Productivity Bootcamp

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Do your greatest work in less time, and level up your Notion skills in the process.

Course overview

Maximize your productivity. Build a better business.

We often think of productivity as getting more done. It's actually about doing less.

In this two-week course, I will teach you how to take back your time, focus on the high-leverage actions, and start making immediate progress towards your goals, without burning out.

If any of these sound familiar, this course is for you.


I want to launch my own venture but have very little time and energy. 


I spend very little time on deep, creative work.


I use a mishmash of tools and often forget where information lives.


Im constantly trying to decide what next action to take.


I just ‘get projects done’ without a clear roadmap or strategy.


I’m juggling multiple projects at any given time and feeling constantly overwhelmed.


I often get pulled into low-leverage tasks, meetings, and projects.


I have days where I’m crazy productive, and days when I get hardly anything done.


I know tools like Notion can be useful but have no idea how to build a productivity dashboard

Key Outcomes

Move from goals to action.

When we don’t hit our goals, it’s not because we can’t. We often lack the systems to make gradual, consistent progress. I’ll teach you the best frameworks for setting goals, quantifying your progress, and focusing on the highest-leverage actions to get you there.

Save hours of wasted time every week.

Reach the end of the week without much to show for it? We'll explore proven strategies for managing time with intention.

Manage multiple projects without burning out.

Do you bounce around multiple projects throughout the day? We'll tackle "attention residue" and how to batch tasks by type, helping you work more deeply.

Make sure the high value work gets done first.

We often spend 80% of our time on low-leverage, low value tasks, leaving little time for deep, creative work. We’ll dive into how to flip that, so your your time and energy goes to the most important work.

Build a second brain optimized for you.

As much as you might hear it, there’s no one-size-fits-all template that will create lasting behavior change. The best productivity frameworks start with first principles, and are thoughtfully crafted to suit your goals, priorities, and working methods.

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Productivity Bootcamp


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Course syllabus


Move From Vision to Action

Get lofty with your vision in order to define the right actions. 


Maximize Your Creative Output

Creative work requires lots of energy. We’ll break down how to harness it, without burning out


Manage Projects with Precision

Know exactly what actions to take, and how to prioritize the highest-leverage work.


Free Up Valuable Time

Time is finite. We’ll audit where our time’s going, and gameplan how to work with balance and consistency.


Get Into High Focus Mode

We live in a distracted world, but there are systems we can design to train ourselves to focus at will.


Build a Frictionless Digital Workspace

Design a Notion workspace based on how you work, what you prioritize, and where you want to grow.

See what people are saying

        David helped develop high-level strategy to improve the UX of our brand new knowledge base. His skill-level, aesthetic sense, and Notion expertise are all very high, and he's dedicated to using it to help people and organizations set up systems to spend more time doing what they love.
Aimee Reyes

Aimee Reyes

Director of Human Resources, Kentik
        I'm incredibly grateful to have worked with David on getting me up and going with Notion. I went from being curious about Notion to it being an important part of my personal operating rhythm over the course of a couple of workshops.
Callum King

Callum King

President & Co-Founder, Brightside
        I learned more than I expected to and was very grateful for our training. Dave did a great job of not only being a subject matter expert but also understanding the reality of applying this tool to real-world scenarios. He was very supportive throughout the sessions and would recommend him wholeheartedly!
Giovanni Gomez

Giovanni Gomez

Lead Customer Success Manager, Monograph
        "Dave was patient, especially when I tended to deviate from our lesson plans, and answered all of my (many) questions. He helped me think through workflows and get everything organized much more quickly and efficiently, than if I had tried to figure it out on my own. 100% recommend him!"
Chloe Holmes

Chloe Holmes

Partnerships Manager, WILD Network

Meet your instructor

Dave de Céspedes

Dave de Céspedes

I’ve helped launch over 30 workspaces for creators, entrepreneurs, consultants, and side-hustlers just like you.

I've leveraged Notion to go from full-time teaching to running a six-figure consulting business, and growing a 50k audience on social media.

All while working less than 25 hours per week.

The purpose of this course is to avoid spending hundreds of hours pouring over Notion resources, videos, and courses. Instead we’ll spend two weeks hyper-focused on building a workspace that supercharges your work.

If you want to learn how to apply proven productivity strategies to maximize your time and energy as a creator, the Notion Creators Bootcamp is for you.

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Productivity Bootcamp


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Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Kickoff + Notion Fundamentals

    Tuesday, October 18th 1pm EST

    In this session, we get to meet each other! We'll also explore the Notion tips and shortcuts you need to know, and put into practice the Workspace Design Framework.

  • Reframing Concepts of Productivity

    Wednesday, October 19th 1pm EST

    We'll explore the origins of productivity, the state change needed for the creator economy, and how to start mapping out our productivity operating sytems.

  • The Vision to Action Pipeline

    Thursday, October 20th, 1pm EST

    We're diving into designing our life vision, setting goals for the year, and building detailed objectives for the upcoming quarter.

  • Hangout + Q&A

    Friday, October 21st, 1pm EST

    A space to review our work, dive into Notion, and field any questions you have so far!

  • Time Balance Framework

    Tuesday, October 25th, 1pm EST

    We'll explore high-leverage tactics for using time with more intention, and explore systems to plan, track, and improve time management.

  • Workspace Design

    Wednesday, October 26th, 1pm EST

    We're diving into mapping out your productivity system, building databases, and creating high-focus dashboards.

  • From Building to Curating

    Thursday, October 27th 1pm EST

    Now that we've built our productivity machines, we'll explore ways to create more focused workspaces, and templatize repeated tasks, actions and projects.

  • Bonus Session

    Friday, October 28th, 1pm EST

    The group will decide which topic we want to deep dive on!

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Architect a Notion workspace that maximize your time, energy and growth as a creator.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Productivity Bootcamp


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Productivity Bootcamp


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