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Achieve change with No-BS OKRs

4 Days


Cohort-based Course

Learn how to efficiently set big, bold goals to help you focus on and achieve the most important change in your business or career.

Hosted by

Sara Lobkovich

OKR Master Coach, Principal Consultant, Creator of Evolutionary OKRs

Course overview

Learn our simple Evolutionary OKR™ approach to create actually useful OKRs

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) fight "we're doing a lot, but not achieving results" by quantifying measures of success and progress.

This short course skips the buzz + dogma around OKRs. You'll use our Evolutionary OKRs™ framework to set your own measurable, useful OKRs.

Who this course is for:


Changemaker leaders and Thinkydoers™ teams, motivated to build a goal-aligned plan to achieve meaningful change and impact in your work


Chiefs of staff, business managers, and other strategic operators in organizations struggling with goal setting and achievement


Organizational and team leaders with big, bold goals who want to increase engagement, accountability, and ownership among your teams

What you’ll get out of this course

An essential, no-BS understanding of OKRs (and especially Key Results)

OKRs are the source of a ton of buzz and confusion. At their core, OKRs are about writing clear, objective success and progress measures that help you know when you're "on track" or "off track." We focus especially on Key Results since they're the most unique part of the OKR.

Key coaching and self-coaching questions to keep you unblocked

Writing OKRs can be a circular, confusing, time-wasting wordsmithing exercise with endless discussion and not enough critical thinking and important decisionmaking. Our coaching practices keep you focused on what's most important.

Mastery of our OKR Mad Libs One-Sheet and other quick references

Participants work with and learn the actual tools we use to coach our corporate clients (at $5k+ per workshop) so you can skip the consultant and draft your own goals faster and with more ownership.

You'll leave with useful, clear, measurable OKRs on a single page

We focus on OKRs on a page to avoid the "if I can't see it, it doesn't exist" phenomenon that affects other forms of strategic planning and expectation communication. You'll write and refine your OKRs quickly, so you can do what's ultimately most important: achieve your goals.

What people are saying

        I've attended far too many 50+ person calls in my 18 months [here]. This was by far the most productive, and a rare exception where I didn't leave thinking about how I'd never get those 2 hours back.
Vice President

Vice President

Company Confidential, in the Education space
        Sara, you are a master facilitator. I am autistic and holding my attention for several hours is nearly impossible but I was engaged and interested the entire time. I absolutely love OKR’s.
Head of Curriculum Development

Head of Curriculum Development

Company Confidential, in the Software for Business Management space
        "Overall, one of the best professional development opportunities [my employer] has sponsored during my 10 years here."
People Leader

People Leader

Company Confidential, in the Education space, about our Leading the Connected Strategic Organization course
        This experience has been incredible, Sara! I'm learning and thinking in new ways. It's motivating and a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
People Leader

People Leader

Company Confidential, in the Education space

Meet your instructor

Sara Lobkovich

Sara Lobkovich

OKR Coach, Principal Consultant, Creator of Evolutionary OKRs™ for Connected Strategic™ Organizations

Early in my career, I struggled to understand unspoken and shifting organizational expectations, and the moving goal posts of "success," which often seemed arbitrary or out of reach. As a senior executive, that tension grew. I found myself in new compression zones between our annual plan and my team, with strategic plans and implementation activities that weren't aligned.

These experiences led me to the practice of OKRs -- Objectives and Key Results -- which help fill the alignment and clarity gap between durable strategies and implementation plans. The excitement around OKRs is huge: but the lack of coherent practical application information available was a barrier. So I created a coherent, useful, and intuitive approach to connecting strategy to execution through the Connected Strategic Stack, and a unique approach to Evolutionary OKRs for change-making organizations where people matter.

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Achieve change with No-BS OKRs

Course syllabus


Pre-work: Quick intro to Evolutionary OKRs + Prep your OKR Inputs

In the few days before we begin the course, I'll share a brief video that walks through some of the basic concepts we'll work with in this course so that when we kick off, we can get right down to the business of drafting.


Pre-work: Identify your OKR Inputs

When we write OKRs, we're typically aligning them to our other important strategic inputs (and even better, reusing language and taking cues from existing strategic resources where possible about what our Os and KRs may be). This quick pre-work will help you find or identify your strategic inputs, to help you get ready to write your OKRs.


Comprehension Check and Q&A on Evolutionary OKRs

We'll begin our first class session with a comprehension check and Q&A about the pre-work, to make sure we're all ready to practice. The outcome of this unit is confidence that you're ready to begin drafting, and, organized to do so efficiently.


The Big Think: Ideate your potential OKRs

During class, we'll have time for your big think: 20-30 minutes for you to think big about what would be truly incredible to achieve. This helps make sure you're setting inspired, aspirational OKRs designed to actually achieve change or necessary improvement.


Facilitated OKR Creation

On day two, I'll walk you step by step through the efficient, outcome-focused process I use to coach clients (and myself) through drafting OKRs, so that you can start with a blank page, and end with a complete draft of your OKRs. We'll stay focused on solid thinking and quick drafting, so you learn to write useful OKRs quickly and efficiently.


OKR Workshopping & Improvement

During our last class session, we'll complete two activities around OKR Workshopping to help you improve your draft OKRs:

  • We'll look together at some examples from our cohort of excellent OKR drafts, and common areas of room for improvement
  • You'll review and self-assess your draft OKRs to ensure they're coherent, complete, and actually measurable.


Transitioning to OKR achievement

We'll wrap up with a brief conversation about why we coach that you lock your OKRs for a period of implementation and learning after you set them, and some practices for increasing the likelihood of goal achievement (without complicated platforms, software or tracking systems).

After our final Q&A, you're ready to go implement your OKRs!

Course schedule

1 week, 3 x 90 min class sessions
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

    2-3:30pm PST (5pm - 6:30pm EST)

    Each class has a short skill-building portion, a demo or example of what we're going to practice that day, then a small group or independent drafting session with coach support. Each session ends with an open debrief, Q&A, and a no-pressure work share to unstick progress.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Achieve change with No-BS OKRs