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Learn To Love Email Marketing

1 Week


Cohort-based Course

An email marketing course for beginners, skeptics, and nonbelievers.

Hosted by

Kristy Martino

Bona fide #emailgeek with two decades worth of experience sending <3 letters

Course overview

Everybody hates email

Right? Well..

Everybody hates irrelevant, pushy, meaningless email.

But your emails can be different. They can stand out from the pile.

Learn how to start and grow your list, write emails that actually get read (and saved and forwarded), and set yourself up for an outbox full of impact.

Learn to love email marketing (one of the most profitable marketing channel you have access to). 💌

How? I'll break it down piece by piece with video lectures, prompts, resources, and more.

We'll meet once as a group over zoom and the rest of the course is self paced. Scroll down and check out the full course syllabus!

Who is this course for


Small business owners, coaches, makers, creators wanting to build an audience 🤗


Creatives, artists, storytellers, activists with a desire to connect 😳


Beginners, skeptics, and anyone overwhelmed by this beast called marketing 😬

What you’ll get out of this course

Confidence to hit send

Get out of the mindset that you are "bothering" people and embrace the opportunity to give or say something worth sending.

Lots of ah-ha! moments

Email marketing has a lot of moving parts. It even has its own language!

Let me be your conductor, your translator, and your biggest cheerleader.

A loyal audience

Email is, IMHO, quite an intimate relationship that deserves care, consideration, and nurturing.

And probably some fun. Send good, send love, and watch it come back to you.

A community of peers

Joining this cohort give you access not only to me and my expertise, but to the rest of the cohort.

We can all learn from each other. In our pajamas.

What people are saying

        Kristy is thorough and thoughtful. She's a champion of ideas and has helped our business focus on the big reasons why people should care about what we do. She's helped us grow a loyal audience and find a real voice in our email marketing.
Demri Rosekrans

Demri Rosekrans

Owner of Nahcotta, Gallery and Unique Gifts
        Kristy is one of the coolest people I've ever met. She's smart, confident, always coloring outside the lines (in a good way). As a creative, she taught me a new way to think about business, art, and the business of art.
Sky Erickson

Sky Erickson

Art Director, The Coda Collection

Flexible course schedule

Learn at your own pace
  • Live launch on Monday, March 20th

    1 - 2pm EST (recorded)

    Come together (online) to talk email, meet the rest of your cohort, share questions and concerns, and get started!

  • Learn as you go with recorded sessions

    Anytime access to remaining modules and your cohort community.

    Learn at your own pace on your own time.

  • Cohort support

    Throughout this course, you'll have access to your instructor and the rest of the cohort via the Maven community platform (think Slack). Here you can share progress, ask questions, and get feedback.

Course syllabus



Learning the language of email: all the parts and pieces, platforms, and potential at your fingertips.



Goal setting, targeting, gathering material: what to send and why.



Laying the foundation: picking a platform, creating forms and basic flows.



Diving in: writing, re-writing, testing, sending!



Keeping up the momentum: reviewing, revisiting, iterating, list cleaning.



Creating an ecosystem: growing your audience, building on value and offerings, integrating into other channels.

Meet your instructor

Kristy Martino

Kristy Martino

For nearly two decades, I have been a cross-creative wielding the powerful combination of words and images to unlock meaning and understanding.

I am a questioner and I am a messenger.

My manifesto is a world full of artists, designers, creatives, radical re-inventionists—all rooting for one another, sustaining themselves, and sending emails that matter.

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Learn To Love Email Marketing

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Learn To Love Email Marketing