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The SIDO Framework for Esports Coaching and Management


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5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Master the blueprint for building and running the best esports team your way.

Hosted by

Parth Naidu

Former Analyst, Head Coach, General Manager at TSM || 5x LCS Championships

Course overview

Your Esports Performance Framework

The S.I.D.O. framework will give you the tools to scout talent, integrate roster and staff, develop players, and optimize your team for performance.

Who this is for


Analysts that want to have a bigger impact in their role.

Leverage your unique skills and knowledge to get your ideas front and center.


Coaches that don't want to start from scratch every year.

Design a structure that you can consistently iterate on throughout your career.


Managers that recognize every team needs something different.

Prioritize resources to get the best performance from your roster and staff.

Key Outcomes

You have talented players but they aren't clicking.

You'll develop ways to scout players for their potential compatibility. You'll also learn about the phases teams have to go through before they can reach their performing stage and how to most efficiently get there.

Practice never goes the way you planned.

You'll be able to set up practice to separate the goals you want players to learn from the chaos of practice. You will be able to link what you want to train with the best time and structure with which to get the most value.

You feel overwhelmed by the number of issues you need to solve.

You'll walk away with a performance model built from your values that helps you prioritize what problems to tackle first and where you should allocate resources.

You're still deciding where you fit into the ecosystem.

You'll learn about how the industry operates, who the stakeholders are, and what the KPIs are for the various staff roles. You will be able to use this to navigate the best way to have an impact.

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The SIDO Framework for Esports Coaching and Management

Meet your instructor

Parth Naidu

Parth Naidu

Parth Naidu is a former head coach and general manager for TSM's League of Legends division that won an IEM World Championship and 5 LCS titles during his tenure. He developed TSM's performance program including scouting and player development. He's managed and coordinated activations with major sponsors such as Logitech, Geico, and Gillette and worked closely with Riot and other franchise team owners on the structure of the LCS.

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The SIDO Framework for Esports Coaching and Management

Course syllabus


Esports Basics

We start with some background on the esports industry, the key stakeholders, and how it functions at the pro level and semi-pro level. Then we consider how teams are structured, flaws in the current system, and what's on the horizon.



We will build a model of player performance and distinguish between in-game metrics and other relevant player traits. Then, we'll go over strategies to test against them in tryouts and interviews.



We'll explore the Tuckman Model of Team Development and how to apply the concepts to a newly formed team. Building on this, we'll discuss how to most efficiently align roster and staff on strategic and operational roles and responbilities.



Development requires an understanding of a person's current status, their desired level, and ways to help them bridge the gap. We're going to do this by sketching a sample curriculum, creating formative assessments, and strategies for how to swap between developmental mindset to a performance mindset.



We'll introduce Cognitive Load Theory and discuss it's impact in esports and use it to create a periodization schedule. Next, we'll consider ways to maximize in-game performance by looking at team style and the power of constraints as well as health, psychology, and other intangibles.


Connecting the Modules

Every aspect of the performance framework is interconnected. We're going to take a step back and consider how an entire program can be tailored to your ideas, budgets, and other constraints.

Course schedule

3-5 hours per week
  • 8x Sessions

    2 hours per session

    6x Topic Sessions: Cover a specific topic from the course syllabus for 90 min followed by a 30 min Q&A and discussion on its application for the students in the cohort.

    2x Feedback Sessions: Build your frameworks and receive personalized feedback on various topics

  • Saturdays + Sundays

    9am-11am PST

    In order to accommodate students from various time zones and work schedules, the sessions will take place from 9-11am PST. A video library of course topics will be available after the session if you are unable to attend any in person.

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The SIDO Framework for Esports Coaching and Management

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and feedback sessions tailored to you.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Developing ideas is easier and more fun with a smart group of like-minded professionals — who will also keep you on track for success.

Join a community

Expand your professional network by connecting with people who share your interests and want to grow alongside you.

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The SIDO Framework for Esports Coaching and Management

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