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Cohort-based Course

Learn how to efficiently set big, bold goals to help you focus on and achieve the most important change in your business or career.

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Course overview

Learn our simple Evolutionary OKR™ approach to create actually useful OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) fight "we're doing a lot, but not achieving results" by quantifying measures of success and progress.

This short course skips the buzz + dogma around OKRs. You'll use our Evolutionary OKRs™ framework to set your own measurable, useful OKRs.

Who this course is for:


Changemaker leaders and Thinkydoers™ teams, motivated to build a goal-aligned plan to achieve meaningful change and impact in your work


Chiefs of staff, business managers, and other strategic operators in organizations struggling with goal setting and achievement


Organizational and team leaders with big, bold goals who want to increase engagement, accountability, and ownership among your teams

What you’ll get out of this course

An essential, no-BS understanding of OKRs (and especially Key Results)

OKRs are the source of a ton of buzz and confusion. At their core, OKRs are about writing clear, objective success and progress measures that help you know when you're "on track" or "off track." We focus especially on Key Results since they're the most unique part of the OKR.

Key coaching and self-coaching questions to keep you unblocked

Writing OKRs can be a circular, confusing, time-wasting wordsmithing exercise with endless discussion and not enough critical thinking and important decisionmaking. Our coaching practices keep you focused on what's most important.

Mastery of our OKR Mad Libs One-Sheet and other quick references

Participants work with and learn the actual tools we use to coach our corporate clients (at $5k+ per workshop) so you can skip the consultant and draft your own goals faster and with more ownership.

You'll leave with useful, clear, measurable OKRs on a single page

We focus on OKRs on a page to avoid the "if I can't see it, it doesn't exist" phenomenon that affects other forms of strategic planning and expectation communication. You'll write and refine your OKRs quickly, so you can do what's ultimately most important: achieve your goals.

This course includes

9 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

13 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

1 project to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

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  • Week 1

    Jan 22—Jan 28

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Jan


      Session 1 - Strategic Inputs + The Big Think

      Tue, Jan 23, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Post-workshop drafting time - continuation of original session zoom

      Tue, Jan 23, 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Session 2 - Objective Forming

      Thu, Jan 25, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Post-workshop drafting time - continuation of original session zoom

      Thu, Jan 25, 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Body Doubling + Chat Q&A

      Fri, Jan 26, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC


    • Course Mechanics and Links

    • 2023 Retrospective & 2024 Reset Preparation

    • The Big Think

    • Creating Objectives

    • Bonus Resource: My newest "Leading with Evolutionary OKRs" PDF!

  • Week 2

    Jan 29—Feb 1

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Jan


      Session 3 - Key Result Forming

      Tue, Jan 30, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Optional: Post-workshop drafting time - continuation of original session zoom

      Tue, Jan 30, 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC

    • Jan


      Recommended: Key Results Refinement Body Doubling + Q&A

      Wed, Jan 31, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM UTC

    • Feb


      Implementing OKRs + Graduation 🎉

      Thu, Feb 1, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC


    • Creating Key Results

    • Refining Key Results

    • Refining & Finalizing your OKRs to a Page

    • Past cohort Day 3 recordings

    • Exit survey!

    • Bonus: Watch me write an Objective and Key Results

  • Bonus


    • Other Tools & Resources!

    • Extra optional resource: Motivation & OKRs


(17 ratings)

What students are saying

Free resource

Download a TLDR* Excerpt of The Evolutionary OKRs Playbook

We're in our second Beta release of our new Evolutionary OKRs Playbook, but you don't have to wait to get a sneak peek.

This free download is a draft excerpt from the manuscript in progress that includes only the essential pages to help you learn essential words and meanings of Evolutionary OKRs, see examples of completed OKRs, and gain early access to some of our draft worksheets to help you form your own OKRs.

This is the Playbook we use in our highly-rated No BS OKRs course, and now you can get a sneak peek!

*TLDR = "Too Long Didn't Read"

Download the Excerpt Now:

Meet your instructor

Sara Lobkovich

Sara Lobkovich

OKR Coach, Principal Consultant, Creator of Evolutionary OKRs™ for Connected Strategic™ Organizations

Early in my career, I struggled to understand unspoken and shifting organizational expectations, and the moving goal posts of "success," which often seemed arbitrary or out of reach. As a senior executive, that tension grew. I found myself in new compression zones between our annual plan and my team, with strategic plans and implementation activities that weren't aligned.

These experiences led me to the practice of OKRs -- Objectives and Key Results -- which help fill the alignment and clarity gap between durable strategies and implementation plans. The excitement around OKRs is huge: but the lack of coherent practical application information available was a barrier. So I created a coherent, useful, and intuitive approach to connecting strategy to execution through the Connected Strategic Stack, and a unique approach to Evolutionary OKRs for change-making organizations where people matter.

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Gear up for 2024 with our Q4 Cohorts!

2 weeks, 4 live classes, asynch friendly
  • Day 1: Welcome!

    9-10:30am PT (12-1:30pm ET)

    We'll begin day 1 with a look back at our learnings from 2023, then we'll dive right into our "Big Think" to lay the foundation for goal-setting.

  • Day 2: Objective Forming

    9-10:30am PT (12-1:30pm ET)

    Each class has a short skill-building portion, a demo or example of what we're going to practice that day, then a small group or independent drafting session with coach support. Each session ends with an open debrief, Q&A, and a no-pressure work share to unstick progress.

  • Day 3: Body Doubling + chat Q&A

    9-10:30am PT (12-1:30pm ET)

    On Day 3 we'll have a one-hour "Office Hours" session, for open time to work on your Objectives if needed. Sara will be available for chat-based Q&A, so this is a great opportunity to ask questions about your specific environment!

  • Day 4: Key Result Forming

    9-10:30am PST (12-1:30pm EST)

    During this session we'll create objectively measurable Key Results, including learning how to identify measures of progress and success in hard to measure parts of the business.

  • Day 5: Body Doubling + chat Q&A

    Time TBD

    We'll have one more "Office Hours" session during week 2, for open time to work on your Key Results if needed. Sara will be available for chat-based Q&A, so this is a great opportunity to ask questions!

  • Day 6: Implementation + Graduation!

    9-10:30am PST (12-1:30pm EST)

    On our last day of class, we'll talk about how to shift our OKRs from idea to implementation, and we'll have our final Q&A session!

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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