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SaaS Onboarding Done Right

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Improve your onboarding flow so more people actually use your product and you grow sustainably.

Hosted by

Michelle Cherian and Joanna Kurylo

Product + Revenue Strategists working with high growth B2B SaaS companies.

Course overview

“We’re spending $$$$ on users who aren't sticking around to see the value"

This hurts, especially when your team has spent significant time and effort on building a great product. You know sustainable growth is key to being able to survive in this game long term and it’s your job to figure out onboarding so that user engagement improves and marketing can implement growth strategies. Not as easy task.

You’ve been talking to peers to get insights on what's working for them with their onboarding. You have a keen understanding of your niche and the problem that your product solves for people. Getting the right onboarding strategy in place can be challenging even for the most seasoned team member. Showing value while also helping a user understand the product without information overload can be a fine balancing act!

If you’re like most SaaS companies we’ve worked with you have limited resources and dedicating time and people to focus on onboarding might feel like a luxury. What if we told you fixing onboarding would help with all your marketing, customer success or product development efforts?

Imagine a world in which user acquisition and retention becomes steady and predictable, where users activate, see continued value and become loyal customers. Your onboarding flow will do that for your product once the right strategy is in place.

Effective onboarding is not only about streamlining your flow. We approach user onboarding with a dual lens. We'll show you how to look at your business and product stats as well as what makes you user successful. This course is not about creating an intuitive UX, setting clear expectations, or making a simple delightful flow. We value those elements immensely and having a team to execute and apply those best practices is essential. In this course we’ll focus on creating the strategy that will be the foundational for building that amazing experience.

For product leaders & founders at early & growth-stage B2B SaaS startups


Heads of product and product managers at early and growth stage SaaS companies that need to hit their goals and show more traction. 


Growth marketers who need to stop the cycle of spending money on expensive leads that eventually churn. 


Founders of early stage startups who know onboarding is a critical and want to set their product up for success.

What you’ll get our of this course: 

🎯 A framework for deciding which business goal your SaaS product’s onboarding should address 

🛣️ A process for assessing and documenting the user journey and user success paths 

📈 An understanding of KPIs and how they enables you to measure the success of your onboarding and identify friction points.

🙌 A network of peers to discuss ideas with and help each other improve.

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We’re keeping this course small and intimate for the greatest impact. 

What people are saying

        Joanna's work has been pivotal in pushing our company on an upward path.
David Fulwider

David Fulwider

Chief Operating Officer at Intellectual Digital and CEO at Old Salt Coffee
        "Working with Michelle made me realize product development didn’t have to be stressful, it could actually be fun!"
Sienna Brown

Sienna Brown

Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at PowerToFly
        Michelle was so integral in how we think about products moving forward! Through copious research and user interviews, Michelle’s strategy work shows a clear path forward. It’s all really really helpful!"
Katharine Zaleski

Katharine Zaleski

President of PowerToFly
        I’ve have the privilege to have Joanna on my team for almost 4 years. Joanna has been pivotal to our business’s growth and development, client relationships, sales strategies, due diligence and marketing campaigns. In my nearly 30 years of both financing and building companies, strongest I’ve met in all areas of corporate execution.
Adam Harrington

Adam Harrington

Co-Founder of The Intellectual Digital Companies 
        We loved the app ideas Michelle helped us create! We needed fresh ideas for creating more connection with our client’s brand mascot. Michelle swiftly identified problems in the current UX. She then went about creating concepts through multiple touch points including snappy onboarding and share-worthy AR experiences.
Lynette Perkins

Lynette Perkins

Founder of Bohemian Innovation
        Michelle was an incredible partner. Michelle improved the ideas, she helped us sharpen our thinking and was extremely creative through the process. She was a pleasure to work with, I hope to be able to work with her again!
Alex MacCallum

Alex MacCallum

Former General Manager for CNN+ and former Head of Product for Standalone Products at The New York Times.
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SaaS Onboarding Done Right

Sprint Course Syllabus


Prioritize Your Onboarding Objective

Onboarding objectives must be tied to your current business goals. In this module we'll cover the different types of onboarding objectives and how to determine your onboarding objective based on where you're at in your business.


Empathize With Your User’s Journey

Clarity on the user's success path including the emotional aspects is important for delivering a product that meets their needs.


Identify Your Aha-Moment Experience

Your onboarding must show your value and make a good first impression.


Metrics To Track

The only way to know if something is working is to measure it. In this module we'll cover the KPIs you should be tracking based on your onboarding objective.

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This is course is meant for SaaS leaders and operators who are ready to make detailed strategy recommendations for their product's onboarding.


3-4 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    5:00pm-6:30pm ET

    Each session will be a mix of live teaching, small breakouts and Q&A.

    Live Class Sessions: Tuesday May 2nd, Thursday May 4th, Tuesday May 9th, Thursday May 11th

  • May 1st - May 12th

    Sessions will be recorded if you can't join us live! 

  • Slack Group

    During our time together, Slack will be our home base. In there you can go deeper with your peers, ask questions and get feedback on your project.

  • Course Deliverable

    Due the last day of the course

    It's proven that when you apply concepts you're learning to a real world project you cement your understanding of them. Along side the course content, you'll be doing a project that outlines recommendations for your SaaS product.

Meet your instructors

Michelle Cherian

Michelle Cherian

Product Strategist

As a product strategist, Michelle guides high growth tech companies through research and design towards building the right product for their bottom line growth. Her focus is on developing a differentiated product that responds to customer needs and delivers a frictionless journey that aligns with the brand's mission and vision.

Joanna Kurylo

Joanna Kurylo

Revenue Strategist

Joanna is a business development professional who specializes in developing sales, revenue, and corporate partnership strategies for startups and growing companies. Her focus is on developing inbound and outbound sales development strategies sales, partnerships, lead generation processes, and sales operations catered for maximizing subscriptions, and general revenue growth.

Meet SaaS Peers, Share Ideas, Build Together

Meet SaaS Peers, Share Ideas, Build Together

Active Learning, not Passive Watching

We'll dive into modules, lessons, frameworks & worksheets. From breakout sessions to real-time Q&A this fast-paced session will go by in a flash.

Learn with a Cohort of Peers

Through peer learning and collaboration, you will meet other SaaS industry leaders. You have as much to learn from those in your cohort as you do from Michelle and Joanna.

Accountability and Feedback

Through exercises in class, challenging questions posed in the Slack group and your course project, there will be lots of accountability and feedback.

Get reimbursed by your employer

Get reimbursed by your employer

Use your company's L&D budget

Many company's have a Learning & Development budget allocated for each employee, this would be a perfect opportunity for you to use yours and gain a competitive edge.

Template to request funding

We drafted this template for you and listed the course benefits to you & your company so it's easy to ask for company funding.

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SaaS Onboarding Done Right