Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Unleash a New Level of Confidence & Persuasion From Your Hidden Vocal Advantage in 3 Weeks!

Hosted by

Robert Lunte

with Robert Lunte Voice Coach I Vocologist I Author

Course overview

Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

Great Speakers Have Voices.

Voices Can Be Trained To Sound Authorative and Confident With Simple Workouts.

People do business with those that sound authoritative and confident.

This course is for you if...


You want a physically stronger voice with more endurance.


You need a ready-at-a-moment's-notice voice when you are ready to speak.


You want more respect and attention when you speak.


You feel that "going virtual" stole the power and presence you usually have when you are in person.


You want to become a more confident speaker and presenter.


You don't like how your voice sounds on recordings or virtual calls.

After taking this course, you will...

Speak with more authority

You will practice delivering your content after training your voice and notice immediate changes.

Present with more vocal amplification and power

You will learn vocal workouts that build the physical strength and endurance of your voice.

Practice your performance voice anytime, anywhere

You will learn strength-building routines that can be done anywhere; in the car, bathroom, before meetings, etc it is easy!

Eliminate weakness and fatigue from your voice

Specialized onset techniques you will learn are designed to build the motor skills of the voice for better closure and relaxation.

Out-perform your competitors

The ability to take command and control of the physicality of your voice will be an extraordinarily special skill that can help you to level up.

Control the way your voice sounds and self-diagnose

Be empowered to make decisions regarding your voice and be able to understand what you need to do for any vocal concern

Who is this vocal training course for?

Who is this vocal training course for?

Sales, business professionals, and leaders.

Sound more calm, confident, and authoritative when presenting and speaking to clients, team members, and the board.

Public speakers and thought leaders

Captivate audiences and clearly get your message across with an engaging and confident voice.

People with fatigue and vocal health issues

If you suffer from vocal fatigue this course can help you heal your voice and will improve your vocal health

Past student transformations

        Your courses are fantastic - they have so much information! Way more than what other coaches or methods offer. I love all those technical and scientific details, they make so much sense to me. I have been practicing your method for less than a month and my voice feels and sounds amazing!
Kaisa Salonpaa

Kaisa Salonpaa

Banking Advisor
        Robert’s courses on voice training are legendary and the most comprehensive and effective I've seen. He is quirky as heck (a plus IMO!) but somehow that makes the information stick a little better. The detail of the mechanics and training programming is just like you’d get from an Olympic weightlifting coach but applied to public speaking.
Ben Hart

Ben Hart

WJCL General Manager
        Hi Robert, after only a single week, I received compliments about my improvement. It is one thing if you notice an improvement in yourself. It is another thing when others notice it. I couldn't be happier.
David Dittman

David Dittman

President, Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company
        Your program is the only thing giving me any REAL progress. Your program is seriously beyond anything I have ever seen. Nothing has made more sense or had more impact in a very short time! Thank you infinitely!
Denise Smith

Denise Smith

Denise Smith Ph.D., CNM, FACNM Assistant Professor, Research & Scholarship, College of Nursing
        I am very impressed with your approach emphasizing onsets. I think onsets are the "key" I've been searching for to address my specific vocal issues. I'm already noticing a difference. My voice is animated and FEELS SO MUCH BETTER. Your teachings are a gift. Lisa
Lisa Elder

Lisa Elder

Director, People & Talent
        wow. The information is power and DAMN YOU ARE AT ANOTHER LEVEL, thanks for the power you are bringing to us and to all the people who ever bought your course about this amazing topic. Physical voice training for business, it's so cool and needed. Thanks, Coach
Daniel Andres Roldan

Daniel Andres Roldan

Senior Researcher Universidad Internacional Valenciana | VIU BEng, MEng, MSc, PhD
        I couldn't believe how actually effective the workouts are, even for someone with zero voice training experience. My voice has DEFINITELY changed.
Mattia Capomagi

Mattia Capomagi

System Engineer at Airbus Helicopters Deutschland
        Robert Lunte never disappoints. This is a must-take course with the best curriculum you cannot find anywhere else. Absolute best!
Debbi Tutor

Debbi Tutor

VP of Sales Convergent IT
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Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

Meet Your Instructor

Robert Lunte

Robert Lunte

Voice Coach / Author / PAVA Vocologist

Robert Lunte is a renowned international voice coach and eLearning educator with 25+ years of experience in the vocal training and eLearning industry.

He is recognized for his ability to take voice-related problems and design them into easily understood techniques for anyone who needs to improve the voice's physical strength and motor skills.

These techniques have been used as a therapy to help people that suffer from neurodegenerative diseases, public speakers, and artists.

With nearly 20 courses in his portfolio and 12 European masterclass tours, Robert Lunte's techniques have helped over 100,000 students in 179 countries worldwide.

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Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

You can be a great speaker with the right vocal techniques and you will get them in this course. Let's get started.

Course Syllabus


Fundamental Science of How the Voice Works

Understand how the voice works mechanically so you can be more in control of how you sound in front of other people.

  • Introduction: How it Works
  • Speech VS. Presenting: The Physical Differences
  • What Vocal Workouts Do For Us
  • Where & When Can You Train
  • Different Physical Voice Problems


Voice Warm-Ups

Create & practice a warm-up routine that you can repeatedly use before presentations, client meetings, workshops, etc. 

  • Establishing Resonance In Your Voice
  • Putting Resonance on The Move
  • Releasing Your New Voice
  • The World's Most Common Vocal Warm-Up


Voice Replenishment & Recuperation

Apply vocal techniques to prevent voice fatigue, constriction (tight voice), and windiness. 

  • Fixing a Windy & Weak Voice
  • Fixing a Fatigued & Tight Voice.v1
  • Fixing a Fatigued & Tight Voice.v2


The 6 Elements to Play the Voice as an Interpretive Instrument

Create drama, excitement, attention, and seriousness by playing the voice as an instrument.

  • Register & Timbre
  • Prosody
  • Pace
  • Volume
  • Silence


Applying Your New Healthy Voice to Presentation Content

Present with confidence with your new healthy voice.

  • The Simple Presentation Formula
  • Demonstration

Course Schedule

5 -6 hours per week
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday

    3:00 pm - 5:00 pm EST

  • January 16

    Next Cohort Begins

  • Weekly Projects

    1 Project Per Week

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Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't people just born with the voice they have and there is no way to change it?
How will I make time for voice training?
How long will it take to see results?
Will this simply make my voice feel better?
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Vocal Athlete Training For Presenters

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