Platform Product Playbook

8 Days


Cohort-based Course

Platform Leader shares trade secrets on how to build killer products that scale.

Course overview

Build and scale platform products enterprises actually buy

Course Content:

Week 1: Platform Thinking

What are platform products and what types of problems do platforms solve?

Hands-on workshop: Identify, define, and categorize your specific platform goals.

Who are your primary platform constituents and what types of challenges do they face?

Hands-on workshop: Identify, define, and refine the primary, secondary, and tertiary beneficiaries of your platform.

How to observe your users, their platform interactions, to understand their specific user journey and user flows?

Hands-on workshop: Identify and map out the top 10 friction points in the platform user journey.

How to validate your assumptions with continuous discovery sessions?

Hands-on workshop: Continuously check and categorize your assumptions with market discovery.

Week 2: Platform Strategy

Internal selling: How to present your strategy at your company?

Hands-on workshop: Present your data, insights, bets, and beliefs to executive stakeholders (breakout groups).

GTM: You have the buy-in, investment, development team, and backing from your organization and leadership team to bring your vision to life. What now?

Hands-on workshop: Put together a GTM brief.

Review and conclude.


2 in-depth AMA sessions

All Zoom sessions are live, taught by Sneha Rao.

Who is this course for


Senior-level Product Managers and Product Leaders at startup and large technology product companies


Whether you are building a new platform from scratch or working on an existing platform


This course is not for aspiring PMs and early career PMs. It's focus is also not on the detailed steps on how to build.

What you’ll get out of this course

Identify and categorize your specific Platform goals

You'll learn when platform experiences have succeeded, and where they've failed, frameworks to evaluate if your use case is a fit, and how to build a business case for your initiative

Design Platform Products for the right persona with stakeholder buy-in

Learn the key considerations to consider when designing platform products, services and capabilities. Get hands on usability and feasability risk analysis and learn how to iteate on designs and proposals with stakeholders efficiently.

Create a GTM strategy for your platform product at scale

Getting from design to production can be a daunting path. We'll examine the choice of building vs. buying 3rd party, OOTB tools and API's, the lifecycle of a Platform project, setting release criteria and measuring success

Meet your instructor

Sneha Rao

Sneha Rao

Director of Product, Collibra (ex-Spotify)

Sneha Rao is a platform product leader who has built and managed products at some of the world's most renowned companies including Spotify, Collibra, The New York Times, Comcast, and SEDAC a NASA datacenter. She's a wizard at turning data into delightful experiences, and a bit of a mad scientist, always looking for new ways to solve problems and create amazing experiences. She's also a bit of a badass, and she's not afraid to challenge the status quo. If you're looking for someone to help you build a successful platform product, Sneha is your girl.

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Platform Product Playbook


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Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Saturdays, July 15 and 22nd

    12:00pm - 4:00pm EST

  • Weekly projects (optional)

    2 hours per week

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Learning is better with cohorts

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Platform Product Playbook


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