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Why Now - Timing and Product Success

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Improve your odds of success by launching the right thing at the right time.

Hosted by

Paul Orlando

Built 4 startup accelerators, former startup founder, university professor.

Course overview

The Right Product at the Right Time

Learn what drives business timing advantages, how others used timing to their advantage, and a framework to analyze your situation.

Leave with a timing map to understand opportunities for success and a way to present those findings to colleagues or investors.

Who is this course for



You want to understand whether your company has a timing advantage as you build and pitch for investment.


Product teams

What timing considerations should guide new product development?



How should your organization analyze opportunities and focus limited resources?

Key outcomes

Understand drivers of market timing

Timing is noted as one of the most important factors in product success, yet few focus enough to truly understand the topic. Learn the different drivers of good and bad market timing, how they work, and how they interact.

Case studies to learn from others

Learn examples of companies succeeding or failing because of timing. Learn tactics to use in your specific situation.

Learn to build a timing map

Learn how to research and build a timing map that describes past changes and future expectations that impact your product.

Get personalized feedback

Submit your own timing map, research, and summary to the instructor and receive feedback. Get feedback from the rest of the cohort as well.

See what people are saying

        The workshop put things in perspective. You can be passionate about something, but if the 'now' isn't working for you yet, you might not be able to get it off the ground. It answered questions like: Why do projects take off the way they do? What other forces are in play to flywheel this into traction?
Jeffrey Broer

Jeffrey Broer

Venture Advisor, Kohpy.com
        The Why Now workshop helped me step back and see the big picture. As I worked through Paul's 'why now' drivers and researched other companies it helped me see the importance of timing. In our case, we started as an idea a couple years ago and now, as our product is ready for market we want to know how to future-proof it.
Sara Tan

Sara Tan

Founder, Novalearn
        The Timing Workshop with Paul was quite ‘timely’ for our premium Edtech SaaS company as we were planning for what next in 2023 and beyond! During the session, Paul guided us to identify and reflect on the drivers that impact our market potential and importantly, how to express those drivers.
Prasad Gollakota

Prasad Gollakota

Chief Content Officer, Finance Unlocked
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Why Now - Timing and Product Success

Meet your instructor

Paul Orlando

Paul Orlando

I built and operated four startup accelerators around the world (in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Rome, and remote), working up close with hundreds of startups and larger organizations.

In these programs I saw how smart people often work on products that are just mistimed in their markets. I know this firsthand as well, having cofounded a startup that had that timing problem before starting one that was timed just right.

The purpose of the course is to share what I've learned with you from hundreds of businesses and a lot of research. If you're a founder, investor, or part of a product team, this course is for you. 

I also teach entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California. Previously, I wrote the book Growth Units on calculating unit economics and worked in product development.

More about me...

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Why Now - Timing and Product Success

Course syllabus


Understand Drivers of Timing

Understand the various drivers of business timing and how they work. Learn frameworks and case studies of each type.

Learn examples across multiple industries of timing driving businesses to succeed or fail.

Course readings distributed in advance of the first session.


Make a Timing Map

This process combines knowledge of your business with research on market timing drivers and earlier similar products.

We will step through case study examples and a blank canvas to apply to your own situation.

Come away with a timing map that describes your situation and provides backup for your assessment.


Present Your Findings

Summarize your findings and present them to the instructor and the group.

Go through a Challenge Session to receive feedback. Rework as needed.

Course schedule

3 - 4 hours per week
  • Wednesdays

    1:30pm - 3:00pm EST

    If your events are recurring and at the same time, it might be easiest to use a single line item to communicate your course schedule to students

  • Starting: November 2, 2022

    Running November 2, 9, and 16.

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    Set aside time for readings, research, and project work.

  • (Optional) Office Hours

    Throughout the week

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Why Now - Timing and Product Success

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Why Now - Timing and Product Success

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Introduction to the Workshop

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