Using Applied Improv To Land Your Next Job

10 Days


Cohort-based Course

Apply and play with the techniques of "the Other AI" (Applied Improv) to reframe your mindset, build confidence, and find joy in the process

Course overview

Have fun seeking, interviewing & landing your next role.

​​Searching for your next dream job and wanting to have FUN and thrive while doing so? Are you now a new ex-Salesforcer, Xoogler, ex-Amazon, ex-Facebook - (or simply an 'ex' as a result of the many recent tech layoffs)? Are you playing the HR/Recruiter interview dating game - swipe right anyone - and dreading it?

During the course, you will practice and leave with the tools, techniques and a community of talent that will help your job search journey be more fun, meaningful and rewarding. You will leave feeling confident to think on your feet and prepared for the unexpected during job interviews (and everyday interactions)

This cohort-based course will hold space for and create community with anyone experiencing all emotions you feel as a result of being 'let go' from a job. You will go from layoff to laughing by the end of the first session.

*This course is also relevant if you're thinking of leaving your job or want to be more confident, creative, and collaborative in your current job.

This course is for you if...


You recently left a job (or a job left you) and want to be more fulfilled and confident in your next role while enjoying the search process.


You struggle with a lack of patience and hate the drudgery of job searching and interviewing


You want to be in a community of people who make each other look and feel good under challenging circumstances


You are NOT seeking to be a stage performer or stand up comedian/ comedienne

What you’ll get out of this course (in addition to belly laughs & a smile workout)

Practice your active listening to fully understand the information being communicated 👂

You will know to build stronger rapport, avoid misunderstandings, and demonstrate empathy when talking with recruiters or interviewers.

Embrace uncertainty 🤔

You will recognise when and how uncertainty shows up and you will be prepared to address it head-on with confidence and curiousity.

Discover that mistakes are gifts and how to address them 🎁

You will learn from and adapt as needed when you think you've made a mistake and course correct resiliently.

Get into flow by saying "Yes and..." 🌊

By demonstrating "Yes and..." you will consistently make a positive impression on the interviewer. You will be remembered as someone open-minded, positive, and willing to work collaboratively.

Prioritise staying in the moment to be more focused 🕯

You will become better at processing information quickly and making decisions on the spot.

Apply the principles of improv and have fun during your job search 💃

You will be reminded what it's like to have fun (while laughing during a workshop) and how to use it as a superpower.

What people are saying

        To help energise the team, we brought in Julie to run a 90 min session over Zoom. This involved a bunch of short activities using improvisation to help foster growth mindset, build teamwork and help bring some enjoyment to this crappy time! Highly recommend Julie for any team who needs something similar! The team loved it!


CEO & CO-Founder Young Change Agents
        I never knew a zoom meeting could be this fun!!  I remember and love your introduction and have now made my own!  I felt really engaged and well during the workshop. I also felt energised and happy after it! Definitely, a great pick-me-up session, which will flow into my workshops.  I will be using the fun activities with young people & teachers.


Regional Manager (South Australia) Young Change Agents
        Julie led improv games at our executive offsite. I was hesitant this kind of activity would be relevant for team building or our meeting objectives. Despite my scepticism and to my surprise, not only were they fun, they strengthened our ability to collaborate. In the end, I saw the value and was keen to try these exercises with my teams.
Freddie Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

Freddie Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

(former) Telstra Executive
        Julie created such a relaxed, joyful & playful atmosphere from the very start to the very end of the workshop which allowed everyone to bring their whole selves to the activities and connect on a deeper level than is usually possible.


Young Change Agents
        Working through each activity was great and I was amazed by how much it altered my mood in a positive direction.


Meet Your Instructor: Chief Play Officer & Naive Expert

Julie Trell, Chief Play Officer

Julie Trell, Chief Play Officer

Hi! I'm Julie. Over the last 20+ years, I have talked my way into several unique jobs without realising I was doing so. This serendipity led to incredible roles requiring innovation, creativity and adaptability. From a challenged inner-city classroom teacher to learn-on-the-job technology specialist to VP of All Things Fun, Meaningful, & Rewarding, to Corporate Foundation Executive Director, to Head of a corporate startup accelerator, to Chief Play Officer (& Naive Expert), I'm constantly listening, learning, and loving opportunities to work with adults who are kids at heart.

With the happy accidents of landing metamorphic roles that have taken me from Atlanta to San Francisco, Singapore, and Sydney, I've learned some things about being adaptable and flexible when things went right and not so right.

Through Playful Purpose, I work with corporate teams, startups and individuals to use the power of play and improv to be more collaborative, communicative and creative.

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Using Applied Improv To Land Your Next Job


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Course syllabus


Get in Flow

We will practice the concept of accepting and building on the ideas of others in a positive and constructive way. (Yes and...)


Gift & Receive

We will practice celebrating mistakes and see them as opportunities. Exercises and games this week will focus on staying in the present moment.


Create the Next Pandemic

We will create a space (and perhaps a world) where we will make each other look and feel good. When we do this for others, we look good ourselves. Imagine leveraging this in the workplace, interviews, dinner table or casual meet-cutes at the supermarket


Experiment & Play

While we'll be experimenting and playing in each session, this day we will put it all together and improvise the agenda!

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    4:00pm - 5:30pm AEST

    We'll meet for live workshops, each 1.5 hours long. Once the enrolment ends, if this time slot doesn't work, I will adjust.

  • May 9 - 18, 2023

    Tuesday, 9 May

    Thursday, 11 May

    Tuesday, 16 May

    Thursday, 19 May

  • Weekly projects

    1-2 hours per week

    There is no homework - well, in the traditional sense. You will be encouraged and invited to practice and play the games and exercises where and when you can and report back.

Come play LIVE with others!

Come play LIVE with others!

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Using Applied Improv To Land Your Next Job


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