Deploying Private AI in your Business

4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Develop a comprehensive AI deployment strategy for your business with hands-on training, valuable insights and a guided implementation plan.

Course overview

Lead with authority and knowledge when it comes to AI.

As a business leader ready to harness the power of AI, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools to formulate a comprehensive AI deployment plan for your business.


In this course, we'll provide numerous real-world examples and case studies, sharing the benefits of AI and valuable insights about how you can securely and effectively incorporate it into your core business operations. 


During the training, you will have exclusive access to Model Mind's proprietary AI solution. This enables you to upload, engage, and interact securely with your organization's private data utilizing AI. 

Harness the power of AI while protecting your company data.


This course is developed specifically for CEOs and Key Leadership within a business organization for valuable AI business best practices.


Receive exclusive access to Model Mind's proprietary AI solution to upload and engage with your company data in a secure manner.

What you will learn in this course

How to safely and effectively implement AI into your business

Tangible and practical best practices to integrate AI tools into your business workflows.

Communicating with authority on the power of AI within a business setting

Obtain valuable knowledge regarding risks, rewards, AI governance, best practices and communication tools to effectively train and guide your workforce.

The importance of keeping proprietary company data private and secure when using AI

Guidance on how to establish company protocol regarding AI to ensure safekeeping of company data. Gain access to Model Mind's AI Platform to securely and safely access your company data when using AI.

Specific use cases for your business with real-world applications

Learn practical use case scenarios across a broad range of business applications to immediately implement with your team.

Meet your instructors

Loren Horsager

Loren Horsager

Founder & CEO of Model Mind AI

Loren Horsager is a tech entrepreneur and the dynamic force behind Model Mind AI, where he serves as the Founder and CEO. Drawing upon 30 years of extensive experience leading software development firms, Loren envisioned a world where AI could be harnessed to propel growth-oriented organizations forward. This led to the creation of Model Mind AI, a platform that allows businesses to use their own private AI and data to fuel their growth via a user-friendly and highly secure interface.


Loren's career spans across various industries, from Fortune 50 banks to nimble small and mid-sized companies. His innovative spirit is reflected in the many successful products he has developed and startups he has grown over the years.


Holding a B.S. in Economics from the University of Minnesota, Loren combines his robust technical acumen with economic insights to develop solutions that not only cater to technological needs, but also consider the broader economic impacts. As a passionate innovator and dedicated leader, Loren continues to revolutionize the AI landscape, one business at a time.

James Holmberg

James Holmberg

Prompt Engineer

James Holmberg is a seasoned creative professional, known for his diverse background spanning software development, interior design, fine arts, fashion, and advertising. With over 30 years of experience, James has co-founded a successful software development company, playing a pivotal role in creating user-friendly and visually appealing software solutions. Leading development teams, he has crafted digital spaces that effectively reflect branding and identity.

James's passion lies in empowering individuals to unleash their creativity, master technical skills, and produce impactful content that deeply resonates with audiences. As a conceptual artist by training and an entrepreneur within the tech space, he brings a wealth of experience in prompt engineering, business development, marketing strategy, and ideation.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, James continues to leave a profound mark in the creative industry, making a lasting impact on the worlds of art, design, and technology.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson

Community Manager

Sarah Anderson is a highly skilled and accomplished Brand Strategist, known for her expertise in brand identity, storytelling and communications. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years in the field, she has emerged as a successful entrepreneur and brand consultant, harnessing the power of compelling messaging to achieve business objectives. 

Sarah's hands-on experience working closely with CEOs and business leaders from diverse disciplines has honed her ability to craft cogent and persuasive brand narratives. Her keen understanding of market dynamics enables her to elevate brands to prominent positions within their industries. Passionate about creating meaningful connections and fostering strong communities, Sarah excels in community management, driving engagement, and cultivating lasting relationships between brands and their audience. 

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Deploying Private AI in your Business


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Course Overview


AI Overview & Fundamentals

Hour-long sessions to provide you with a foundation on AI, including:

  • Introduction to Thinking About AI
  • AI Governance and Implementation
  • Prompting
  • Using Your Data with the Model Mind Platform
  • Advanced AI


Specific Use Cases

Hour-long sessions with detailed information on applying AI to specific business areas, including:

  • Ideation and Innovation
  • Writing and Content Creation
  • Marketing
  • Software
  • Legal
  • Data
  • Financial
  • Training
  • Images, Video & Avatars


Wrap Up & Take Home Exercises

A summary of the course overview and best practices, with a take home workbook for guidance on how to craft and implement an AI strategy within your business.

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Deploying Private AI in your Business


Bulk purchases

Course schedule

5 hours per week
  • August 1, 2023

    Course launches with "Introduction to Thinking About AI".

  • New Courses Released Daily

    A new course will be released each business day, culminating on the final session on August 25, 2023.

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions

    Course participants are encouraged to submit questions for a weekly Q&A session by the Model Mind team on Fridays.