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Realise the power of Money and Emotion in Customer Experience

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Create more impact in your customer experience (CX) role. Interpret financial results, connect strategic goals & use emotional intelligence.

Hosted by

Sandra Thompson

The CX/EX educator, TEDx speaker & UK's 1st Goleman Emotional Intelligence coach

Course overview

Realize the power of Money & Emotion in CX

Join us for four interactive sessions live mid October

In just two weeks you'll grow in confidence as a CX professional with greater influence through better business knowledge and emotional intelligence

This course is for you if you're...


A customer experience professional with access to financial information about your business.


Willing to invest in robust relationships with other decision makers.


Open to learning new skills not usually related to customer experience roles.

Key outcomes

Take action to improve the bottom line

Gain a good understanding of money in your business so that your customer experience work visibly boosts company finances.

Reposition yourself as a business enabler

Amplify your presence with the C-suite when your vocabulary focuses on core strategic objectives and your contribution to them.

Instantly impactful customer journey maps

Apply the Money & Emotion approach to customer journey maps to create immediate steps towards business improvements based on customer recall and financial data.

Grow your emotional intelligence

Interpret verbal and non-verbal communication more effectively with colleagues through newly acquired skills gained on the course.

See what people are saying about Sandra as an instructor

        The insights gained from her facilitation of this subject matter have been invaluable! Sandra has tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in CX bringing topics together in a fascinating and practical way
Tresa Howington

Tresa Howington

Director of Customer Service Under Armour
        Sandra was able to deliver a course that is friendly and useful for beginners to the CX world, whilst still being advanced and detailed enough for those individuals who are more experienced. Any person will come away feeling inspired.
Conner Macguire

Conner Macguire

Client Executive, Kantar
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Realise the power of Money and Emotion in Customer Experience

This course is not for you if...


You are in a tactical CX role and you have limited access to the senior leaders in your organisation.


You already have financial fluency, because you work strategically with your finance team


You have been confidently attributing your CX activity to your company's financial results for some time

Meet your instructor

Sandra Thompson

Sandra Thompson

CX and EI educator

Everything changed when Sandra read 'Emotional Intelligence - why it could matter more than IQ' by Daniel Goleman in 1998. The book explained how recognising and managing emotions could bring success to anyone who developed the skill.

Fast forward to present time and Sandra has:

🎓 qualified as a Goleman Emotional Intelligence coach.

❤️ weaved her knowledge and skills into her customer and employee experience consultancy over 12 years

📘 designed and delivered undergraduate and postgraduate courses, contributed to two CX books and presented an academic paper

🎤 given a TEDx talk on emotional intelligence, customer experience and remote work.

Sandra now believes that it's time for customer experience practitioners to use a new financial narrative and skills of emotional intelligence to create better results for the business and its customers.

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Realise the power of Money and Emotion in Customer Experience

Course syllabus


Interpret financial performance

You'll become more familiar with your company's financial results and operational budget with support from a finance expert.

They will help you appraise key financial documents.

Together with other learners, you'll feel fully prepared to ask relevant questions of your finance team after the course so that you can prepare for the next course step.


Connecting to strategic goals

You'll evaluate stakeholder goals across your company using your enhanced knowledge of company finances.

We'll identify and shape core questions you'll use to undertake this evaluation.

These outputs will help you populate a 'Line of Sight' template to articulate the contribution CX makes to relevant stakeholders


The Money & Emotion approach to customer journey maps

Collaborating with other learners, you'll assess your customer journey using the Money & Emotion approach.

Plotting financial information about the company and insight gathered from a Weather Mapping exercise with your customers [a method certified by the Customer Institute] you'll identify areas for immediate action.


Growing your emotional intelligence

Working in small groups and independently, you will explore the skills required to become more emotionally intelligent (EI)

We will assess ways to apply the skill of EI to the three previous syllabus topics.

You will devise a three month plan to practice the EI techniques which will improve your levels of EI and enhance core work relationships.

Course schedule

4-5 hours per week for two weeks
  • Tuesday 31st January

    From 12 noon GMT

    Video clips and reading made available for you so that you can read and digest in your own time.

    One exercise to complete before session one on 18th October. [45 mins]

  • Tuesday 7th February - session one

    4 - 5pm GMT

    An interactive session [1 hour] with a financial expert where we can all work together through two sets of financial data.

    You'll review the pre-work you completed before the session and gather some ideas for your meeting with your finance team [potentially 30 mins]

  • Thursday 10th February - session two

    4 - 5pm GMT

    You'll join the session [1 hour] having assessed three core business documents following a step by step process. [30 mins] In session you will be coached on how to develop a Line of Sight which you'll start completing. You can chose to complete after [potentially 30 mins]

  • Tuesday 14th February - session three

    4 - 5pm GMT

    An interactive session [1 hour] building a customer journey which will prepare you for your own Money and Emotion approach in your business. [potentially 2 hours]

    We will be joined by award winning CX expert Gemma Colby from Yell for this session.

  • Thursday 16th February - session four

    4 - 5pm GMT

    We will focus on three emotional intelligence competences included in the pre-work [30 mins]

    The application of EI will be demonstrated in the session [1 hour]. You'll then practice in pairs and small groups and be expected to experiment with the skill at work. [30 mins]

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Realise the power of Money and Emotion in Customer Experience

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Realise the power of Money and Emotion in Customer Experience