Selling to Business Owners

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

USPs are dead. Start communicating client value when selling your products and transform your business results.

Course overview

Become a trusted advisor for business owners.

The Selling to Business Owners workshop fuses together timeless sales skills with powerful tech tools that will level up your sales capability.

Leverage AI research and source new revenue beyond the same named accounts for new business.

Make a powerful first sales approach that gets you higher quality sales meetings.

Refine your questioning skills to uncover more client value.

Level up your sales engagement toolkit and build a more effective sales pipeline.

Who this workshop is for:


Business owners ready to grow sales revenue and order value by communicating client value instead of generic features and benefits.


Account Executives ready to master client value conversations and move beyond pitching bullet points from marketing.


CEOs with sales teams who are challenged to communicate client value of using your products and services at the executive level.

Your expected workshop results

Communicating Value to Business Executives

Understand the sales skills gap of communicating client value and how to close it.

Find New Customers with AI and Expand Your Sales Pipeline

Leverage AI to find customers who already buy products like yours.

Ask Better Questions

You will be able to create a more effective conversation by asking better questions and practice it in a live environment.

Effective Selling over Zoom

Lead with professionalism that sets you apart from generic salespeople.

What people are saying

        Ryan has made a huge difference to NZ businesses - as a collective and for many of us at an individual level. His passion, wisdom, insight and relationship-building are first-class."
Christine Langdon

Christine Langdon

Founder of The Good Registry - Purpose-led Communications
        Ryan has been a valuable asset and great to work with at BusinessNZ."
Phil Love

Phil Love

Deputy Chief Executive and General Manager of Major Companies Group and Corporate Development at BusinessNZ
        I have had a business relationship with Ryan for several years across two of my companies. In my dealings with Ryan, he has demonstrated that he is always thinking about the possibilities of using technology to shift the needle on business."
Steve Nathan

Steve Nathan

TimeHub - Founder Global SaaS Payroll Solutions
        Ryan’s leadership and hard work has taken the NZ Made campaign to new heights. Ryan’s relentless commitment to license holders saw high levels of engagement and growth."
Kirk Hope

Kirk Hope

CEO - BusinessNZ
        As a sole owner/operator of a small business, I quickly learnt there are so many aspects to running a business and it's near impossible to be an expert at all of them! Ryan has proved to be invaluable as a business mentor."
Alana Steyn

Alana Steyn

Business Owner - MudMates Apparel
         With Ryan's extensive background, he served as a swiss army knife of input, continuing to seek out ways he could be of support. He always went above and beyond with creating time to help and I was inspired to show up in bigger ways because of his dedication to the coaching."
Joel Hansen

Joel Hansen

U.S. Head of Marketing - LOI Startup Accelerator & VC Fund Backing Tech Founders Under 30.
        Ryan has an uncanny ability to quickly get into your worldview, understand your constraints and leverages and then go about solving the problem at hand."
Jagadeesh Amilineni 

Jagadeesh Amilineni 

Head of Software Engineering - Amazon Music
        Highly motivated and visionary, strategic thinker with the rare ability to combine this with pragmatic, down-to-earth action. Thorough grasp of the demands of professional selling and sales management coupled with a high level of personal credibility in the Executive suite."
Dr. John Heaford

Dr. John Heaford

Specialist Sales Methodologies and Human Communication Skills, United Kingdom.

Meet your instructor

Ryan Jennings

Ryan Jennings

Serving business owners for 15+ years

Much of how I serve business owners was built upon experiences working with and training sales executives across Europe and business owners in New Zealand.

Getting business owners and CEO's to 'yes' by articulating client value is a powerful skill that has delivered results throughout my business career, and will do the same for you.

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Selling to Business Owners


Bulk purchases

Course syllabus


Communicating Client Value

By the end of this module you will understand the sales skills gap of communicating client value that affects most business owners...and how to close it.


Find New Customers with AI

Hands-on practical session with AI that goes beyond the same named accounts for building a sales pipeline with a template for repeatable success.


Create A Client Value Statement

You will develop a powerful client value statement for what you do and test it live with a qualified customer opportunity.


Sales Questioning Skills

By the end of this module you will be able to ask better questions that creates a more effective conversation.

This is a practical, highly interactive session.


First Client Meeting

Gain confidence on how to run the first customer meeting.

This is a practical, highly interactive session.

Course schedule

6-8 hours per week
  • Tuesday & Thursday

    8:30am - 10:30am NZT

    Week 1

    Tuesday: Session 1 and 2

    Thursday: Session 3

    Week 2

    Tuesday: Session 4

    Thursday: Session 5

  • Tues Oct 24th - Thurs Nov 2nd 2023

    4 - 6 hours per week

    There are five modules over two weeks. Each module is 2 hours.

  • Business Prompts

    2 hours per week

    One business prompt is assigned each week so that you are prepared for each session.

Free resource

Client Value Readiness Scorecard

The Client Value Readiness Scorecard asks you 18 questions about your key customers to understand your current preparedness to communicate client value for your products and services.

Receive Client Value Scorecard

Live Workshops. Accelerated Learning.

Live Workshops. Accelerated Learning.

Highly interactive.

This workshop is highly interactive and customised around your business needs.

Non-academic. Action led.

You will be applying new tactics in real-time as you interact with other sales executives and business owners in your cohort.

Learn with business people like you.

The collective experience and wisdom gives you a unique opportunity to build relationships with people you may not ordinarily get to meet.


What happens if I can’t make a live session?
What kind of business owners should attend?
My business is full-on, what is the expected time commitment?
Can I bring my business partner?
I'd like my whole sales team to attend. Possible?
What’s the refund policy?
How do you handle conflicts of interest?
I sell to consumers. Is this workshop relevant to me?
What is the ROI?
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Selling to Business Owners


Bulk purchases