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Sangha 7 Day Self-Transformation Lab Bootcamp

1 Week


Cohort-based Course

Practising spirituality alone is tough. We read & meditate yet feel insufficient. Build a sangha, your community, to practice & transform.

Hosted by

Purnam Centre for Integrality, Auroville

Course overview

Transform Yourself with the Power of Sangha: Launch Your Self-Transformation Practice Lab in 7 Days

Self-Transformation Practice Lab is a peer-led learning space where (1) we apply spirituality in life, (2) learn by doing and not by theory, (3) use the power of community to accelerate our progress. Do not struggle alone, let us thrive together. Join us, create your lab.

Who is this course for


If you have been aspiring to work on a dimension of your life, be it food or developing equanimity, but struggling to make it happen.


If you are a young seeker of integral yoga or integral education, have been thirsting for a community & aspiring to facilitate integrally.


If you have done many self-development retreats & been listening to spiritual talks, yet haven't been able to bring change in everyday life.

Key Highlights

All Life is Yoga

Often spiritual practices - sadhana - are treated as separate from everyday life activities. This fragments life but an integral approach can help us to transform any activity of life into a means to spiritual progress when done in the spirit of karma yoga.

Grow with Your Community

Move from struggling alone to growing with a conscious community. For 100s of aspirants, we have seen when we practice with a community, we are able to accomplish what we are unable to do alone. This grows manifold when we lead a community. You will learn to lead one.

You Need Not Be An Expert

We all know "to teach is to learn twice", but often we do not teach, for we feel inadequate. We miss out on a transformative opportunity. Not anymore. You need not be an expert to facilitate. If you are a sincere seeker, that is enough. The course will equip you to facilitate.

Learn by Doing

Often we know the right practices to do, but we fail to bring them into everyday life. In this course, you will bridge the gap between what you know & what you do. Start with something small based on your strength & launch a practice lab to begin actively learning with a sangha.

See what people are saying

        Joy of community is something I really experienced in holding my practice lab. The community is always there carrying my back. It does not feel like I am facilitating alone. There is such a beautiful sense of effortlessness.
Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur

Psychologist, National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, New Delhi. Facilitator, Healing Triad Purnam Practice Lab.
        In the past 5-6 months, it is the joy of community that is keeping me alive. There is the consciousness of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo. I receive this consciousness through the community. Whatever I have learnt in the past 5-6 months is because of the collective approach. Even I get up early in the morning every single day consistently.
Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma

Research Scholar, Department of Yogic Sciences, LNIPE, Gwalior, M.P Co-facilitator Yoga of Works Purnam Lab
        Transformational Practices was one of the best things I have learnt. Because it was unimaginable for me that "simple" things we do can help us in the inner progress. I could remember how my grandmother used to make kolam. I could never understand what motivates her. Now I see the joy, the inner progress, that kept her going.
Adwait Pathak

Adwait Pathak

Technical Program Manager at Wise. Co-facilitator, the Journaling Purnam Practice Lab.
        The beautiful collective spaces that we create are so profound that love & gratitude just flow through. Holding spaces becomes just a harmonious journey where many limitations beautifully melt away. 🌸⭐️ The sharing from everyone feels so refreshing & full of love, be it Palak's workouts or Mini's nature walks. It is inspiring & lively.
Priya Ramakrishnan

Priya Ramakrishnan

Facilitator of 10+ Purnam Practice Labs
        I received, received & received from the community - a lot of love, knowledge, friends, clarity, depth, a lot of soul. I received a lot that I naturally could not contain it, that I had to give it. It is coming out in different forms: just by holding different groups, interactions with different people. I feel love & I feel like giving love.
Arpita Joshi

Arpita Joshi

Lawyer. Facilitator, Mandala Purnam Practice Triad. Today, she is facilitating its second cohort.
        I can do things that I have never done in the past. Had I not been a part of this journey, I would have had doubts & fears. For me, the "no matter what attitude" we learnt really helps me strive hard, develop the will & go steadfast. I am also learning to hold space as a mother, with tenderness & care, & see nothing is mundane, everything is a flow
Archana Udaykumar

Archana Udaykumar

Chief Editor of Integral Education Portal. Facilitator of Several Purnam Practice Labs: The Beautiful Diwali, Perseverance Circle etc.
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Sangha 7 Day Self-Transformation Lab Bootcamp

Meet your instructors

Purnam Centre for Integrality, Auroville

Purnam Centre for Integrality, Auroville

Purnam Centre for Integrality is a unit of Auroville Foundation, an Institution of Higher Education, Government of India and a UNESCO supported international city in the making in Tamil Nadu, India, with the aim of realising human unity. Purnam creates integral, innovative and transformative learning courses and communities, in light of the ground-breaking vision and works of radical evolutionaries, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. 

Divyanshi is the co-founder of Purnam where she has developed transformative courses, like Svadhyaya & Savitri Painting. She is also the facilitator of the Purnam Community, with its 450+ alumni & 20+ practice labs. She has a Masters in Social Policy from the University of Oxford & is passionate about building transformational learning communities.

Manoj is the co-founder of Purnam Centre for Integrality where he founded its first flagship course Swadharma, Director of Evolution Fast Forward movies and author of Pilgrims of the Infinite. Manoj is a Designer from NID and an Aurovilian since 25+ years. He is passionate about Sri Aurobindo's evolutionary worldview & integral yoga psychology.

Palak is a Lead Facilitator and Operations Manager at Purnam. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineer, currently working with a US-based consulting firm as a Business Associate Consultant. She aspires to live the groundbreaking vision of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in day to day life. She participated in Purnam's course Svadhyaya two years ago, therefrom she has been an active part of transformational community-building.

Surya is a Lead Facilitator and Head Designer at Purnam. Three years ago, Surya quit his job in the corporate world in pursuit of his inner calling, came to Auroville to participate in Purnam's Swadharma course, and ended up joining Purnam. At Purnam, he has grown exponentially in capacity and within through facilitating groups. He thoroughly enjoys learning through action and holding spaces for the community with love.

1-2-3 Course Syllabus


1 Week Bootcamp for Designing & Launching Your Lab

Sourcing your deepest aspiration, design a practice lab to create a transformational community.

  • Learn about integral yoga
  • Conceive the lab
  • Design the learning journey
  • Create curriculum
  • Design communication
  • Launch your lab!

..all in 7 days. 

You will be launching your practice lab on a newly designed Purnam Auroville platform, using easy templates.


2 Weeks for Media Outreach & Finding Your Sangha

Before the Bootcamp ends, you would have launched your Purnam Practice Lab. The next two weeks, until 12 December, after the Bootcamp, you would be reaching out to like-hearted seekers who carry the same aspiration as yours and enrolling them. The Bootcamp community will be there carrying your back, as you go about reaching out on your own! 


3 Weeks for Holding Your Transformational Practice Lab

Learn-by-doing what it takes to hold & facilitate a community. Your 21-days transformational practice lab will be active from mid-Dec 2021 till mid-Jan 2022. As you facilitate your first practice lab, you will be supported with individual feedback and weekly coaching circles. 

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Sangha 7 Day Self-Transformation Lab Bootcamp

Watch how Sangha has been transforming so many lives...

The 5 Course Benefits

The 5 Course Benefits

Accomplish in 7 Days What Usually Takes 3 Months

Usually building a practice lab takes close to 3 months. We will accomplish in 7 days what usually takes 3 months, and thus, it requires your utmost commitment. 

Immerse in Intensive Learning

The 7 days intensive Bootcamp from Nov 24 - 30, 2021 will have live sessions from 7:30 PM till 9:30 PM IST every day. Besides, you will be working 1-2 hours per day individually. Yes, we know it is intense :).

Post-Bootcamp Support

After the 7 days course is over, the true adventure begins. You will be enrolling your tribe as well as anchoring the practice lab in the next 5 weeks, as the Bootcamp community holds you accountable for betting on yourself. 

Receive Personalised Guidance

The course has only 21 seats. 12 are for beginners & 9 for advanced practice lab creators. This will enable a rich peer-learning environment for the beginners, as well as help 12 selected participants get personalised guidance & feedback.

Don’t let Money be a Barrier.

After the Bootcamp, the Purnam Practice Lab can be offered for a fee. 50% of the receipts from the lab fee will be offered to you. This will help you cover up the Bootcamp fee, making the full 6 weeks course free of cost and full of learning! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Sangha 7 Day Self-Transformation Lab Bootcamp