Smart Passive Income (SPI)—an industry-leading brand that teaches online entrepreneurs how to develop engaged audiences and profitable businesses. He's also the author of two best-selling books (Superfans, Will It Fly?), a popular keynote speaker, and influencer in the worlds of podcasting and social media.

Matt Gartland

Matt Gartland

CEO of SPI Media

Matt Gartland is CEO of SPI Media, the company behind the brand. In addition to running the business, he plays a big role in shaping the vision for new courses and other products. He's also an advisor to and investor in several creator economy tech companies. Together, Pat and Matt have generated over $5.1 million in online courses sales since 2017.

Course syllabus


Nail Your Niche

An average course doesn't create raving students—most students won't even FINISH an average course! And your course needs to having raving students to sell itself.

You'll emerge from Week 1 with a precisely defined market segment/niche, an irresistible title-subtitle combo, and real market validation for your idea before you produce anything.


Create an Extraordinary Course Outline

For people to invest in your course, they need to know the content is extraordinary, not ordinary.

In Week 2, you'll develop a curriculum that delivers truly in-depth value to your students. You'll meet them where they are, describe the transformation your students will enjoy, and you'll produce a super-specific outline that gets them there.


Develop Your Sales Page and Launch Strategy

If you create an extraordinary course and position it correctly, it will sell itself. It's the most authentic way to sell that generates real results.

In Week 3, you'll use our proven methods to develop a landing page for your course, choose pricing that makes sense, and assemble an actionable launch list of dos and don'ts that make sense for you.


Build Your Production and Launch Plan

Once you finish this course, you'll be ready to hit record on creating your own. To do that, you need a plan.

In Week 4, we'll help you create a production plan for getting your recording and editing completed in a timely manner. We'll help you create a launch plan, as well as connect you with an accountability partner to ensure you launch!


Bonus: Access to the Pre-Recorded Version

In addition to the live teaching of this course, you'll also get access to the pre-recorded version of Heroic Online Courses, so that you can return to lessons well after the cohort has ended.

The pre-recorded course content includes lessons on do-it-yourself video production and editing to fit your budget.

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Heroic Online Courses

Hear from students and look inside the course

Our cohort-based course helps you bring your exciting course idea to life

Our cohort-based course helps you bring your exciting course idea to life

Active learning, not passive watching

With each lesson, you're signing it to work with a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who are just as eager as you to create a course that sells. Interact, learn from each other, and support each other as you grow.

Invaluable accountability and feedback

Success is never self-made. It takes a village of experienced elders, collaborative peers, and supportive guides to develop one's abilities. While we’re not that old, we have a wealth of experience creating courses. Beyond the substance, we promise you real accountability and honest feedback in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Direct access to Pat and Matt

Sometimes, learning happens best during the unplanned interactions between instructors and students. You'll have direct access to us from start to finish. Nothing is off limits. Ask big picture questions. Receive tactical feedback. Learn our inside stories. Whatever you need, we're here for you.

Full access to our pre-recorded course

Students who enroll in the Heroic Online Courses Bootcamp also receive full access to our pre-recorded version course, Heroic Online Courses! This features 6 modules and 32 lessons covering your sales page, filming, editing, and more. This is a $599 value.

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Heroic Online Courses