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The WorkLife Flywheel Career Accelerator

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Reimagine your career by designing a system to focus your attention, improve your network and launch a personal content strategy.

Hosted by

Ollie Henderson

10+ years founder & CEO, advisor, writer & host of Top 10 careers podcast

Course overview

Accelerate your career without burning out

A 3-week, interactive course that will transform your career. Designing a Work/Life Flywheel unlocks your time and energy. You will walk away with a system to harness the power of your ideas and create a personal content strategy without burning out.

If any of these sound familiar, this course is for you:


You're working in a high-growth business and are ready to become a thought leader but need a system to help you rethink time management.


You've tried creating content but haven't been able to establish it as a habit because of other priorities taking up your time.


You're a burned-out high achiever, who despite repeatedly trying to make positive changes, has never been able to achieve work/life balance.

Key outcomes

Get your priorities straight

Reprioritise your personal and business objectives, by exploring the importance of clarifying your values, goals and how you spend your time.

Remove obstacles

Audit your time to refocus on what matters most, reducing unnecessary distractions and creating the conditions for more flow in your life.

Harness your creativity

Discover new ways to originate, capture and organise your creative ideas, and design a simple system to manage them in 90 minutes.

Refine your expert niche

Draw on your expertise and personal passions to produce a 30-day content strategy that will allow help refine your ideas and grow your audience.

Cultivate your network

Practical advice and strategies for cultivating a community of collaborators and supporters who'll help accelerate your career growth.

Achieve breakthroughs

Design a schedule that incorporates rest and reflection to help reduce stress, increase creativity, and build momentum in your work/life.

What people are saying about Ollie and the Work/Life Flywheel

        Creating new opportunities requires fresh thinking. With the Work/Life Flywheel model, Ollie Henderson gives you the system you need to make bold changes in your career and the motivation to share your ideas with the world.
Daniel H. Pink

Daniel H. Pink

#1 New York Times bestselling author of THE POWER OF REGRET, WHEN, and DRIVE
        Having worked with Ollie for over half a decade, I can’t recommend him enough. He is collaborative and challenging and most significantly has helped us produce groundbreaking digital solutions.
Kate Wyn-Jones

Kate Wyn-Jones

Business Development Director, EMI Records
        Ollie and I have similar stories: burned-out agency owners who started writing online and experienced life-changing results. If this sounds like you too (whether you're an entrepreneur or a high-achieving, exhausted employee), then you'll feel right at home.
Nicolas Cole

Nicolas Cole

8x Author & Captain of Ship 30 for 30
        Ollie Henderson gives you the tools to create a legendary career by embracing being different, harnessing your creativity and building a system to share your ideas. Forget chasing work/life balance and build a Work/Life Flywheel instead.
Christopher Lochhead

Christopher Lochhead

11X #1 Bestselling author of Category Pirates, Play Bigger & Niche Down
        With the right mindset and systems, you can make positive changes in your career. Ollie Henderson's Work/Life Flywheel gives you the tools and motivation to develop both, creating the momentum you need to maximise your potential and succeed in the new world of work.
Justin Welsh

Justin Welsh

Entrepreneur, investor & SaaS advisor
        I always advise people to constantly try new things and take more risks in their career, because the greater risk is standing still. But now, with the Work/Life Flywheel, I have the much needed data and frameworks to support my gut feeling
Filipe Macedo

Filipe Macedo

Founder & CMO, Talent Protocol
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The WorkLife Flywheel Career Accelerator

Meet your instructor

Ollie Henderson

Ollie Henderson

Experienced founder & CEO, I now advise start-ups and scale-up leaders, write about the future of work & host a Top 10 careers podcast

I worked for 10+ years as a founder & CEO in advertising, data and tech.

After having 3 kids, burning out several times and exiting my business in Jan 2020, I decided it was time to do things differently.

I now write and podcast about the work revolution we're experiencing, and help business leaders like you achieve growth by reimagining their careers.

If you want to build the confidence and skills to communicate your ideas to the world, then I can help you, but first, you need to redesign your work/life.

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The WorkLife Flywheel Career Accelerator

Course syllabus



Before starting any mission, you'd better be sure you want to do it. Embracing this is the first step to building a Work/Life Flywheel. We'll focus on how to develop a MINDSET that's aligned with your values and goals, and sets you up for lifelong learning.



Every day, we have a million different ways we can spend our time. Using the 22 Flow State triggers as a framework, you'll first do a time audit before discovering how FOCUS and constructing the right conditions can lead to 500% improvements in productivity, 490% increases in learning speed, and a 430% boost in creative problem-solving. 



CREATIVITY will be the differentiator in the future of work and after this session, you'll consider it a core value. You'll develop techniques to capture your ideas and turn them into compelling stories.



When it comes to sharing your ideas, you need to develop an attitude of constant EXPERIMENTATION. You'll create a 30-day content plan, which will help you test your ideas, establish your expert niche, and create exciting opportunities and connections.



Legendary innovators need the support of others, which is why we'll examine the importance of building a COMMUNITY to help grow your career. We'll look into established and emerging networking opportunities, as well as techniques to give you the confidence to up your relationship-building game.



The final piece in your Flywheel focuses on the importance of rest and reflection to achieve BREAKTHROUGHS. While making big changes in your career can be tough, by approaching it like Elite Athletes, we'll design a work/life schedule that balances pacing with peak performance, all while avoiding burnout.

Course schedule

4 hours per week for 3 weeks
  • Mondays & Wednesdays

    4:00pm - 5:30pm BST

    We'll meet twice per week for 90-minute live sessions to discuss news ideas, brainstorm with other classmates, and ask Ollie and his expert guests burning questions.

  • Weekly projects

    3 hours per week

    As well as 90-minute live sessions, there'll be around 1.5 hours of pre-work for each module.

  • Optional live sessions

    All meetings will be recorded if you can't join us live! We'll have 2 optional calls for kick-off and graduation. Both are highly encouraged but you won't miss out on any course material if you can't make it (you might miss out on more great opportunities to meet your classmates)

  • Bonus material

    You'll also have access to curated resources from Ollie's writing and podcasts interviews with some of the world's leading business and thought leaders.

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The WorkLife Flywheel Career Accelerator

Why signing up for this cohort course will transform your career

Why signing up for this cohort course will transform your career

Face-time with experts

The small cohorts mean everyone has the opportunity to ask Ollie for guidance on any areas you get stuck on. Plus, he'll be inviting expert guests to discuss key topics and answer specific questions.

The best of on-demand and LIVE learning

This course incorporates learning in your own time with live discussions and workshops, creating the momentum you need to progress quickly.

Interactive break-out sessions

During every session, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other students in breakout rooms. You'll discover the value of peer feedback is as valuable as the learning content!

Build a community

Your cohort will include like-minded people who share similar objectives and will support your growth. You will walk with a ready-made team of collaborators/

Frequently Asked Questions

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The WorkLife Flywheel Career Accelerator

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