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Become a Web3 Leader


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3 Days


Cohort-based Course

Save yourself 6 months of research, learn web3 the easy way, and launch your own project or land a new job. (tech background not required)

Hosted by

Misha da Vinci

Misha da Vinci | Web3 Founder

Course overview

Master web3 essentials & find your new career path in less than a week

This hands-on course for non-techies gives you the skills, network, community and roadmap for a career in web3.

Who is this course for



You are done being underpaid for your creative work, and you want to use web3 to build a career that works for you.



You have talent and ideas, and you believe web3 is your opportunity to launch a new business.



You have been learning about web3, waiting for the right moment to land a new job in this rapidly growing economy.

Key outcomes

Grasp Core Web3 Concepts

Web3 is the new internet and the infrastructure for a better world. You'll learn transformative web3 concepts and how they change business and society, so that you can clearly define your web3 goals and objectives.

Legal in Web3

Web3 presents unique legal challenges. You will learn best practices for setting up NFTs, tokens or DAOs and leave with a powerful legal framework in place.

Deconstruct NFTs and Tokens

NFTs and tokens are powerful new tools for funding your ideas, project, or business. You will learn their components, how they work, and be equipped to use them to launch/fund your project or business.

Experiment with DAOs

DAOs are a new way to structure your business, organization or community. You will experiment with how they work and be prepared to join or create your own DAO.

Master Web3 Twitter

Twitter is where web3 happens, first. You will get to know the top web3 players and learn to connect with them, so that you can get job offers and meet new business partners via DMs.

Join Our Web3 Community

Community is key to success in web3. Upon completion or the course, you will be airdropped an NFT. This will be your passport to our community where you will meet future cofounders, partners and friends.


(24 ratings)

See what people are saying

        Trendsetter is the term that defines Misha. She’s harnessed her network and her knowledge of web3 to empower creators. This course will transform you. Tomorrow lies in Web3; future-proof yourself!
Sheila Gonzalez

Sheila Gonzalez

        While there is much to learn in web3, you can fast track your learning process with the right resources! This course provides deep technical expertise. Add Misha's coaching mindset, and it's sure to get you going on your new web3 career path.


NFT Collector/Metaverse Investor
        Misha is my go-to for curated web3 content on Twitter. She has a knack for turning complex ideas into simple, learnable ones. You're in for a treat!
John Tan

John Tan

EdTech Founder
        Misha’s breakdowns and understanding of Web3 are second to none. In a week’s time, you will go from zero knowledge to leading web3 projects and communities with confidence.
Kaz Tamai

Kaz Tamai

Founder of Zypsy
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Become a Web3 Leader

Meet your instructor

Misha da Vinci

Misha da Vinci

Web3 Founder

Hi, I'm Misha!

I've spent the last two years immersed in web3. Now I am founder of an exciting new web3 startup, I regularly host Twitter Spaces with hundreds of attendees, and my writing on web3, NFTs and crypto is some of the most viewed in the world.

I am passionate about the possibilities web3 offers to make the world better. And I founded Future of the World to help onboard millions to this new economy and way of life.

I am leading this course for people who want to get off the sidelines and join the future-changing world of web3.

You will master the new tools that web3 offers artists, creators and entrepreneurs. You will create a roadmap to launch your own web3 startup or NFT project. And you will join a community of partners and friends to share this exciting new journey into the future.

Connect with me on Twitter :)

Course syllabus


How Web3 Changes the World:

Understand core web3 concepts.

Learn how they change society and business.

Define your web3 goals and objectives.


NFTs and Tokens:

The components of NFTs and Tokens and how they work.

How to use NFTs and tokens to fund a project or business.

Strategies for artists, creators, business owners, and communities.



Understand how DAOs operate.

AMA with a DAO expert.

Experiment with forming a DAO in class or joining an existing DAO.



Learn the web3 legal landscape.

Understand the unique challenges. AMA with legal experts.

Be equipped to make well informed business decisions.


Master Web3 Twitter:

Build a web3 ready Twitter profile.

Know the key people to follow and why.

Learn how to connect with top players and get partnership and job offers in your DMs.


Join Our Community:

Complete the course and you will get an NFT that gives you access to our private web3 community.

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Become a Web3 Leader

Course schedule

3 days - 3 hours per day
  • September 28, 29, 30

    9 am - 12 pm PDT / 4 pm - 7 pm UTC

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Become a Web3 Leader