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Create a Stand Out Resume in a 1 Week Career Sprint


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Cohort-based Course

Resume writing frameworks, templates, examples, and critiques to help you create a competitive and confident resume in 1 week.

Course overview

Hiring managers look at 100's of candidates each day. Yes, you CAN stand out ...

And it's not as hard as you think.

When recruiters and hiring managers are narrowing down hundreds of candidates they do not have time to read every word of your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc.

The current job market is too competitive to put off updating your resume. You need to be ready to apply as soon as you see your ideal job.

Standing out in your job search starts with strategically writing and designing your resume so recruiters and hiring managers instantly see why they should interview you ... even if they're only skimming and scanning your materials.

Whether you're currently job searching or happily employed, you need an up-to-date resume that articulates your skills and experience.

I get it, you hate updating your resume ... so let's do it together. Now, I can't literally make you do it, and I won't do it for you! But if you stick with me, at the end of 1-weeks, you'll finally have a resume that articulates your skills and value so you can stand out ...ultimately leading to more job interviews and job offers. 

For job seekers and proactive professionals from any industry or career stage, who are:


Tired of applying to hundreds of jobs

You're playing the numbers game, but not getting interviews or offers. You want to stop this cycle!


Recovering Perfectionists

You're sick of constantly re-doing your resume & LinkedIn profile, but not getting the results you want.


Ready for unexpected opportunities

You want your materials ready to go in case a dream job came your way so you can apply the same day.

Be seen as a top-shelf candidate by:

Writing & designing a winning resume that doesn't end up in a black hole

Take the guesswork out of creating your resume and learn how to write about your skills and experience so you can:

  • Get through the ATS, and not get stuck in a black hole
  • Make it past the initial screening by a junior HR person
  • Stand out to hiring managers before your interviews
Confidently articulating your skills so you're more successful in job interviews

Instead of dreading interviews, you'll be able to clearly talk with interviewers about your past skills and experience. By writing a solid resume, you'll have the content needed to help you answer questions about details of your past roles, contributions, and successes.

Increase the odds of more interviews without applying to hundreds of jobs

Many candidates believe they aren't qualified enough or they need more experience. The truth is that most candidates undersell themselves. With a top-shelf resume, you will be perceived as a high-value hire and get more interviews and offers faster.

Course syllabus

4 live sessions • 6 modules • 10 lessons • 3 projects
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    (53 ratings)

    What students are saying

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    "There is nothing out there that comes close to the quality and caliber of this course.

    I have connected with other professionals and resources in the past to help me with my resume, but they are nothing compared to this."

    – Gretchen, Product Designer

    Meet your instructor

    Sarah Doody

    Sarah Doody

    Founder & CEO of Career Strategy Lab™

    For over 12 years, Sarah has been helping professionals market and sell themselves in their careers so they can stand out from other candidates. In 2011, she created and taught the first 12-week User Experience Bootcamp at General Assembly in New York City. 

    Sarah has coached thousands of professionals in UX, Product Development, and Tech. Her clients have been hired at companies including Blue Origin, Capital One, IBM, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and more.

    In 2023, she was named a "Future of Work Expert" by Forbes and is also a regular writer for Her podcast, The Career Strategy Podcast, launched in March 2023.

    Sarah is also a UX Researcher and Designer. with 18 years of experience. She’s given talks and workshops at conferences around the world and is the author of the upcoming book, The Product of You, to be published in early 2024. 

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    Create a Stand Out Resume in a 1 Week Career Sprint


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    Time saving tutorials, templates, and live feedback

    Time saving tutorials, templates, and live feedback

    Active hands-on learning

    This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects. Prone to procrastination or perfectionism? Say "buh-bye" to all that and actually finish your resume.

    Detailed step-by-step tutorials

    We've eliminated the guesswork with our wildly detailed instructions for how to write and design your resume.

    Time saving templates

    Our templates will help you focus on the most important part of your resume ... the content! Write your content 10x faster with our interactive templates.

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    Create a Stand Out Resume in a 1 Week Career Sprint


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