NFT Ivy League

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Save months of research, get job offers, meet new business partners, and capitalize on one of the fastest-growing spaces in the world

Course overview

Accelerate the Web3 learning curve. Jumpstart new career and business opportunities

A 2-week, hands-on course to change your personal and professional trajectory.

Start your career or launch a new business in one of the fastest-growing spaces in the world. No technical experience required.

Who is this course for


The bold business

You want to understand innovative technologies to identify future opportunities and save time and money in the process


The enterprising employee

You're sick of your 9-5 and you're ready to land a new job in one of the fastest-growing spaces in the world


The curious creator

You've heard of other artists' million-dollar success stories and you're ready to launch an NFT collection of your own


The eager entrepreneur

You've been keeping up with new trends and you're ready to leverage Web3 to start a new business or project


The lonely lurker

You've been solo-learning about Web3 for a while now and you're ready to identify the opportunity that's right for you

Key outcomes

Grasp core Web3 concepts

You will learn key Web3 concepts and how they change business and society so that you feel able to join and contribute to any conversation about Web3

Set up your Web3 ecosystem

You will learn and apply the technical basics of Web3 to leave with technical setup you need to join and create in the Web3 space

Discover the best opportunities for you

You will identify new career and business opportunities in the Web3 space, so you can discover what Web3 pathway is best aligned with your skills, identity, and goals

Get a head start on your Web3 career

You will create a personalized 3-month plan so you can identify business opportunities, get job offers and meet new business partners

Avoid NFT scams

You will learn a framework for NFT evaluation, so that you avoid NFT scams and make better NFT investment decisions

Safely buy your first NFT

You will apply the NFT evaluation framework to feel confident with your first purchase

Understand the ethics of Web3

You will deconstruct the ethics of Web3 so you can defend your involvement in the Web3 space

Join our Web3 community

You will present your 3-month plan to a tailored small group where you can get feedback and meet future cofounders, partners, and friends

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See what people are saying

        After sifting through so many unhelpful videos - often ego-driven guys acting like they know everything to make a quick buck - it was SO refreshing to find Aprilynne covering topics that I (and many newbies) were looking for... There really isn't anything better out there for anyone wishing to learn about this wild new frontier.


Self-proclaimed NFT noob
        I have been studying blockchain since 2009 and NFTs since 2020. After watching many lessons and videos from Aprilynne I can genuinely say she keeps it informative and straight to the point. She constantly keeps up to date with NFTs while keeping it fun and simple to learn. I would recommend her course if you ever are presented the opportunity.
Anarchy Artists

Anarchy Artists

NFT Community Creator
        Aprilynne is one of the most effective engaging educators I’ve experienced. She breaks down complex projects into digestible easy to understand action steps. I’m in awe of her ability to teach and present with uplifting humor, thoughtful insights and a magnetic energy.
Espree Devora

Espree Devora

Host of Top 10 Podcasts
        We live in a day and age where new concepts, new tech, and new ways of thinking are introduced all the time. While the rest of us are intimidated, overwhelmed, and confused, Aprilynne dives in - learning all there is to know about a topic and then demystifying it for the rest of us


Author & Entrepreneur
        Aprilynne clearly knows her stuff...her lessons were awesome. But the beautiful thing is that she only recently figured some of this out, making it very fresh and relatable.
Louie Bacaj

Louie Bacaj

Engineer turned Entrepreneur
        Aprilynne provided actionable advice delivered in bite-sized pieces. She took a very complex topic and brilliantly explained it.
Nikita Osipov

Nikita Osipov

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NFT Ivy League


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Meet your instructors

Aprilynne Alter

Aprilynne Alter

Lead Instructor

Aprilynne started her Web3 journey last year, and since then has educated over a million people on NFTs through her YouTube channel.

Over the course of just a few months, she quickly rose from knowing nothing about Web3 to being called in to advise venture-backed NFT projects.

Getting into the Web3 space has allowed Aprilynne to quit her full-time job, make lifelong connections, and live a life she absolutely adores, and she's made it her mission to help others achieve the same.

That's why she's co-created this course, distilling 6 months of learning into a compact 2-week crash course where you'll experience 1-on-1 interaction, direct feedback, hands-on learning, and a face-to-face learning experience.

She's ready to help you master Web3 essentials and get a head start on building a life and career you love.

Jamie Rawsthorne

Jamie Rawsthorne

Course Facilitator

Jamie co-created one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in the UK, The Zac and Jay Show (930k subs). But after falling out of love with content creation, he started to explore other options.

After seeing intelligent friends in the Web3 space, he started doing research of his own. He quickly realized, however, how overwhelming and difficult this was. There was so much noise, technical jargon, and self-promotion. He didn't know who to trust.

He knew he wasn’t alone in this experience, so he set out to find a Web3 expert who could create a world-class course, teaching him and others like him the fundamentals and opportunities within the Web3 space without the noise.

After interviewing 50 experts in the space, choosing Aprilynne was a no brainer. Over the past few months, the two of them have worked to create an educational program that’s engaging, highly compact and outcome-focused.

Jamie's proud to finally release it and make profiting from the Web3 space accessible to all.

Course syllabus



  • Understand core Web3 concepts
  • Understand the significance of blockchains and smart contracts
  • Learn how they change society and business
  • Explain Web3 and NFTs to anyone
  • Build a Web3-ready Twitter profile


Technical Basics

  • Understand the technical basics of Web3
  • Buy Ethereum
  • Set up a crypto wallet
  • Transfer Ethereum to your crypto wallet
  • Connect your crypto wallet to an NFT marketplace



  • Learn a framework for NFT evaluation
  • Identify NFT scams
  • Discover and apply useful NFT tools
  • Create a list of potential NFT investments
  • Pitch an NFT investment thesis



  • Understand gas fees
  • Learn how to save on gas fees
  • Buy a credible NFT in class


Opportunity Discovery

  • Identify the different Web3 career pathways
  • Discover what Web3 opportunities are best aligned with your skills, identities, and goals
  • Choose the Web3 career pathway that's right for you



  • Understand the ethics of Web3
  • Understand the environmental impact of NFTs
  • Learn the proper etiquette for contributing to Web3 communities


Action Plan

  • Learn a framework for tangible Web3 career planning
  • Learn how to connect with top players and secure partnerships and job offers



  • Get placed into industry-specific interest groups
  • Present your Action Plan to get feedback
  • Meet future cofounders, partners, and friends
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NFT Ivy League


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Course schedule

2 weeks - 7 hours per week
  • Starting June 13th, 2022

  • Mondays & Wednesdays

    11:00am - 1:00pm EST

    Main Sessions

  • Tuesdays

    11:00am - 12:00pm EST

    Guest Workshops

  • Thursdays

    11:00am - 12:00pm EST

    Open Q&A

  • Fridays

    11:00am - 12:00pm EST

    Community Events

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community

Learn with the best

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can’t make a live session?
I work full-time, can this course work for me?
Will I be able to get a job in the Web3 space?
Do I need to have a tech background?
What does the course structure look like?
How much does the course cost?
What’s the refund policy?
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NFT Ivy League


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