Digital Wellness Bootcamp - Conquer Screen Time

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn to rebuild your sense of agency and control over your digital habits. Actions beyond putting your phone away.

Course overview

Is screentime really as bad as smoking?

TikTok, Netflix, Instagram, Texting, and video games have woven themselves into our personal, work and school routines.

These apps constantly demand attention, and as a result, kids and adults often become distracted, mentally fatigued, and physically disengaged. The end-result shows up either as poor grades in school, low-energy at work and reduced creativity.

Then there's also the constant battle with those we love on how much screentime is really appropriate?

How can Digital Wellness help you?

1) Get Stuff Done: Traditional productivity advice is decades old and doesn't account for today's asynchronous, globally distributed nature of school and work. We'll explore how productivity hacks from the past could actually be degrading your ability to set goals and complete tasks.

2) Become resilient to burnout: Emails over dinner and texting while with family & friends; are commonplace. Each of these digital interactions imposes a mental health tax - eventually leading to burnout. We'll learn how to leverage Digital Wellness as a "trampoline" to bounce back and regain your sense of agency!

3) Ignite your creativity: In an era of digital transformation, our ability to explore and be open-minded has dwindled, shrinking our creativity. We'll dive deep into ways to counterbalance the impact of some common digital trends such as Nostalgia in media, content binges etc.

This is an emerging space, and we'll leverage established behavioral science and the latest digital wellness research, to develop a personalized, sustainable action plan that includes targeted exercises to help you stay on track.

And is excessive screentime just like smoking? Well. While the long-term effects of tools like social media remain uncertain, we'll review the latest findings from academia and government regulations under consideration.

Who is this course for


Parents: If you've tried (and failed) at setting device curfews - the framework we teach is easy to implement without becoming bad cop!


Working Professionals: If you check e-mail before going to bed and/or the first thing in the morning - this course is for you.


Teens: Your entire social and academic life is digital and yet, you need to learn how to protect your creativity and attention.

What you should expect to learn

Reframe how you quantify your relationship with tech

Just counting the hours in front of a screen is of limited value - especially if your work or school requires spending time on a laptop or phone. It's time to go beyond screen time. Via Scroll By Choice - you'll complete an assessment and learn to prioritize actions that suit you

Deconstruct common digital traps

There are macro digital trends that are fracturing your attention and sense of agency. Through the lens of established research on topics such as nostalgia, psychology of control, humor etc. we will explore common productivity and creativity traps in our daily lives.

Develop an action plan that works for your digital habits and goals

If just curbing screentime is not the answer to a healthy relationship with tech - then what is? You'll learn a proprietary 3-sided framework of Smiles, Skills and Surprise and how you can activate that in your daily life.

Digital wellness as a life skill!

Unlike an addiction which should be lowered to zero, technology isn't something we can (or should) just give up. Yet, much of the rhetoric in the media and even research - is focused on just that. You'll learn to reframe the problem and start to explore how you can take charge.

Course syllabus


Reframing your relationship with technology.

  • Discern problem vs. symptom. Reducing tech use simply masks the symptom (screen time) without addressing the root cause.
  • Explore AI-based tech's potential impact on collaboration, communication and decision making.
  • Discuss the challenge this presents to companies, schools and parents.


Deconstructing temptations & stumbling blocks

  • Synthesize research on topics such as nostalgia, guilt, humor, and the psychology of control.
  • Present stumbling blocks in your relationship with tech.
  • Explore limitations of current strategies such as digital detox, gray scaling or device-free zones.


Implementing your plan to thrive alongside tech

  • Learn the three-sided framework of Smiles, Skills, and Surprise.
  • Apply the principles of the framework to your work and life routines.
  • Reflect and recalibrate your assumptions from the beginning of the class.
Free resource

Happy with your screentime?

Facts: 4 out of 10 people check email first thing in the morning. You lose 45 minutes every day to social media alone. The digital debt is adding up and burnout now affects 1 out of 2 people.

Discover how your digital habits - from email to TikTok - are impacting your wellness, productivity and creativity.

Learn how to reclaim control!

Testimonials from past cohorts

        Really helpful insight into how to take back control of your life from technology. I found this course differentiated itself from other material have seen by focusing specifically on techniques to retain personal agency.
Aamer A

Aamer A

Software Engineering Manager - Meta
        The course focused on agency and regaining control. The framework was unique and the use of different tools made the learning feel fun. I feel much more prepared to handle my phone habits. I've already implemented the tip about compliments!


Founder & CEO, Hindi Time Kids

Meet your instructor

Riz Vazir: Founder Scroll By Choice Wellness

Riz Vazir: Founder Scroll By Choice Wellness

Founder/CEO, Scroll By Choice

For 20+ years, I've helped organizations achieve "never-been-done" projects and led teams through waves of change.

By founding Scroll By Choice, I'm tackling an unexplored challenge: enabling people to thrive with technology, not be distracted by it. Our goal is to empower organizations, schools, and individuals to take control of their digital lives and not run away from it.

My core competencies are in change management and enablement, most recently demonstrated in my leadership of global teams as Microsoft's Director of Strategy for Small and Medium sized businesses.

LinkedIn Bio for full details.

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Digital Wellness Bootcamp - Conquer Screen Time


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Digital Wellness Bootcamp - Conquer Screen Time


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