Return to Workforce

Return to the workforce. Reclaim your financial independence and identity.

A career gap should not be a career death sentence. Yet millions of women face discrimination when they try to return to workforce. Other times there is a skill gap that prevents them from returning. 

 Bridge your career gap with this 4 week intensive program that prepares you to become an SDET(Software Engineer in Test) and join our alumni who restarted their careers at top companies like Grubhub, Workday, Capital One and T-Mobile.

Supratim Dasgupta
with Supratim Dasgupta
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Beat the career gap & join back the workforce as an SDET

In 2011 my wife gained a husband and lost two things.

Financial Independence.

Sense of Identity.

Like thousands of newly married wives, she gave up a fledgling career in India to become a housewife in the US.

It wasn't until 2015 she got her work permit and started working. Until then the damage was done. Suicidal thoughts, Depression, Low confidence, Fear of starting from scratch.

Her story is no different from the hundreds of people who join my course and go on to get jobs. The effort to combat self doubt is almost 10x of the effort to acquire the skills.

When you enroll with us, you don't join a training program, you join a company and learn on the job. You will be working on large scale implementation projects with hundreds of other team members often from other companies. We also don’t wait till the end of the program to begin the projects. You will start working 2 weeks into the training and your project work and training will continue in parallel. At around the 1 month mark your interview preparation process will begin . Mock interviews, Confidence building exercises get you ready for the time when you will begin to apply to jobs. Our alumni hire from us and we also refer your resume to top companies in our network. Welcome to a wild and exciting ride where the problem will quickly change from not getting interview calls to figuring out which company to join from multiple offers in hand.

Topics we'll cover

We’ll go in-depth on the following concepts

See Curriculum
  • Work as an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test)
  • For Companies like GrubHub, T-Mobile, Amazon
  • Technologies- API Testing, Web Service Testing, Micro Service Testing, DevOps Testing, Building Test Frameworks from scratch. TDD and BDD
  • Top Tools -  Selenium, Postman, Soap UI, Rest Assured, Java, Python

Who this course is for

Returning Developers: You are someone who has worked as a Developer before and has a gap in experience and trying to re-enter the workforce.

Returning SDET: You are  someone who has worked as a Tester before and has a gap in experience and trying to re-enter the workforce.

Meet your instructor

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Supratim Dasgupta

At Numpy Ninja we help people with gaps in experience to get back to the workforce. 16 years of experience working in companies like Wipro, Infosys and Capgemini. And have hired two thousands plus software engineers. Founder of AI based health companies like MonkMed and Eradicate Diabetes that have been acquired by largest health Insurance companies in the world.

In this course, you will become an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test).

Cohort-based Courses

A New Type of Online Course

  • Active Learning, not Passive Watching

    We put you in live projects two weeks into the training. This develops the executive function of problem solving really quickly. In real time projects solving problems matters more than technical skills.

  • Learn with a Cohort of Peers

    You will be grouped in small groups to work in DevOps projects just like Amazon, Facebook, or Google Projects.

  • Accountability and Feedback

    You will attend scrum calls and update on your project status on daily basis.

  • Additional Benefits

    Hear from industry experts and mentors who will take your classes on a regular basis.

If you think all that needs to cover your employment gap is learning a new technology then you can go for online tutorials but, if you think along with technology you also need to learn how to face day to day challenges of a corporate world that involves collaborative skills, tackle pressure situations, presentation skills ( written, spoken) etc. then you should start your journey at NumpyNinja right away. My journey at NumpyNinja has given me incredible confidence that I landed in my dream job today. In this community you will meet people sailing in the same boat with similar experiences and we push each other’s back in reaching our goal. Some of the key highlights of NumpyNinja: -You will officially become a tech blogger and reap credits for it. -Hackathons, that will reveal your true power. -Teach / give presentations that gives you an instant boost. -Working on projects gives you a similar experience of the real world where you face higher challenges that will make you ready for your next job. Best part of Tim (your new Mentor Supra”Tim” Dasgupta) is that he first accepts what you are and encourages you in building your future. The support you get from him in any situation is commendable. He is up with/for new ideas and it’s a pleasure working with him. He’s the master of resume crafting who doesn’t get satisfied till we reach our best. His recommendations in applying to “Right” jobs are invaluable which have done the real magic in my journey. Had it not been Tim I wouldn’t have made it!

Pradeepa Gollapalli
Working in T-Mobile inspite of a 9.5yr gap

After a long career break of 8 years, I was less confident to even apply for a job. I was taking some online courses and trying to upskill myself. That’s when I joined NumpyNinja. I am so happy about my decision. Tim is an amazing mentor who can really understand you and help you craft yourself ready for the job market. I am so thankful to NumpyNinja for helping me boost my confidence and providing me hands-on experience to fill the gap in my career. The biggest advantage here is, we are not just learning a skill rather we work on skills which makes a big difference. I started working with a very supportive team of people with very adverse skills. They are always there, when you need help. Live classes, Hackathons, Discussions, Presentations, Projects, Resume crafting and a great Mentor. You will get everything that is needed for the industry. I am able to land into my dream job within days once I started interviewing. Thanks to ‘Tim’ and the team!

Revathy Krishna
Software Developer at Grubhub- Had a Gap of 8yrs

Thank you Tim ! Thank you for creating this wonderful community that helps us not only in technical skills but also framing the right mindset needed to pursue a job post a gap . I am grateful for my association with Numpy Ninja

Shibani Sagarika
SDET at Infosys. Had a gap of 5yrs

Thanks team. Special thanks to you Tim for your encouragement motivation and guidance through out the course. Projects in Numpyninja provides great learning in short time. Never lose hope. It is always possible to get back to the industry though you have gaps. All the best

Saranya TAP
SDET at Cognizant. Had a gap of 7yrs

Tim Thank you for your support and encouragement. Without your guidance I should not able to get the offer quickly. Team don’t worry about break if you are working here as volunteer industries not considering the work break. If you need any help/guidance Please don’t hesitate to contact me. All the best Team…

Selvi Katturaj
Senior Java Developer at Infosys. Had a gap of 6 yrs

Thank you Tim for continuous motivation and guidance. 🙏 It wouldn't be happen without Numpy Ninja.I am glad to be a part of wonderful team.

Radhika Pattem
SDET at Apple. Had a gap of 7 yrs

Learn with a comprehensive curriculum

Become financially independent by returning to the Tech workforce even when you have large gaps in your career. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours should I work daily?

You need to commit a minimum of 3 to 4 hours daily to benefit from this course. Think of it as joining a company part time rather than joining a training program.

How long does it take to get a job?

While the training is for the 4 weeks, on an average we see 2-3 months efforts people get jobs. You are encouraged to keep working on projects till you get a job, that keeps you in practice and generally no interview preparation is needed.

Will you do marketing post training?

You are not a vegetable that needs marketing. We do referrals and people who have got jobs from our programs also hire from us.When It comes to ratios we have 3.5 job requirements for every person enrolled.People who graduate from our program successfully get a minimum of 3 offers to choose from. One person even got 5.