Facilitation Finesse


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4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Advance your leadership skills and guide your group with ease and confidence – no matter what happens.

Course overview

Lead memorable experiences that create connection and lasting change

Effective facilitation is no longer a specialized skill for subject matter experts. It is a high-demand leadership skill that is now expected from anyone who leads groups or teams.  Regardless of your role, whether you’re a manager, organizational leader, coach, consultant, or educator – you can greatly benefit from professional development in facilitation.

Most of us are facilitating alone in an echo chamber, without anyone to help us grow. The fastest way to develop yourself as a facilitator is to gain the right tools, practice in real-time, and get feedback from peers you can trust.

By the end of this course, you'll understand your personal facilitation strengths, and have the mindsets and tools to own your presence and feel confident you can handle anything that comes up in the room with clarity and grace.

This course is ideal for facilitators with 1-10 years of experience, who self-assess between advanced-beginner to advanced-intermediate levels of practice. You already have some felt experience in front of the room—now is the time to practice your skills in a safe environment to learn, experiment, grow, and become a next-level facilitator.


• 8 hours of live training + 15 minutes of bonus Q+A with our expert facilitators at the end of each session.

• Opportunities to facilitate in small groups with feedback from your peers.

• Pre-recorded videos that introduce the main frameworks of the Scaling Intimacy approach to human-centered facilitation.

• Handouts and worksheets for personalized reflection and integration.

• Slide deck PDFs to review and reinforce the course content.

• Connection with a leading facilitator community to build your network.

• Certificate of Completion signifying 8 hours of facilitation training (given to those who complete all parts of the program live).

• Curated Spotify Playlist that can be used as your own event soundtrack.

Who is this course for


Internal Program Leaders looking to up-level the delivery of your company meetings, trainings and off-sites.


Coaches + Consultants

looking to add more confidence and range to the way you lead sessions for your clients.


Entrepreneurs + Founders looking to engage your audience with proven facilitation principles and practices.


Educators looking for new tools to engage your students and staff each and every session.

What you’ll get out of this course

Learn the 5 Steps to Great Facilitation

You will step into your growth edges and expand your range so you will be able to meet the needs of the room and respond effortlessly in the moment.

Live practice and feedback

Each session includes core facilitation principles and techniques with immediate application, including tips for leading in virtual and hybrid environments. You will have opportunities to facilitate in small groups, with an inspiring community of colleagues to provide feedback.

Confidence to show up powerfully and authentically

Whether you lead meetings, workshops, or off-sites, you will walk away from this training with the confidence to effectively guide any group to their goal.

Tools to troubleshoot challenges that arise in real time

Gain practical tools to address real challenges, like dealing with the person who won’t stop talking, or lots of awkward silence, or a session that goes completely off the rails.

Modules and Key Skills


Leadership Style and Presence

Embracing facilitation as a path of personal transformation, assessing personal strengths and areas of growth, owning your presence in front of the room.


Creating Connection

The 5 Keys to Connection, how to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion and belonging, leading relevant icebreakers that deepen trust and rapport.


Giving Clear Instructions

The 6 parameters for instructions that instill confidence, and set your participants up for a successful experience, no matter the exercise or activity.


Adopting a Coaching Mindset

The power of asking the right questions, how to harvest wisdom in the room, leading debriefs for lasting change.


Grouping + Theming

How to tie a conversation back to your main themes and acknowledge individual shares, helping participants feel seen, heard and valued.


Troubleshooting in Real Time

Techniques for awkward silence, how to address the person who overshares, and working productively with resistance and detractors.


Active Engagement

Shifting your participants from being passive observers to active participants, how to design an inclusive environment for both introverts and extroverts, tips for virtual + hybrid.

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Experience Facilitation Finesse and you'll walk away with the skills to creatively and strategically guide any room.


(77 ratings)

What people are saying

        I've found very few (valuable) resources for facilitators to deeply learn their craft and have opportunities to practice. Facilitation Finesse gives language to the magic that facilitators strive to create and offers a roadmap to continue growing your practice. A must take course for anyone who leads gatherings or experiences for others.
Lisa Rogoff

Lisa Rogoff

Founder, Launch Project
        Great investment! I believe it was the right mix of the theoretical with the practical. Really enjoyed how the course consistently modeled the right mix of engagement for virtual facilitation. Thank you for creating a great learning environment!
Shawnette Rochelle

Shawnette Rochelle

President, Excellence Unbounded
        After completing the Facilitation Finesse training series, our trainers applied their newly-learned skills and strategies to their sessions and the end-result in terms of learner engagement and experience far surpassed our expectations. This training works!
Sasha Esmailian

Sasha Esmailian

Learning + Development Specialist, AppsFlyer
        As a newer facilitator, I have primarily focused on teaching materials and being a subject matter expert on the topic. This program helped me reframe the way I think about and approach facilitation. The program gave me great insight and ideas for how for how to make session I facilitate as impactful & engaging in both an in person and virtual space
Amanda Suppanich

Amanda Suppanich

Learning & Organizational Development Specialist, Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Meet your instructors

Julia Winston

Julia Winston

Senior Facilitator

Julia Winston is a master facilitator, experience designer and executive coach serving leaders, teams and families to cultivate purpose, clarity and connection in the workplace and beyond. With 20 years of experience as a facilitator and 10 years as a business leader, Julia not only serves organizations as a consultant and advisor; she also trains and teaches facilitation and experience design to industry leaders around the world. Julia works with groups ranging from bootstrapped startups and mid-sized software businesses, to nonprofits and universities, to private equity and wealth management firms. She loves creating fun, warm, inclusive environments where people engage across levels of tenure and seniority to get to the heart of human connection and shared purpose. When she’s not working and podcasting, you can find Julia hosting dinner parties and family gatherings because, well, it’s an addiction: she just can’t stop facilitating.

Romy Alexandra

Romy Alexandra


Romy Alexandra is a learning experience designer and experiential learning trainer on a mission to humanize learning spaces. She is passionate about designing and delivering trainings that intentionally integrate experiential learning, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, the neuroscience of learning, and behavior change. Romy brings over a decade of international facilitation experience in more than 35 countries across 4 continents. She consults with organizations and entrepreneurs across the globe to transform content into connecting, engaging, and impactful learning experiences, whether they be online, in-person, or hybrid. Romy has worked with clients such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), The Red Cross, ASICS, Chevron, and many more. She holds multiple certifications in Experiential Learning, Critical Pedagogy, and Psychological Safety and certifies others in these topics too. Romy’s an avid world traveler, foodie, street art hunter, bookworm, and yoga enthusiast.

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Facilitation Finesse


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Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Tuesday, September 12

    9:00am - 11:15am US Pacific Time


    • Community connection
    • Define facilitation, and your personal relationship to it
    • Review the 5 Steps to Great Facilitation
    • Exercises to expand your leadership presence (how you show up in front of the room), and your evolution as a facilitator
  • Tuesday, September 19

    9:00am - 11:15am US Pacific Time


    • Adopting a coaching mindset and the application of asking generative questions in small groups
    • Practice leading an effective debrief in small groups with feedback, while weaving themes and tracking shares.
  • Tuesday, September 26

    9:00am - 11:15am US Pacific Time


    • Why connection is crucial for psychological safety + belonging
    • How to reduce resistance to icebreakers
    • Apply the 4 Keys to Connection to drive depth and meaning
    • Lead an icebreaker of your choosing in small groups with peer feedback
  • Tuesday, October 3

    9:00am - 11:15am US Pacific Time


    • Tools to help you keep audiences riveted + troubleshoot in real time
    • Lead an intervention in small groups with feedback to address awkward silence or over-talkers
    • Energy management + keeping things dynamic
    • Next steps on your facilitation journey
  • Weekly Homework

    20-40 minutes each week

    • Reading handouts on core frameworks, principles, mindsets and techniques
    • Reflection & integration of key learnings
    • Worksheets to help you prepare short facilitation exercises

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts


Put our core facilitation principles and techniques into action immediately.

Facilitate in small groups

The fastest way to develop yourself as a facilitator is to practice as much as you can, and get feedback from peers you trust.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Most of us are facilitating alone in an echo chamber, join a community of like-minded peers to support your growth as a facilitator.

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Facilitation Finesse


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