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Relationship Journey Program for Couples

Cohort-based Course

Master the framework, tools and practical strategies needed to improve your relationship, and finally live your "happily ever after."

Hosted by

Paula Quinsee

Course overview

Your Relationship Doesn't Have to be Hard Work.

A 6-week, live, hands-on course to help you identify blocks in your relationship, identify practical strategies on how you can communicate better, and grow your love to live your dream life together.

Who is this course for


Couples who want to reignite their passion and connect with each other by breathing new energy into their relationship.


Couples who are looking to get married and want to equip themselves with a framework and tools to build a solid foundation.


Couples who want to future-proof their relationship and are looking for ways to grow stronger together.

Topics covered

Get Unstuck

Understand what causes couples to get stuck in their relationship and what to do when you find yourselves there. Know how to effectively get unstuck by having a solution focused approach to find a way forward together

Gain Clarity

Get clarity on what your needs and expectations are of each other and your relationship. This will help you to better understand each other, have less explosive fights, be more supportive and feel more confident in your relationship.

Establish A Healthy Foundation

Building a healthy foundation together empowers you to get over the speed bumps you will encounter in your journey together. This will help you to weather any storm that comes your way.

Create Connection

Feel more aligned and connected with each other by creating emotional safety for each other in your relationship. This will empower you to have honest conversations, ask for what you need and support each other in your journey together.

See what people are saying

        I like the accountability of the program and enjoyed the modules. They really made me look closely at my relationship and how I over compensate. It was a wake up call for me. They are really good exercises and it’s been a great journey of discovery!
- Jenni

- Jenni

        I personally think this will help a lot of couples, the course was excellent, all the modules have detailed explanations and worksheets that are practical and easy to implement. All round I would rate this course really highly.
– Lourika

– Lourika

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Relationship Journey Program for Couples

Meet your instructor

Paula Quinsee

Paula Quinsee

Paula is an accredited Imago Relationship Therapy Educator and Facilitator, NLP Life Coach and Personal Development Assessment Coach and Trainer. She is also an international speaker, Tedx speaker and author of two self-help guides: Embracing Conflict and Embracing No.

Her mission for the past 12yrs has been creating healthy relationships at home, and in the workplace, to co-create a more human connected world and positively impact people's lives and works with people from all around the globe.

When she's not working, you'll find her outdoors running, spending time with friends and family or relaxing at home gardening or reading.

Course syllabus


Relationship values

Our values drive our everyday thoughts, actions and behaviour.

In this module we will unpack:

  • what your relationship values are,
  • why you should have them, and
  • why they are critical to your relationship success.


Relationship vision

Without a vision how will you know where you are going?

In this module we will unpack:

  • what a relationship vision is,
  • why you need one, and
  • how to create one unique to you and your relationship.


Relationship flags

If you don't pay attention, the gremlins will creep in and sabotage your relationship.

In this module we will:

  • identify the green, yellow, orange and red flags in every relationship,
  • how to spot them,
  • how they can destroy your relationship, and
  • what you can do to manage them.


Relationship currencies

Are you making the right investments in your relationship? Money is only one of the ways we contribute to a relationship.

In this module we will

  • look at the 5 pillars of currency contributions in a relationship,
  • their value,
  • the types of deposits and withdrawals, and
  • how this determines the value of your relationship.


Relationship goals

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

In this module we will look at:

  • why you should have couples goals in place,
  • what happens when you don't have goals, and
  • how to go about putting goals and an action plan in place for your relationship.


Relationship pledge

Being in a relationship requires commitment.

In this module we will look at:

  • what commitment means for you and your relationship, and
  • how being intentional actually protects your relationship to be healthy and happy for a life time of togetherness.
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Relationship Journey Program for Couples

Do You Have A Relationship Vision?

Why Learning together is better

Why Learning together is better

Shared learning

When we share our stories and experiences, we realise we are not alone and that everyone faces challenges in their life.

Supportive space

When we have a supportive space to lean into, explore and think out aloud, we create a community of like-minded individuals who are on a journey together. and support each other in the process.

Hands on approach

Have comfort in the fact that not only are you guided by your facilitator, but everyone in the group acts as a sounding board and guide for each other too through their own lived experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Relationship Journey Program for Couples