How to have your best year ever in B2B Sales


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5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Crush B2B sales and learn from a 4-time #1 Account Executive. Grow your habits, career, mindset & income

Hosted by

Chris Bogdan - 2x - Top 1% of Salesforce, CEO & Enterprise Account Executive

$42M sold in 3 years, 4-Time #1 AE, 13x President's Club Winner

Course overview

5 Weeks to Your Best Sales Year Ever

Almost every sales training I’ve taken has sucked. I built this course to share what actually works in B2B sales today to be consistently successful.

Sales Rocket Fuel teaches the best strategies, habits and actionable tips that I've used to become a 4-time #1 Account Executive, 13x Club Winner, and reach the top 1% of Salesforce - 2x.

If you're looking to level up your B2B sales game, you're in the right place. This is a high-impact, high-energy class designed to help you have your best sales year ever.

Over 5 interactive group sessions, you'll level up your sales skills across the entire sales process, along with your mindset & your habits to unleash your potential.

We'll cover the entire sales cycle - your mindset, your habits & your sales skills across these areas:

1. Get inspired with bigger, SMARTER goals for your Professional and personal life to ignite your motivation. Then build powerful habits, and leverage accountability to make them happen.

2. Build powerful prospecting messages that get executives attention. Want to see how we got a Yes from Mark Cuban on the first email?

3. Ask Powerful Discovery Questions and build compelling, ROI driven presentations that close multi-million dollar deals

4. Build powerful relationships with the power of moments and growing accounts with raving fans.

5. Closing deals, building industry expertise & how to focus on activities that drive revenue.

Each class includes action items so you'll drive immediate and lasting results.

You'll get 90 mins / week of video spaced out over 5 weeks, and live workshops each week to put the ideas into action and cover questions as you level up each step of your sales process.

This program has been battle-tested for years. Join the next cohort and see why people are saying, "Sales Rocket Fuel was one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for my career."

Who is this course for


Experienced Salespeople seeking to consistently crush quota or looking for the edge to reach elite sales performance


Salespeople in a new role or company, such as a new job, new territory, between jobs or recently promoted - looking to crush their quota


Founders & Small Business Owners

seeking repeatable frameworks and a proven process to drive growth

What you’ll get out of this course

Different — and better — sales strategies that actually works, from a top 1% seller in B2B SaaS
  • Almost every sales training I’ve taken has sucked. I built this course to share what actually works in B2B sales today.
  • This course teaches the best strategies and actionable tips that I've used to become a 4-time #1 Account Executive and reach the top 1% of Salesforce — twice.
A proven step-by-step playbook & resources to grow your business from 13x Club Winner who sold $42M in the last 3 years
  • Get proven resources & playbooks throughout the sales cycle
  • Take action each week with tips to improve your process and mindset.
Set SMARTER goals and build new habits
  • Follow a proven process to turn your goals & dreams into reality
  • Set exciting, SMARTER goals that ignite your drive.
  • Build new habits to drive consistent results & implement change both personally and for clients.
  • Leverage Sales Rocket Fuel systems for consistent success
Improve your mindset & get fired up!

  • Maximize your sales performance by making both subtle and dramatic shifts in how you think about your customers and each step of the sales process.
  • Discover how you think — and what you think — to inspire change in yourself and in your clients.
Hack your territory & Ask Powerful Discovery Questions
  • Prioritizing your territory & focusing on the right accounts is key, many people make huge mistakes here. Learn better ways.
  • Ask Powerful Discovery questions & help your clients crush their goals. Stop qualifying so much & have deeper + more engaging conversations.
Grow your network and drive meaningful change to grow your sales
  • Grow your network and join a community of salespeople committed to excellence.
  • Gain accountability and feedback as you workshop new ideas throughout the sales process.
Create Raving fans who love working with you, build relationships faster & create powerful, memorable moments with clients
  • Everyone knows that relationships are key - but do you know how to build them fast? We cover specific strategies on how to build genuine relationships faster & help your clients win
  • Leverage the Power of Moments & learn strategies on how to create them.
Leverage the power of Million$ and create compelling, high impact presentations
  • Create compelling, high-impact presentations that engage and educate your customers.
  • Craft a story with strong ROI that wows them!


(26 ratings)

What people are saying

        Sales Rocket Fuel was one of the most valuable things I’ve done, if not the most valuable thing I’ve ever done for my career. I believe this class can add $2M in earnings over the course of my career and was game-changing & very different from any other class I’ve taken. Absolutely loved the class & have recommended it to hundreds of others!
Kevin Cherrick

Kevin Cherrick

Account Executive - DocuSign
        Chris’s Sales Rocket Fuel course is a master class in sales. He’s taken the best tips from his highly successful career and given it back to us all. These sessions are GOLD. I was a high performer with 10 years of experience, and I still got a ton of value from the class. It inspired me to be a better seller and continue refining my craft.
Karl Schutz

Karl Schutz

Enterprise Account Executive - Snorkel.AI (former AWS)
        Working with Chris has been a life-changing experience! I’ve been able to achieve remarkable results both in my personal and professional life. In 4 years, my income has tripled, and I’ve built two successful businesses. None of this would have been possible without the guidance and expertise Chris & Sales Rocket Fuel has given me.
James Quid

James Quid

Global Account Director and Founder
        Sales Rocket Fuel is extremely motivating! I leave each class with takeaways and action items, but I also know I can dig into the session recordings and supplementary content (which is dense!). I’m excited for future lessons—it’s inspiring!
Jen Musbach

Jen Musbach

Enterprise Account Executive - MuleSoft / Salesforce
        The Sales Rocket Fuel program helped me reach my Q1 quota for a fast start at Salesforce as a new AE and set me up for continued success. The content is rich and impactful—you'll want to watch the class multiple times. Chris's program gave me tools I can use immediately. You'll learn from an top salesperson & get a lot of the program.
Noel Pagan

Noel Pagan

Account Executive - Tableau
        Coming from an IT leadership background with no sales experience, I was able to grow my own company from $0 to $2M in my first year in business using the process that I learned from Sales Rocket Fuel. We’ve built our whole sales playbook from what we’ve learned from Chris and this program. It’s also given me the confidence & mindset to succeed.
Kyle Pott

Kyle Pott

Co-founder & Senior Managing Partner, Decise
        I loved all the weeks. Amazing lessons on selling, productivity and getting the most out of life. I love how it stresses setting big goals and taking small steps to get there. It’s an incredibly powerful mindset that I’ve been implementing ever since Chris shared it with me. This easily could be a $2,000+ course!
John Ambrosino

John Ambrosino

Enterprise Sales - Karat
        We’ve had a lot more leads since taking Sales Rocket Fuel—we’re having deeper and more engaging conversations, and connecting with prospects on a different level. I’m getting more testimonials and  applying the goal setting and habit building tips to both my professional and personal life.
Jonathan Georger

Jonathan Georger

CEO & Partner - BLKDG
        It was worth the money on the first day alone! I’ve become consistently organized day after day, eating the frog and using unconventional tactics to increase “yes” to discovery calls.  I feel like I will set a personal best in sales this year thanks to this class!
Craig Hayden

Craig Hayden

Account Executive - Insperity
        Creating proof of success was the highest value for me because it helped me realize we have an education piece that we need to help companies to better understand our value. I’ve been able to create accountability and a goal system. 
Kingsong Chen

Kingsong Chen

CEO - Acutehat &
        I’ve learned more from you about selling software than I have from everyone else combined. Thanks so much Chris and Sales Rocket Fuel for your guidance!  I wouldn’t have gotten promoted to account executive without your guidance and mentorship!
Jake Mancewicz

Jake Mancewicz

BDR Promoted to AE - MuleSoft
        This program was very helpful. I ate up knowing how you operate as a salesperson and a top achiever. I’m asking better discovery questions and using more social proof. Coming across this type of learning has such long-term value and it’s encouraging to have learned all of these tips to accelerate my own sales mastery.
Dustin Chan

Dustin Chan

Account Executive - SoFi
        Sales Rocket Fuel is something special. It’s given me clarity about my goals and focus, and has helped me improve my mindset and sharpen my sales skills. I landed one of the biggest meetings of my life with a CMO of a huge company using Chris’s format. I really appreciate the level up mentality. Definitely got a huge boost from Sales Rocket Fuel!
Jake Venchus

Jake Venchus

Enterprise Account Executive - Cardlytics
        As an experienced enterprise seller, I’m generally skeptical of sales training classes—but Sales Rocket Fuel meticulously cultivates the best frameworks from what really works. From entry level through enterprise sales, this course will have a multiplicative impact on your sales and sales career if you apply even just a few of the concepts.
Marcin Gamza

Marcin Gamza

Strategic Account Executive - Team Lead
        I reached out to a CEO using Chris’s 3 Points of Connection framework and immediately booked the meeting. I’m better set up for this meeting than any other meeting I’ve done!
Nate Kaemingk

Nate Kaemingk

CEO - Better Forecasting
        I wasn’t sure if I should sign up, but I’m really glad I did. This class paid for itself literally 75x over during the time I took this class alone. It changed my trajectory a million times in the long term. I’ve been in sales for 25 years and still learned so many useful things!
Kevin Drolet

Kevin Drolet

Former Strategic AE – Business Owner / Fractional CMO
        I was able to absorb 15 years of software sales knowledge in 5 weeks! The biggest thing I got out of this course was a clear understanding of how small actions compound into big results. If someone wants to accelerate their skill set in sales and open up their mind to new ideas to help them succeed, this class is extremely helpful. 
Alex Backart

Alex Backart

Account Executive
        Genius leaves clues, and Chris achieving President’s Club 13 out of 15 years is not luck—it’s an approach that works. No one cares more about your success more than Chris. He inspires me to treat my clients the way he treats his students! I’m grateful for the educational and supportive community he is creating.
Sara Watchorn

Sara Watchorn

Account Executive - Lucid
        I was totally blown away by how quickly I’d see results. I’ve already seen an impact on my personal discipline and ability to set and accomplish goals step by step. I have more guts to push boundaries, and become daringly comfortable with reaching out. I highly recommend doing Sales Rocket Fuel. Don’t hesitate—go do this!
Bohdan Hrytsak

Bohdan Hrytsak

        Sales Rocket Fuel: an incredible class taught by the best. Chris Bogdan cracked the code on sales success. His actionable course provides keys to sales mastery. Highly recommended for all sales professionals, leaders, and founders who want to grow and excel.
Dan Steindler 

Dan Steindler 

AE to Founder & CEO
        I just finished his Sales Rocket Fuel master class, and Chris has better habits and systems than any rep I’ve ever met. It. Was. Epic. We were getting years of experience and lessons as a top performing account executive condensed down into 5 sessions. I truly believe Sales Rocket Fuel is the best kept secret right now.
James Thompson

James Thompson

Strategic Account Executive & Founder SaaS Sales Society
        My husband Evan DeLuca recently convinced me to give Chris Bogdan’s Sales Rocket Fuel course a go. I have to thank him again for one of the best decisions of my career, as this course was filled to the brim with some of the most impactful content I have come across in any capacity. I’d highly recommend this course.
Marrissa DeLuca

Marrissa DeLuca

Account Executive - DocuSign
        Chris Bogdan's Sales Rocket Fuel is the best investment you can make in yourself to uplevel your skills. It's pushed me to think like an Enterprise seller and my quota attainment increased from 70% to 120%. His course is full of practical and actionable content with long-term impact. There's tremendous value and I love this course!
Liz Mena

Liz Mena

Account Executive - DocuSign

Meet your instructor

Chris Bogdan - 2x - Top 1% of Salesforce, CEO & Enterprise Account Executive

Chris Bogdan - 2x - Top 1% of Salesforce, CEO & Enterprise Account Executive

4 Time #1 Account Executive. AE at Salesforce / MuleSoft. CEO at Sales Rocket Fuel.

I’ve been selling since I was a kid, from lemonade stands to sports cards to pencils to candy out of my locker. 

I studied Business Management in college, and I’ve thrived within the corporate sales space for 15+ years. After field testing many sales strategies, I’ve discovered the best ways to improve mindset, drive change for yourself and for clients, and improve each step of the sales process. 

And it’s paid off—I started in inside sales, advanced to selling Fortune 500 accounts, and grew my income by 14x. 

I’ve become the #1 Account Executive in 4 different roles, I've won President's Club 13 times, and I’ve sold $42 million in three years, including a $16 million deal.

As a top salesperson for many years, I've progressively helped others throughout my career. 

I enjoy sharing what works and seeing others grow, learn, and succeed—and it's really rewarding to see people get results week over week.

I’ve coached teams and numerous individuals to become #1 Account Executives and Club / Trip winners. I’ve trained thousands of salespeople, and created and led our global financial services industry go-to-market call, for which I won an award from our CEO.

I want you to be the next person that finds even more success in your career with Sales Rocket Fuel.

Let me show you the exact sales playbook I’ve built over the years to help you propel your sales career to the next level.

Ready? Let’s ignite your best sales year ever!

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How to have your best year ever in B2B Sales


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Course syllabus



  • Set big, inspiring professional and personal goals with actionable steps.
  • Take consistent action & overcome fear of change with small steps
  • Build lasting consistent habits for success on repeat with proven frameworks 
  • Mindset + Habits + consistent action lead to big results! 
  • Learn to compete against yourself, not others to have your best year yet



  • Want to see how I helped a friend get a yes from Mark Cuban?
  • Leverage proven prospecting tips to reach more C-Level executives
  • Previous Sales Rocket Fuel students are reaching Fortune 500 C-Level executives 
  • Use Moneyball hacks to focus on the right accounts in your territory
  • Using your brain & the human touch, but leveraging AI for research



  • Ask powerful discovery questions & help your clients crush their goals (not just solve their pains, you’ve heard that 100x already).
  • Have deeper conversations & more engaging conversations.  
  • Create compelling, high-impact that WOW customers & close huge deals
  • Create compelling value & ROI driven presentations
  • Use social proof & customer stories



  • Can you create raving fans who love working with you? 
  • Build genuinely meaningful, memorable client relationships & happy customers.
  • Harness the Power of Moments & how to create them.
  • Dive into pricing psychology & positioning to make your year-making proposals a no-brainer!



  • Negotiation tips & strategies to close the deals of your career.
  • How to network, build mastermind groups with top Account Executives & to replicate their success.
  • Become an industry expert to better advise customers & become a trusted advisor
  • Tips on hot topics like sales minimalism, focus & blocking the noise, and managing yourself.


Workshops throughout the 5 weeks to put the ideas into action

Each week, you'll get videos + live workshops to put ideas into action.

Over 5 Weeks of Workshops we will:

  • Build your goals template with monthly process to stay on track
  • Build prospecting messages for a target account
  • Practice a presentation for a big meeting
  • Build relationships faster
  • Hack your calendar & learn from other top salespeople


Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Weekly Live Workshops (7 hours total)

    7:00pm - 8:30pm CST (5 separate days)

    Live workshop + Q&A for each week's course material.

    • Thurs, 8/10 - Goals, Habits, Systems
    • Thurs, 8/17 - Prospecting
    • Tues, 8/22 - Discovery / Presos
    • Thurs, 8/31 - Growing accounts + Value
    • Thurs, 9/7 - Study top 1%, Negotiation, Focus

    All live sessions will be recorded & shared.

  • Engaging Weekly Video Content (8 hours total)

    ~90 mins per week x 5 Weeks

    Each of the 5 weeks has approximately 75-90 mins of high-quality video content for self-study that we will discuss in the class. One student said this video content was "one of the most engaging trainings I've ever listened to."

Free resource

7 Questions to Kickstart Your Sales Growth

Here are 7 Questions to answer to kickstart your growth.

Recommendation - print this after you fill it out. Also take action immediately on at least 1 of these ideas!

Get this free resource

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, hands-on learning

This course combines engaging, pre-recorded videos with live Q&A and weekly action items with Chris Bogdan and other ambitious sellers.

Level up your sales process step-by-step

Every single exercise during the course is thoughtfully crafted to help you make tremendous progress towards growing your sales, both immediate and longer-term. You will finish the class with actionable frameworks, new systems, habits & mindset.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You will get to know and interact with an excellent cohort of sellers over Slack, on Zoom and through discussions. Other students have loved building their network through this class!

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How to have your best year ever in B2B Sales


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