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Crossing the Chasm with Product Leadership

2 Days


Cohort-based Course

Our course is focused on product managers who want to learn the skills needed to become great people managers (and get that promotion)

Hosted by

Soumeya & Poorvi

35+ years of combined PM leadership experience

Course overview

Learn to Lead Product Managers

Go beyond the basic skills of product design and execution and learn the crucial skills of communication, coaching, and strategy that will make you an impactful manager.

Who is this course for


Mid-career product managers looking to transition to manager roles


Product managers who recently made the transition to management but are overwhelmed or have an imposter syndrome


Managers in other disciplines looking to transition to product management manager role with or without prior product experience

Topics covered

People - Managing & Influencing Teams & Humans

Designing and building teams, hiring, crafting culture, and managing for high performance.

Strategy - Designing the Big Picture

Setting the vision, outcomes, and financials for your team, product and organization as a whole.

Product - Leading a Portfolio

Scaling your capacity and focus as your portfolio grows and prioritizing the right ways to spend your time.

Communication - Driving & Delivering the Message

Building confident, concise and clear communication skills to influence stakeholders and create lasting impact.

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Crossing the Chasm with Product Leadership

Meet your instructor

Soumeya & Poorvi

Soumeya & Poorvi

Soumeya is a product management executive, founder, and investor. Over the past two decades, she has led product management organizations at various companies. Soumeya's experience has not been limited to the software industry, she has led teams in financial services, media, and healthcare companies.


Course syllabus


Inspiring Teams & Building Culture

People are arguably the most challenging and unpredictable part of the manager's job. We will cover some of the skills and tactics we use to effectively inspire our teams, hire the best, support the growth of our people and create a culture of excellence.


Designing & Scaling Organization

Product growth is always good news. But how do you design and organize your product teams effectively? We will discuss some of the frameworks we use and the tactics we leverage to continuously optimize and improve.


Creating Vision & Strategy

As a product manager, you most likely worked on the strategy for a single product. As a manager of the product manager, strategy is more complex and can involve multiple products. We will cover some of the ways managers can effectively create strategy with their teams, and set a vision and outcomes.


Planning Budget & Financials

As a manager, you most likely will have responsibility for managing the P&L for your products and teams. We will cover the fundamentals of P&L, budgets, and financial planning.


Scaling as a Leader

As a manager, you will need to divide your focus amongst your portfolio both from a product and a go-to-market perspective. In this module, we will discuss the four mindsets of managers to drive impact and business value.


Communicating for Impact

Communication can make or break careers. Lack of clarity and consistency in messaging creates confusion amongst your peers and your teams. In this module, we will focus on driving confidence through your messaging.


Establishing Structures & Systems

Your role as a manager will evolve over a period of time and often you'd need to optimize for establishing operating models, team processes, and shared mission to drive your business and team forward. In this module, we will focus on those critical but overlooked skills of decisive management.

Unplugged: Soumeya & Poorvi Fireside Chat

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Crossing the Chasm with Product Leadership

See what people are saying

        Poorvi was instrumental in creating our product management curriculum for the Associate Product Management program. That curriculum had a huge impact on our product managers and leaders and I am excited to see her sharing her expertise more broadly.
Heather Conklin

Heather Conklin

Senior Vice President, Products, Salesforce
        Poorvi is the epitome of a great product leader - strong communicator, brilliant strategist, and empathic people manager. Product Managers looking to become leaders themselves, would benefit from her wealth of experience at HubSpot and Salesforce.
Michael Walton

Michael Walton

Ex-CPO, Campaign Monitor; VP, Product@HubSpot

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on experiential management learning through live workshops and hands-on projects based on realm life examples

Learn with a cohort of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded and driven managers who want to grow alongside you and create a community that you can rely on and learn from in the long run.

Authentic Instructors and Coaches

Learn from the instructors who have crossed the chasm and grown into senior management roles at multiple large high tech companies

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Crossing the Chasm with Product Leadership