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Business Idea Validation Course

6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn how to run experiments and launch successful products and services,

Hosted by

Regan Kirk and Dafne Sartorio

Venture builders to companies like ING, Tommy Hilfiger, Heineken, and more.

Course overview

Validation is your secret weapon to minimise risks and supercharge your success

75% of new businesses fail due to a lack of validation.

42% of startups fail because a market need does not exist.

Who is this course for


Corporate Innovators

Learn how to apply our robust process to your work and gain experience.


Product teams

Build products that people love, in a data-driven and fast-paced manner



Go from idea to validated business in no time


Innovation Lovers

If you’re interested in innovation: Think and act like an innovator!

The skills you will learn

The validation process

Learn why validation is relevant, and what the process looks like from beginning to end.

How to define your riskiest assumptions and hypothesis

Learn the most efficient way to prioritise your riskiest assumptions and get ready to launch the best experiments.

Set-up desirability experiments

Define experiments and success metrics, deep-dive on the types of desirability experiments, and immerse yourself in our own learnings and cases based on our experience.

Experiment with viability

Learn to de-risk viability with market sizing and pricing validation, and dive deep into a real use case.

List and rank assumptions

You have an idea, but how do you validate it? First you need to understand what needs to be tested, and where to start.

Experiment with feasibility

Learn how to make use of desk research, expert workshops, and feasibility mapping to define if you are able to build your solution.

Make evidence-based decisions

Learn when, whether, and how to pivot, stop or persevere. After that, go through the key steps of building a Minimum Viable Product.

Experiment with growth marketing

Dive deeper into the pirate funnel and understand how and when to use it with a practical use case

Deep-dive in digital experiments

Plan, build, and analyze digital experiments in Tiktok, Meta, and LinkedIn. Get exposed to our learnings, tips, and tricks on copywriting, landing pages, conversions, and others.

What people are saying

        The course kickstarted our validation execution. This was done by creating a common understanding of the validation process, its pitfalls and providing hands-on support with setting up and running experiments.
Stephan Clarisse

Stephan Clarisse

Innovation Manager at Vattenfall
        The course enabled our innovation team leads to learn the practicalities of the innovation execution process, so they could better work together with their colleagues and speed up the projects.
Levina de Raat

Levina de Raat

Innovation Team Lead at Amnesty International
        I highly recommend skillUp for anyone looking to develop or learn new skills in innovation, testing business ideas, and design thinking. The quality of the content and the expertise of the facilitators make it an excellent investment.
Daniel Bastos

Daniel Bastos

Transition & Ways of Working Manager at Nike

Meet your instructors

Regan Kirk

Regan Kirk

Venture Builder

Regan is our own tech maverick. Apart from his 10-year experience with growth marketing and venture building, his latest achievements have been in the launch of web3-related businesses for our fashion clients. Regan is the right person to walk you through everything growth and tech related.

Dafne Sartorio

Dafne Sartorio

Director of Venture Building

Dafne’s spent the past 10 years launching successful ventures for some of today's biggest companies including ING, Cargill, Rabobank, and DSM. Dafne's unwavering commitment to empowering innovators is contagious. Her vast experience in training 1,000+ students makes her the ideal mentor for your journey to success.

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Business Idea Validation Course


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Course syllabus


Intro to validation

  • Why is validation important?
  • 3 types of fit: Problem Solution Fit, Product Market Fit and Business Model fit
  • The process: From Business Model Canvas to (in)validated hypothesis and evidence-based decisions


Setting up experiments

  • How to create and select your riskiest assumption
  • Turning assumptions into hypothesis
  • Define experiments and success metrics
  • Types of experiments: Call to action, interaction and functionality, simulation
  • Deep-dive on experiments: Landing Pages, Crowdfunding, Split tests, Dry Wallet, Concierge and others
  • Tips and tricks on experiments


Experimenting with feasibility and viability

  • Feasibility: What is it?
  • Starting point: Journey Map for feasibility
  • How to test feasibility: Desk Research, expert interviews, workshops and benchmarking.
  • Viability: What is it?
  • Calculating your TAM (Total Available Market)
  • Calculating your SAM (Serviceable Available Market)
  • Calculating your SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market)


Making data-driven decisions

  • Defining the way forward: Pivot, persevere, stop
  • Making value proposition adjustments
  • Signs of problem-solution fit
  • Building a MVP
  • Tips on data analysis and common experiment pitfalls


Intro to growth marketing

  • What is the pirate funnel (AAARRR)?
  • When and where to use it
  • How to map a funnel
  • The B2B version of the funnel
  • Hotjar use case
  • Tips, tricks and quick Wins on pirate funnel
  • High impact experiments
  • Copy best practice


Digital experiments

  • Different types of digital experiments: Meta, Instagram, TikTok, Google, LinkedIn
  • How to set up a digital experiment
  • Measure online experiment: What can you measure with ad campaign x landing pages?
  • Examples and Case Study
  • Designing and writing copy for your ads
  • What to include in your landing page
  • Choosing the best type of conversion
  • Tools & mor

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    1:00pm - 2:00pm EST

    If your events are recurring and at the same time, it might be easiest to use a single line item to communicate your course schedule to students

  • May 7, 2022

    Feel free to type out dates as your title as a way to communicate information about specific live sessions or other events.

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    Schedule items can also be used to convey commitments outside of specific time slots (like weekly projects or daily office hours).

Investing in innovation can make your business more future-proof.

Investing in innovation can make your business more future-proof.

Grow your revenue

Companies that invest in innovation skills experience a 300% higher ROI than those that don't. Join us and learn how to make innovation your secret weapon for success

(source: IBM)

Dominate your market

Companies that invest in innovation skills gain 1.5x higher market share than competitors over a 10-year period. Learn how to stay ahead of the game

(source: Design Institute)

Wow your customers

Companies that adopt innovation methodologies experience improved customer satisfaction (85%) and increased revenue (71%). Creating game-changing innovations will boost your bottom line.

(source: WEF)

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Business Idea Validation Course


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