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Influence company decisions by improving your financial storytelling skills Group of October is closed. Contact me at

Course overview

Use presentations to influence your company's decisions and your finance career

When it's time for the Finance presentation, people start to look at their phone, respond to their e-mails and go to the bathroom.

Because despite the strategic importance of the insights developed by Finance, their presentations lack engagement and interest

- No clear message communicated

- No business empathy

- Use of jargon

- Unappealing visuals

- Unexisting storytelling

The consequence is simple: nothing is done with the information provided and you're seen as a mere reporting provider who will struggle to have career opportuntities.

Because make no mistake: to climb the finance hierarchy towards Manager, Director or CFO, you have to become a remarkable presenter and storyteller!

Simply because

- your facilitation skills show leadership

- your visibility makes you the finance go-to resource

- your all-round communication translates a strong business acumen

- your influence on data driven decisions increases your credibility

And all these elements are key to get promoted.

At the end of this course, you will be able to prepare and deliver a convincing and appealing presentation, securing Finance a seat at the decisions making table

This course is for Finance Professionals


who want to influence decisions by delivering convincing presentations


who are blocked at the manager level and want to grow in more senior positions


who have a hard time crafting a memorable message that generates engagement and follow up actions

What you’ll get out of this course

Develop your analytical skills

You'll be able to separate the signal from the noise and understand what information matters thanks your helicopter view


  • PVM (Price Volume Mix) template
  • Finance Message Selection Framework
Craft your story

From the data analysed, you'll create a message that people care about and can act upon.

Thanks to that, you'll deliver value as a department usually tagged as cost center


  • "Know Your Audience" framwork
  • 5 Steps Story Template
  • 3 versions pyramid template
Build your visuals

To help you deliver a convincing presentations, slides and visuals are an important asset.

You'll learn to build appealing slides with PowerPoint and to use appropriate graphs in Excel


  • Slides/Management Reporting templates
  • Graph Excel Templates
Deliver your presentation

You'll learn how to best use your voice and body during the presentation and lower your nerves and public speaking stress


  • Running Master
  • Feedback Checklist

A 60-min coaching session with me

You can choose to have it during the program to review your presentation or after to discuss a real use case in your company

Access to my video training by the end of 2023

I am building a self-paced video training about financial storytelling and presentations.

In addition to the practical and exclusive cohort-based course, you'll get access to it when it's ready (estimated end of 2023)

What people are saying

        It’s rare that you come across standout finance presentation guru like Soufyan. He has extraordinary ability to help finance professional to increase their influence on day-to-day presentations and data visualisation. Soufyan was able to provide several alternatives and recommendation to ensure my data visualisation/decks going to another level
Olivia Zhang

Olivia Zhang

FP&A Principal at Intuit
        The course was structured in a logical sequence [...]. The theoretical parts were alternating with practical ones, all while following beautifully crafted supporting materials. Soufyan did a great job walking us through this journey, adapting as we went. It was great to also receive actionable feedback following the last session [...]
Delia Pop

Delia Pop

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager at Dance
        From this course, I learned excellent techniques to enhance my financial presentations, starting from the basics in graphics to tips on how to be prepared to answer difficult questions. Soufyan is a teacher who listens and works with the resources from your everyday life, with the goal of enabling you to implement them easily.
Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

CFO at Fracttal
        Effective presentation skills are essential for success in any finance role, and this cohort emphasizes their importance. Future's CFOs, in particular, will greatly benefit from the knowledge and techniques taught in this program
Dudy Weizman

Dudy Weizman

Senior Economist

Meet your instructor

Soufyan Hamid

Soufyan Hamid

In my 16 years of career in audit (PwC), consulting (Deloitte) and FP&A (Saint-Gobain, Starwood, Proximus and many other Belgian companies), I followed all the usual steps to become an efficient finance professional

- mastering reporting, dashboarding and automation

- striking with business drivers integration

- killing it with financial modelisation

I thought this would bring me to the highest positions and that I would already be CFO after 10 years.

But after some frustrating promotion trials, I discovered that all of this was not enough to make an impact: if you want to have an influence on decision making process YOU MUST CONVINCE

I unlocked these skills by

  • following an intense training on how experts must communicate their findings to non-experts;
  • performing an internal TEDx talk;
  • joining my local Toastmasters.

I continued climbing the ladder until working in direct relation with C-Suite members.

This is why I adapted all this experience to our field of expertise and decided to help Finance Professionals to convince their audience thanks to kickass presentations

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Financial Storytelling Program


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Course syllabus


What you're going to say



Preparation of the message

·      Types of presentations

·      Data analysis and business acumen

·      Getting the signal from the noise

·      Crafting the message

·      The 3 What Structure (Running Master)

·      Challenge the message



How you're going to say it

Preparation of the presentation

·      Know your audience

·      Challenge the message

·      Turn your message into a story

·      Alternatives

Preparation of the visuals

·      Structure and Design rules

·      Slides main features (PowerPoint)

·      Visualizations (Excel)




How you're going to behave

Preparation of yourself

·      Rehearsal

·      Public Speaking

·      Body Language

·      Digital Setup

Handling Difficult Questions

·      You don't know the answer

·      Argument or Disagreement

·      Boomerang Technique


The final presentation

Time for Action

·      Presentation of the case prepared during the first 3 modules and rehearsed upfront.

·      The exercise will be assessed by the instructor and by the peers thanks to a feedback framework


Wrap-up and evaluation


Free resource

The Ultra Guide Storytelling and Presentations For Finance

I developed this Ultra Guide with all the tips and tricks I share about Finance Storytelling and Presentations.

The 200 pages are split into 3 main sections

  1. Presentation Techniques
  2. Visuals and Tools
  3. Handling Difficult Questions


Get your guide at No Cost

Your investment is risk-free

Your investment is risk-free

If until 14 days after the course completion, you don’t find the course valuable, I'll happily refund your full payment

Course schedule

4 hours per week
  • 4 sessions of 2 hours

    2.30pm CEST 8.30am New York 4.30pm Dubai

    • Kick-off - Thursday Sept 21, 2023
    • Step 1: Prepare your message and audience - Thursday Oct 05, 2023
    • Step 2: Prepare your story and visuals - Thursday Oct 12, 2023
    • Step 3: Prepare yourself- Thursday Oct 19, 2023
    • Step 4: Deliver your presentation - Thursday Oct 26, 2023

  • Optional PowerPoint Lab

    During the program, optional sessions will be planned to dive into a specific topic.

    This time, there will be a PowerPoint Lab to work on advanced features to gain efficiency.

    Monday Oct 23, 2023

  • 1 Final presentation

    During the last session, the use case prepared during the three first modules will be presented.

    Everything should be ready but as we will see, rehearsal and fine tuning are key for a great presentation.

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You want your whole team to follow this course?

Contact me on

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Practice, practice, practice

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on exercises.

I prepare a dataset with usual financial and operational drivers with scenarios that will help during the whole course.

This is no ex-cathedra class only

Small groups for big interactions

I'll be available for questions the whole time and you’ll be interacting with other finance learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Grow your network of Finance Professionals

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Financial Storytelling Program


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