Elite Sales Athletes: Boost your B2B Sales Skills

Learn how to build a powerful network, get B2B clients to call you, boost your sales performance, and live a flourishing sales career.

Elite Sales Athletes: Boost your B2B Sales Skills
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Introducing “Elite Sales Athlete Program”, A proven B2B Step-by-step course to help you develop a strong sales mindset, create an influential network, get clients to call you, confidently achieve your sales goals, and win more sales.

Meet your instructor

Ren Saguil
Ren Saguil
Sales Strategist, Sales Coach and Entrepreneur

Ren Saguil has 25+ years in the technology industry, winning more than 130M Euro contracts for global multinationals Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia and Vodafone, and as Country Manager in NZ for Silicon Valley start-up Ruckus Wireless.

You will learn and create a proven, actionable plan to build your network, get clients to call you and win big in B2B sales. 

This course aims to transform your sales career into a fulfilling, happy and enjoyable profession where you will achieve your career goals and build an influential network.

After this course, you will be confident and consistently achieve your sales targets and enjoy a flourishing sales career.

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By the end of this course

You’ll be able to initiate opportunities through compelling calls, email and connections to prospective clients.

You’ll have a system for creating a powerful and trusted network.

You’ll be able to build a system for your personal brand and  demonstrate authority, presence and impact (API).

You’ll have a repeatable and complete Strategic Sales Plan to reach your sales goals and revenue target.

Working with Ren Saguil

        I had most of the business figured out yet I felt stuck in overwhelm about getting started. I met Ren. Her energy, her passion, and her own professional experience in corporate gave me not only the sales techniques and strategies I needed but also made the solopreneur journey a lot less lonely. 3 months in, I had my first sales contract !
John Rbeiz
John Rbeiz
Founder and CEO, Boom Containers and Circular
        I worked with Ren for six sessions of targeted strategic sales coaching. I found that she was able to effectively translate her extensive experience in the corporate market to the SMB environment. Ren was skilled at developing and supporting a strategy that enabled my business. I am confident that working with Ren has contributed to my success.
Wendy Young
Wendy Young
Managing Director, Blue Raven
        Ren provided us with the ability to consolidate a sales enablement program for our Channel Partners to establish their confidence in selling in a B2B dynamic. Ren is a phenomenal sales coach that has also enabled me to also learn from her as she has mentored me with strategic channel development.
Ryan Raj
Ryan Raj
Head Of Marketing at SMX - Email Cyber Security | 2 x 30 Under 30 NZ Reseller News Winner
        “After exiting my fintech startup, I spent the past 2 years reassessing my personal philosophy and adopting a practical mindset to prepare me for future ventures and challenges. I worked with Ren to help me overcome my limiting beliefs. I have rediscovered my tenacity, pursuing only those that matter.
Patricia de Villa
Patricia de Villa
Managing Director, Kiboa Ridge Farm

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In this 3-week of step-by-step B2B sales course, you will develop a strong sales mindset and confidence in building a collaborative and trusted relationship with your C-level clients. 

Create, develop, and execute a winning sales plan to accelerate your sales career.

Who is this course for


You are an ambitious B2B sales professional and want to sell confidently, consistently achieve your sales target and be the Top Performer.


You are starting a career in B2B sales, but you are unsure where to start. You know you can achieve more with the right mindset and tools.


You are a business owner and founder and want to serve large corporate clients, but you struggle to win large accounts.

Key outcomes

Develop the Mindset of an Elite Sales Athlete.

Learn the mindset of an Elite Sales Athlete so you can confront and overcome natural human self-limiting beliefs.

A mindset that recognizes that setbacks are a necessary part of the learning process and allows people to ‘bounce back’ by increasing motivational effort.

Create a Powerful and Trusted Network.

Develop your professional brand and open opportunities to create trusting, powerful and long term relationships with your clients.

Develop your communication and influence skills.

Apply the Psychology of Selling by using a simple model that will allow you to understand communication, behaviour, and buying styles, adjust your style, and be more effective in helping your clients succeed in their business goals.

Accelerate your sales performance and smash your sales targets.

Learn the Sales Strategies and Frameworks that allowed me to achieve sales targets consistently and win more than 130M B2B deals and apply this to your own sales opportunities.

We will discuss real case studies and work on your own sales plans during Sales Labs.

Course syllabus


The Foundation: Developing a Mindset of an Elite Sales Athlete

1: Begin with the End in Mind: Your Vision, Goals, Purpose and Sales Intention.

2: The Mindset of an Elite Sales Athlete.

3: Psychology of Sales: 4 Major Behavioural and Communication Style and how to apply in the sales process

4: Developing your Communication and Influence Skills.


Building an Exponential Network

1: How do you show up, and How do you want to be known? 

2: Designing and Developing Your Brand

3: How to Build Your API: Authority, Impact & Presence

4: How to Create Value for your Client

5: Digital Presence and Social Selling

6: Getting Clients to Call You


The Six Steps of B2B Sales

1. Types of B2B Sales Process

2: Initiate Opportunities

3: Client Discovery Phase

4: Opportunity Qualification

5: Opportunity Validation: Reality Check!

6: Proposing the exact solution to enable decisions 

7: Closing the deal.


Writing and Executing a Strategic Sales Plan

1: Getting Organised

2: Create a Strategic Sales/Account Plan

3: Customer Account Transformation

4: Putting it all together

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  • Real Case Studies
  • Actionable Mental Models and Lessons
  • Proven Frameworks in Business Development, Account Strategy and Account Management
  • 20+ Templates & Worksheets

FREE Strategic Account Playbook for B2B sales teams to win high-value clients.

Course schedule

3 - 4 hours a week
  • Welcome and Kick-off Onboarding
    • Meet your instructor and other students virtually.
    • Onboarding and making sure you are prepared to be successful in this cohort.
  • Live Workshops & Sales Labs

    Join us live for our workshop session, including an interactive lecture and breakout groups. You will do most of the coursework during class. Replays will be available if you miss a session.

  • August 16 - Tuesday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • August 18 - Thursday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • August 23 - Tuesday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • August 25 - Thursday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • August 30 - Tuesday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • September 1 - Thursday
    12pm NZST/10am AEST/8am PHST
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) Office Hours
    1 hour a week (optional)

    Meet with the instructor to get 1:1 feedback on your sales goal, strategies and plans.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Live Sessions - Workshop & Sales Lab

This cohort-based course is designed to be hands-on and interactive. We will apply the frameworks and models to your sales goals and targets.

By the end of the course, you will not only create a strategic sales plan but you will have the skills to apply to any sales opportunities that will propel your career.

Private 1:1 Sessions & Accountability

During the course, you'll have one 1:1 sales coaching opportunity to meet with Ren for personalized support and time to address any specific questions you may have.

Ask me Anything Office Hours

With a live office hour every week with Ren, you will have ongoing support and insight to get your questions answered quickly.

You will be able to implement the weekly lessons into your sales deals and opportunities immediately.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged global sales community

Having Fun, Energy and Enjoying your Sales Career

The Sales profession is one of the most demanding but gratifying career.

After this course, you will deal better wth challenges and embrace a sales mindset that will allow you to enjoy and have fun with your sales career.

Frequently Asked Questions

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