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From idea to product in 4 weeks

Cohort-based Course

Build that idea that you've been sitting on. Go from idea to launch in 4 weeks using no-code tools and never feel stuck again.

Hosted by

Sonali Quantius, Ph.D.

I have created many MVPs without spending a fortune. So can you.

Course overview

From idea to product in 4 weeks

Have an online business idea but hiring a programmer is way too expensive?

Join the course to learn how to build your product and bring your idea to reality in 4 weeks, along with access to a community, hands-on participation, networking, and accountability

Who is this course for


Non-tech entrepreneurs who want to build a product, but don't want to spend a fortune in the process


Makers who have a full-time job but want to create a side-hustle that is profitable and manageable


Small business owners who want to learn about the no-code world to create and maintain control over their online presence

Key outcomes

Understanding the no-code world

What can you do with no-code and when is code necessary? What is the right tool for your business and how much time should you spend on them? When does it make sense to outsource? You will get a clear idea of what can you accomplish with no-code tools after the course.

Creating an online presence

How can you create an online presence without spending too much time and resources? Understand the pros and cons of using different website builders for your particular need, with hands-on exercises that help you build your very own, by the end of the course.

Creating a minimal viable product

Understanding the fundamentals of creating a web app or mobile app (based on the cohort's preferences) to test a concept - using the group to test it and understand how to customize it and integrate it with other tools.

Building a community that keeps you accountable

The magic of cohort based courses are that we learn together in real-time. We solve problems together, lean on each other and create a network of like-minded individuals.

See what people are saying

        Sonali has a knack for making complex things simple. She taught us a no-code class last summer and it was very clear, concise, and easy to understand. I created my own website soon after and realized that anyone can do it!


Small Business owner
        Sonali is smart, genuine, dynamic, knowledgeable, and has her very own way to introduce us to this complex ever-evolving digital world with clear and « digestible » explanations as well as a no-nonsense approach. Her course will enable you to make your own website/App by yourself or use an external agency more efficiently.


Independent advisory services based in Geneva
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From idea to product in 4 weeks

Meet your instructor

Sonali Quantius, Ph.D.

Sonali Quantius, Ph.D.

Digital Health Entrepreneur

I am a scientist with a background in data science. As a digital health entrepreneur and domain expert, I had several ideas but was frustrated because I couldn't find a tech co-founder who could build the products.

Then, I stumbled upon the wonderful world of no-code tools and since then, I have created the MVP for my main business, along with an animal rescue app, a female founder matching app, neighborhood directory app, among others and there is nothing to stop me now.

I spent years learning about these tools from scratch and now I am distilling my extensive knowledge into this practical course so that you can quickly build and test out your ideas without spending a lot of resources and time.

You can learn more about me here.

Course syllabus


Kick-off, get to know your cohort and deep dive into the no-code world

The magic of a cohort-based course is in its community! Get to know the other entrepreneurs, makers, and solopreneurs and create a valuable network. We will dive deep into the no-code world and explore the benefits and limitations of using various no-code tools: how we can use them for different kinds of products and what is right for your business


Dive right in!

In this lesson, we will deep dive into what makes a successful MVP and what are the 'Minimum Valuable Features' that we need for your own product. If you already have an idea, we will tease out the features that you need to build in the next few weeks


Building the product backend

Now it starts getting exciting - this week, we will learn how to create the backend for your app - what is under the hood, so to speak. What kind of data is needed, how to structure it, and how to optimize it? We will learn about the pros and cons of using different databases for storage and retrieval and build your own.


Building the product frontend

We will finish building the app by learning about the basic framework for building an app without code. We will learn about the drag & drop reusable building blocks to create your app’s interface and how to interact with the database to display the right information when needed. And just like that, you have a minimal app that you can launch!

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From idea to product in 4 weeks

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Course Kickoff (Optional)

    Thursday, October 6, 5:00pm - 6:00pm CET

    Meet your instructor, and your peers virtually

  • Fridays (October 7 - October 28)

    6pm CET (12pm EST/9am PDT/9:30pm IST)

    1-hour lecture + workshop

    30-minute hands-on exercises

  • Saturdays (October 8 - October 29)

    4pm CET (10am EST/7am PDT/7:30pm IST)

    1-hour lecture + workshop

    30-minute hands-on exercises

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    You will be working on weekly projects at your own time

  • 1:1 AMA (optional)

    1 hour

    Book a 1:1 optional office hour with the instructor where you can ask questions unique to your own project

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects that sets you up for success

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community

Network with like-minded MAKERS

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a 'tech' person to attend?
Do I need to have an existing business idea to take this course?
Will I leave with a finished product after this course?
What happens if I can’t make a live session?
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
What’s the refund policy?
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Be the first to know about upcoming cohorts

From idea to product in 4 weeks