The Teen Treasure Map - Self-Awareness Emotional Intelligence Life Vision

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Give Your Teen a Socratic Process to Think about Self-Identity, Tribe, Challenges to Solve, Goals for Meaningful Impact, Top Mindsets

Course overview

Deliberately build self-identity and vision

Fast track your teen’s growth from a compliant student who doesn’t dream and is paralysed by fear of failure to a driven, creative, socially and emotionally intelligent adult.

It's hard for you: soon you might have to separate from your child if they get accepted at University far from home. You want to know they are confident, strong and that they are going to make good choices.

Most people ask themselves questions after they finish university, or even later, when they start their first job after Uni and figure out it's not at all what they would like.

This is what this live cohort course is about: Your child investigating their self-identity and their vision. Who they are and want to become, the tribe they crave, the problems they want to solve.

This course is very time sensitive. It is urgent if your teen is between 14 and 18 years old. It will save you and your child stress, anger, frustration, and thousands of dollars.

Let me explain.

Your teens are under terrible pressure. You might think you don't put it on them. Yet they still feel it. It's is palpable at home. They snap back at you, or they are endlessly locked up in their room. You are worried. They feel it.

Teens want to succeed, not for you – for themselves, on their own terms. Yet blindly following what they are told to do by their teachers is not enough and they sense it.

Most teens loath failure and become depressed when they perceive they have failed. Perfectionism is a very common, yet unhelpful, paralysing trait.This stops them from dreaming, trying new things, and having lofty goals.

The risk is that they settle for what they are told to do and they never reach their potential. They don't make a difference in the world, they live with much regret and frustration.

Your teens might not have found their tribe yet, and might feel very lonely, locked up in their room with social media and video games.

You want to avoid your teens experimenting with the wrong self-soothing strategies: alcohol, drugs, self-harm, binge eating or worse.

Who is this course for?


Teens who need to move from being told what to do to thinking with their own head, be driven, have an impact.


Highly capable learners with much to offer to the world, but unsure what future to pursue.


A and B students who want to be ahead of the pack, and save years, money, and frustration.

What you’ll get out of this course

Your teen will be clear on the rules of the game of life.

They will start actively using the 4 frameworks for happiness and life satisfaction.

They will open the fan of experiences and hunt down environments that will develop their character and skills.

They will apply creativity in problem solving.

Your teen will build their self-identity: character strengths, skills and key experiences to determine what impact they want in the world.

They will use the best frameworks and word prompts to reflect on their experience and attitudes.

Looking for self-awareness, we will go through character traits, values, leadership, creativity, activity, service, role models, cognitive biases, limiting beliefs and more.

The self-awareness work can be used as the basis for applications to University/College, scholarships and jobs.

When your teen has to brainstorm for any application, they won't have to start from a blank page.

All the self-identity work will help them be confident and get the best results out of the process, no matter if it's a Common Application for US Colleges or any other.

Your teen will build emotional intelligence.

The concepts of emotional awareness and emotional control are new to many teens.

We'll cover frameworks to empower them to be in charge of their emotions.

Your teen will think about their own thinking and how they can improve it.

They will question what is under control, what isn't and other tenets of the Stoicism.

They will critically examine their thoughts, familiarising themselves with cognitive biases, other cognitive fallacies that do not serve them and limiting beliefs.

Your teen will review and, if needed, change their attitude to failure.

The single most paralysing trait for teens and young adults is fear of failure. This leads them to stay in their comfort zone, which is a sure recipe for stagnation, frustration, anger, depression and worse outcomes.

We will address this with frameworks and exercises.

Your teen will look further than "Follow your passion".

Your teen might be in front of most, in that they might know where their passions lie.

Yet this is not enough. Unless the world needs thoset passions and unless your teen can get paid for them, their search is not over yet.

Your teen will dream again and set Moonshot (10x) and SMARTer goals

Most teens are so used to being told what to do that they forgot how to dream. We'll change that.

We will also build a roadmap for their lofty and less lofty goals, which will guide them for their future decisions.

Your teen will gain insight, focus on others, and drive no matter if their contribution will take the form of paid work or volunteering.

By the end of the course, they will have developed their self-identity, self-awareness and a roadmap of their dreams and goals.

They will have learnt to see others and their needs/wants/problems as opportunities to contribute, leading to their own life satisfaction. And yours.

Here is a video summary of what we go through in the course

Click here and play it at 1.5x speed

A quick video you can show your teens where I explain the programme directly to them.

The world is a playground. How are you going to play? What problems are you going to solve?
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You can have this course as a private one-on-one mentoring, rather than group sessions.

It will be completely tailor-made to you. Just get in touch at mc @ and we will organise.

What parents and mentees are saying

        My daughter started MC's mentoring last year. It's been crucial for her personal and academic growth. We could see her change almost in real time. Mariacristina managed to unlock Ginevra's phenomenal hidden potential. Having a mentor to help teens discover passions and goals makes a big difference in their future.


Mum of 2
        Thanks to Mariacristina's mentoring two of my daughters are acquiring new skills and awareness of their interests and potential. They are learning a lot about themselves, but also about the opportunities the world has to offer. Everyone should do this course. (Julia does job interview coaching – got the job – and applications to Master Degrees)


Mum of 3
        Mariacristina is an excellent mentor! She is helping my daughters find their path in life with enthusiasm and amazing skills. So grateful. Best investment I ever made! (Irene focuses on personal development – Georgia is going through an in depth search of Philosophy and Art degrees around Europe to find the best Uni course for her.


Mum of 3
        If you have an adolescent child, Mariacristina helps teens be more self aware, thus happier and more successful. I can tell by personal experience: she is great! (Noah has got a clear vision for his future. He's learning mindsets, strategies and means goals to get to his ultimate goal.)


Dad of 3
        It's been a life-changing experience for me! I definitely recommend it. Thank you Mariacristina for all the support and guidance you gave me. (Jennifer started with personal development and self-identity building, went on to finding her tribe and applying to UK and US Unis. Already accepted in the UK, she's waiting to hear from US.


Aspiring Physicist (18)
        The passion you put into mentoring these young talents to gain self awareness, and the experience you have and share with them, let your mentees be ready to take on the challenges that await them.


Dad of 2
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When you pay for your teen's course, you also provide a scholarship for a teen in need, so both you and I have more impact.

If you are from a lower socio-economic background, please refer to for details on how to ask for a scholarship for the course.

How do you actually get insight? It is no lightbulb moment.

How do you actually get insight? It is no lightbulb moment.

What if your teen just coasts?

Most adults never worked on self-awareness, so they react haphazardly to what life throws at them. This results in erratic behaviours, frustration and strife.

Is this what you want for your teen?

What questions should your teen ask themselves? How exactly is it done? What are the shortcuts?

I will help your teen navigating the fastest way to insight and outsight, using the "Learn, Do, Learn, Do model". We will use the "I do, We do, You do" structure, so that your teen sees what's expected of them, we do it together first, and then they do it by themselves.

Meet your instructor

Mariacristina Saraceno,
Worldwide Mentor to Teens and Young Adults.  
MSc in Applied Neuroscience, MA in Diplomatic Studies.

Mariacristina Saraceno, Worldwide Mentor to Teens and Young Adults. MSc in Applied Neuroscience, MA in Diplomatic Studies.

Call me MC


My uncle was a highly capable learner. He committed suicide at age 17. That's why I care and why I have made it my mission to support teens in their transition to adulthood. I have 4 of my own, all with distinct strengths and interests, so I understand your struggles.

I combine sales and training skills learnt in the City of London working for Bloomberg and Salomon Brothers with Neuroscience/Mental Health knowledge from my MSc from King's College. On top of that you get my diplomatic background from my MA and from being Honorary Consul to Papua New Guinea. You benefit from my personal development background, and ASIST and Mental Health First Aid qualifications.

As a mentor, I have helped many students with the content of this course. I have also helped them apply to US universities and prepare for job interviews.

Seeing my mentees thrive gives me energy and life satisfaction.

My mission is to support every teen, young adult and their parents in the transition to adulthood with personalised career advice, personal development and application/interview coaching, no matter where they may be in the world.

You will benefit from my enthusiasm and experitise alike.

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The Teen Treasure Map - Self-Awareness Emotional Intelligence Life Vision


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Course Syllabus

Click here to watch the video of the Course Syllabus. Make sure you watch it at 1.5x speed.

Recordings will be available, but the live sessions are where the magic happens

2hr on Saturday and Sunday, 3 weekends
  • Saturday June 10, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

    Your teen needs a notebook, a pen, and water. Most will have both their phone and their computer on hand.

  • Sunday June 11, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

  • Saturday June 17, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

  • Sunday June 18, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

  • Saturday June 24, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

  • Sunday June 25, 2023

    10am-12pm Rome – 6-8pm Brisbane

    By now your teen will have a new tribe of friends they can grow with, no matter where they are in the world. They will be on the same path, driven.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects.

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams, and make friends.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you. You can support each other and become accountability partners through your adventures.

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The Teen Treasure Map - Self-Awareness Emotional Intelligence Life Vision


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