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ProductLed Growth Accelerator

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

ProductLed Growth (PLG) Accelerator is a live training program where you'll learn how to build a product that sells itself.

Hosted by

Mario Araujo

VP of Growth at Graphext and B2B Product Growth Advisor

Course overview

Design a Winning Self-Serve Model In Just 4 Weeks.

ProductLed Growth Accelerator is a live training program, limited to 25 people, that clarifies:

- Which features to give away for free.

- How to create a simple user journey that delights users.

- How to price your product.

- And how to convert users into lifelong customers.

One of the biggest benefits of this program is the alignment it creates between teams. With everyone rowing in the same direction, you'll be able to make massive progress.

Who Is This Course For?


Leaders in Product, Growth, and Marketing who want to 10x their impact.


​Founders and their teams who want to implement ProductLed growth fast.


​Executive teams looking to refine or deploy a product-led motion.

A Live Online Program That Helps Your Team…

Get Aligned On PLG

ProductLed Growth is highly cross-collaborative. We help you get everyone on the same page and speak a common language.

Build a Winning Strategy

Clarify which features you’ll give away for free. Align your company’s success with your user’s success.

Confidently Execute

Learn best practices. Validate key decisions with expert guidance. Feel confident in every step of your roadmap— no more guesswork.

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ProductLed Growth Accelerator

Live Sessions

2 hours per week + sessions
  • Session 1 - Product-led Strategy

    September 5, 2023

    For each weekly live session, we'll briefly go over the material and project for the week. Then, we'll answer any questions you have about PLG strategy, user research, and customer journey metrics.

  • Session 2 - Product-led Model

    September 12, 2023

    Choosing the right business model (free trial, freemium, or hybrid) is tough. Picking the wrong one could harm your business.

    In this call, we'll answer questions about helping you identify the best product-led model for your business.

  • Session 3 - Product-led Onboarding

    September 19, 2023

    Product-Led Onboarding increases user activation by streamlining onboarding and enhancing the product's value delivery. This is achieved through time-to-value optimization.

    During the call, we'll assess your product's onboarding journey.

  • Session 4 - Product-led Monetization

    September 26, 2023

    Effective value communication is vital for a thriving product-led growth strategy. Clear pricing tiers lead to user-initiated upgrades. Complex or unclear pricing leads to lost sales.

    During the call, we'll evaluate your product's pricing structure and pricing page.

  • Session 5 - Bonus

    October 3, 2023

Meet your instructor

Mario Araujo

Mario Araujo

VP of Growth at Graphext and Product Growth Advisor

Mario was the Head of Growth at softr.io where he helped set up their Growth and Marketing foundation while sustaining incredible growth rates.

Before that, he worked at OutSystems in Services, Training, Marketing, Product, and Growth. Most recently at OutSystems he helped grow the dev community to hundreds of thousands of developers and led the ProductLed Growth program. 

Seeing is believing. Here are some of the results from our graduates:

        Proud to have completed my certification in product led growth! In the process, I learned the ins and outs of this go-to-market strategy that relies on using your product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers. My favorite takeaway: Align your incentives with your users’ incentives!
Amanda Cripps

Amanda Cripps

Senior Product Manager, The Predictive Index
        “Product experience has become an essential part of the buying process for any SaaS business, so I decided to learn more about the Product-led Growth (PLG) concept. This course which I took highlights how PLG is a powerful framework that relies on using product as the main vehicle to acquire, activate, and retain customers.”
Avita Garhwal Choudhary

Avita Garhwal Choudhary

Senior Marketing Manager, Presight
        It's quick, highly informative, backed by some great research, and a big differentiator, especially while you are strategizing the PLG model in your business. I think more people should opt for this business methodology.
Raj K Bawa

Raj K Bawa

Customer Success Manager, Vertex Inc.
        “This is a great resource for anyone who is involved in the development and growth of software products. One of the best way to scale is by building in such a way that your users can experience your product and get value right away.”
Aima Atigari

Aima Atigari

Community Manager, Remotebase

Course syllabus


Module 1 - Clarify User Success

Have a cross-team alignment on the core elements of your strategy. Learn how to correctly define what ‘end user success’ looks like for your business (even if you have a complex product portfolio or a multi-segment audience), and map out your ideal customer journey and segmentation strategy based on a proven research process.


Module 2 - Identify Your ProductLed Model

Identify the product-led model that will get the best results for your specific business freemium, free trial, or one of three hybrid models. Learn the pros and cons of each model, and work through a series of exercises to identify which best fits your product and audience, considering the core strategy you developed in Week 1.


Module 3 - Build Your Onboarding Sequence

Design an onboarding sequence that gets your users to the core value of your product as quickly as possible. You’ll follow a proven process for mapping out your straight-line onboarding journey from sign-up to ‘success strikes’, then you’ll optimize and streamline your plan with input from other key team members from across your company.


Module 4 - Develop Your Monetization Strategy

Know how to charge your users in a way that aligns with your acquisition model and maximizes upgrades. Learn to take a data-driven approach to pricing metrics and use our ‘Pricing Metrics Decision Framework’ to select the best monetization strategy for your specific product. Map out an upgrade experience that makes it easier for users to convert.


Create a ProductLed Organization

By the end of this extra module, you’ll understand how each team in your business plays a specific role in moving towards product-led success and how to get alignment and instill a product-led mindset across your whole company.

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ProductLed Growth Accelerator

Most Product-Led Strategies Fail Because...

Most Product-Led Strategies Fail Because...

Team Alignment

Your team isn’t aligned on what “product-led growth” is.


Your “strategy” was no more than an educated guess.


Nobody understands “how” to execute on the strategy.

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ProductLed Growth Accelerator