Scaling Product Teams for New Product Leaders

10 Days


Cohort-based Course

Learn the techniques, tools, and processes to create a high functioning product team that can drive business impact in 2 weeks

Course overview

Develop an actionable strategy to become an effective product leader.

Elevate your leadership skills to new heights with this comprehensive course on scaling product teams. As you transition from being an individual contributor to a team leader or are just looking to upskill as an already existing product manager, you'll learn and develop the soft skills along with the strategic and tactical tools that enable you to build a performant product team that ultimately drives value for the business.  

From mastering the art of communication to fostering career development for your team, you'll learn to create a high-performing, cohesive unit that not only meets but also exceeds organizational goals.  

You'll be taught how to give constructive feedback, resolve conflicts, and align your team's efforts with broader organizational objectives. Through interactive case studies and real-world examples, you'll gain invaluable insights into what makes a great product leader. Whether you're stepping into a leadership role for the first time or looking to optimize your growing team, this course provides a 360-degree view of what it takes to manage a product team successfully.

Course Content

- How to balance being an individual contributor vs. a leader of individual contributors to create the greatest leverage of the collective team output

- How to run a good meeting (e.g., stand up, retro, demos, design review, customer feedback sessions, and more) to maximize "bang for the buck" of meeting time

- How to prioritize a product roadmap while simultaneously balancing the requests from various stakeholders

- How to provide growth opportunities and career development for your team to build a rewarding culture

- How to deliver feedback to create a radically candid environment

- How to incorporate vulnerability as a leader to increase trust amongst your team

Who is this course for


Product Manager that wants to improve communication and working dynamic with engineers and non-product stakeholders


Recently minted product leaders or product leaders that have growing teams


Product leaders that feel like they are not getting the maximum output out of their team or that the culture is lacking

What you’ll get out of this course

Navigate Tactical and Strategic Meetings

Learn how to minimize time spent in meetings and maximize output from meetings. We will focus on how to become adept at conducting various types of team meetings - from stand-ups to retrospectives - and learn when each format is most appropriate.

Project Management and Prioritize

Discover how to use popular project management tools (e.g., JIRA) more effectively, and implement frameworks like RICE for robust project prioritization to ensure your team is continually working on the right thing at the right time.

Manage Stakeholders

As a Product leader, your team’s effectiveness is also dictated by how you manage stakeholders around the org. We will learn tips and tricks I honed (while growing revenue 100% MoM and launching new product lines) to minimize roadmap pivots and influence without authority.

Develop Careers To Ensure a Rewarding Workplace for Your Team

Understand how to foster the career growth of your direct reports. Getting your team members motivated about their growth trajectory will make it a more rewarding place to work and ultimately result in more productivity and contributions.

Deliver Feedback and Resolve Conflicts

Gain the skills to deliver constructive feedback effectively and resolve conflicts within your team. We will talk through frameworks I've used and role play so you’ll be better equipped to deal with your direct reports, no matter the situation.

Course syllabus

4 live sessions • 6 modules • 15 lessons • 5 projects
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  • Bonus


    • Building a Psychologically Safe Work Environment

Meet your instructor

Jason Liao

Jason Liao

Product Leader from Zero to 1 then Scale

Jason specializes in building products from ideation to MVP and then to scale. He has had experiences building and managing teams at various stages of a start up's life cycle.

  • Wonder - early employee building products to support a re-imagined tech-enabled food hall that has already raised $800+ million to date
  • WeWork - built, launched, and grew various Marketplace products (On Demand, All Access) to become a $100+ million revenue business line internationally
  • MealPal - helped grow the Series A marketplace business from 2 countries and 5 cities to 5 countries and 16 cities and thereby successfully raising its Series B and C funding
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Scaling Product Teams for New Product Leaders


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Course schedule

4-5 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    7:45pm - 9:15pm EST

  • Weekly projects

    1-2 hours per week

    We will apply frameworks that we learn in class to projects to reinforce learnings.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Scaling Product Teams for New Product Leaders


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