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Career vibe check: 3 ways to gauge what you want from work

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Simone Stolzoff

Mon, Jul 29, 2024

7:00 PM UTC (30 minutes)

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What you'll learn

3 frameworks for measuring career fulfillment

Learn three different frameworks for measuring whether you are motivated and engaged in your career

Academic research on what makes people happy at work

Get access to the latest academic research on what actually makes people fulfilled in their jobs

Tips for developing a healthier relationship with your job

Apply quick tips that will change the way you approach your current job and whatever job you get next

Why this topic matters

We work more than we do just about anything else. How we spend those hours matters, and yet we rarely take a step back to evaluate how happy we really are. In 30 minutes, you'll learn three ways of evaluating your fulfillment at work that you can apply for the rest of your career.

You'll learn from

Simone Stolzoff

Journalist, Author, and IDEO Design Lead

Simone is a writer, designer, and consultant, who is passionate about helping people navigate their relationship to work. He is the bestselling author of The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work, which is the #1 bestselling work-life balance book on Amazon. He spent four years as a design lead at the global innovation firm IDEO, where he led hundreds of leaders through the design thinking process. He has written about careers for The AtlanticWired, and the New York Times.

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