NFT Digital Artist Economy

Launch an art collection on a smart contract you control and join successful Web3.0 pioneers who art collectors invest in.

Ryan aka MintFace is lead instructor, author of Minted book and art curator for @punk6529.
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Mint your creativity on your own smart contract and avoid technical problems later. Start today and earn commission every time your work is sold.

What people are saying...

        Illuminating. My major concern was getting hacked, losing coins or NFT’s. I wanted a more structured and stepped process. This workshop filled in some major gaps!
Passion for architecture, abstract, symmetry, lines and shapes. Retired 777 Captain.
        Cohort-based courses are an efficient way to get introduced to a field, so as I was exploring it on my own, I thought it'd be best to find someone to accelerate my learning. I was surprised at how much fun it is to play in this space.”
Matthew Hirschey, Ph.D. 💡
Matthew Hirschey, Ph.D. 💡
Director of the Center for Computational Thinking at Duke University. United States.
        Enlightening! I didn't anticipate how supportive everyone would be! It has given me the confidence to be creative in a way I did not anticipate prior to the course.
Keri Little
Keri Little
Corporate and commercial photographer. New Zealand.
        I met MintFace in person and had connected with him on LinkedIn, so I had seen the kind of work he was doing. I was interested in NFTs and I knew he would be delivering a good course.
Storyteller, photographer and now NFT artist. United Kingdom.
        I was surprised by the depth of possibility that NFTs offer, the level of support and ongoing support and the beautiful real-world friendships I have made with our cohort.
Unique fine jewellery meets rare NFT collections often backed by IRL pieces.
        Launching my first digital art collection was a lot less scary once I realised I could make a living from it. All credit goes to MintFace who was my first digital art supporter!
Self-taught 3D digital artist interfacing with art lovers. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This course is for...


Artists at the early stages of adding NFTs into their art practice, and need a complete orientation in a highly practical format.


Office workers who love creating after-hours and see NFTs as a pathway towards becoming a full-time artist.


Media agency teams where revenue may be impacted by NFTs and need a crash course on how to package a new media agency product offering.

Digital Art Topics Covered

🍒 How Art Is Minted Digitally

Compare and contrast how art is created, secured and transferred digitally in the new decentralised world of Web 3.0 vs the social Web 2.0 you already understand. 

🍒 Examine Your Art Back Catalog

Explore your art back catalog and evaluate how to best leverage the new possibilities that art with a digital history can unlock.

🍒 Create Your First Trade-able Art Show

Create your first trade-able art show with a digital history that finally your fans and art buyers can both snap up, share and sell again anywhere in the world.

🤑 Price Setting and Royalties

Set pricing in the digital space in both Ethereum and local currency, that builds on the art scarcity you’ve established to date.

🍒 Bundle Digital and Physical Art History

Bundle digital history to prove physical art authenticity. Digitally trademark your physical works on the blockchain and add a prove-able history to your physical art.

Learn From A Recognised Industry Leader

Ryan aka MintFace published Minted featuring almost 100 artists on the blockchain in 2021.
Ryan aka MintFace published Minted featuring almost 100 artists on the blockchain in 2021.

Meet your instructor

MintFace - Lead Instructor, Art Curator, Founder of
MintFace - Lead Instructor, Art Curator, Founder of
Workshop founder and lead instructor

Ryan aka MintFace established a world-first trademark licensing system, protected by AI, for software companies exporting globally. 

MintFace believes many of the next 10,000 artists who join the digital artist economy will have their lives transformed by the 'Commission for Life' art movement. 

The emerging digital artist economy is at a similar stage as it was for musicians when they launched their first Internet company selling MP3 hardware online in 1998. Smart contracts and blockchain are transforming the earning potential of artists in front of our eyes. 

MintFace enjoys playing on the edge of business, creativity and technology and is one of the leading voices on how digitisation is set to transform our lives through Web3.0.

Course syllabus


Discover The New Frontier Of Digital Art Shows

No one buys art to show to their cat. A new generation of art collectors have swapped wall space for digital wallet space. We will explore the exciting new digital galleries that art collectors visit to buy art and sell out shows in the Metaverse.


Shortlist Artwork For Your First Digital Collection

Bring your back catalogue of art to work on or start afresh with an idea you'd like to bring to life. In this workshop you will shortlist artworks with appeal to the art collectors you know and digital art collectors eager to see your work for the first time. 


Mint Your First Artwork Digitally

After this workshop you will have minted your first digital artwork on your own smart contract, set up your digital wallet and chosen a Web 3.0 domain name that you’ll be known by.


Pricing and Commission

Creating a pricing and commission strategy can attract new fans or repel your existing one. In this session, we will explore price setting for art in the digital space that builds on the reputation you've established to date.


Launch Your Art Collection

We will deconstruct the many ways to launch your art collection so that early supporters of your work are rewarded and new buyers are attracted in.

Learn Together with Artists Like You

Learn Together with Artists Like You
❤️ Human Hearts Beat 🧠 Technical Heads

We won’t weigh you down with jargon. Spend more time with the outstanding artists in your cohort while gaining the minimum technical confidence needed to get your digital art collection setup and ready for showing.

Building Not Watching

Workshops aren't lectures. MintFace won’t just talk at you, he’ll engage you and leave plenty of time to work together and make meaningful progress towards launching your first digital artwork collection.

Learn with a Cohort of Artists

These are interactive seminars where we learn together. No massive lectures in hushed lecture halls. This course is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction through artist discussion groups, an engaged art community in Discord, and projects that nudge you towards success.

Accountability and Feedback

Consult your artist peers in accountability pods. Hold each other to a high standard and make progress in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does it cost to setup my digital art collection?
Is Ethereum a cryptocurrency?
Where are people talking about NFT digital art?
What happens if I can’t make a live session?
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