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How To Be Heard


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Find your voice without changing who you are. A gentle course for quite achievers to finally feel safe to speak up, take place and be heard.

Course overview

Living in a world built for extraverts can be frustrating. But there is hope.

I know how it feels: As introverts, we often feel unheard in the workplace. In team meetings, it's often the loudest voice that is followed. For many years, I felt frustrated and resentful about that. The only ways out I could see were A) to accept and hold a grudge or B) to put on an extroverted mask.

That's why I've created my own method to communicate effectively while staying true to who I am. I created this course because I believe that what helped me can help you too.

With my guidance, your thoughts and ideas will finally be given the attention they deserve. You’ll be able to walk into any meeting and share your vision - calmly and clearly. You can talk to anybody at work - even your boss's boss - without the sticky palms or shaky voice. Instead, you’ll be calm and relaxed, because you know exactly how to get your point across naturally and effectively. 

Imagine what that kind of confidence could do for your career!

Get ready for a transformational experience, guided by a fellow introvert. Someone who’s been able to channel those introverted superpowers to succeed, while staying true to their authentic self.

How To Be Heard is designed to strengthen your voice in the workplace - as an employee, as a colleague, and as a leader.

This course is designed for


Quiet Achievers

who have ideas and opinions that deserve to be heard, but have difficulty getting them out of their heads and into the world


Conscious Leaders

who understand the value of the quieter half of the workforce and wants to learn how to harness their potential.


Highly Sensitive Thinkers

who no longer want to deny themselves and want to turn their personality trait into a strength.

What you’ll get out of this course

Heightened Awareness

Realize that you are not alone in your challenges. Embrace a journey of self-awareness, understanding your mind's intricacies, and fostering a compassionate connection with yourself.

Practical Tools & Neuro-hacks

Dive into practical tools to step beyond comfort, escape panic, and expand your stretch zone comfortably. Feel empowered to speak up fearlessly.

Empathetic Learning Experience

Immerse yourself in a learning journey that seamlessly combines neuroscientific theory and mind-opening exercises, creating a safe and supportive space.

Psychological Safety for Embracing Change

Learn to create a supportive inner environment, gently addressing subconscious resistance. This ensures a safe and caring approach to unlocking self-transformation on your journey.

Insights Beyond the Surface

Delve into the rich history and theories behind the concepts, gaining not just knowledge but a deeper connection to your transformative path.

Course syllabus

6 modules • 10 lessons
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  • Week 1

    Dec 4—Dec 10


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      Module 1 - Neuroscience of Change

      🥳 Discover why you are not the problem when it comes to being heard.

      Lauren will explain with neuroscience why previous attempts to make yourself heard may not have led to lasting change and how this time could be different.

      🌱 Learning Objectives:

      1. Learn why resistance to change is natural.

      2. Understand that suppressing or ignoring resistance is not the solution.

      3. See how soothing the subconscious mind leads to lasting transformation.

    • Module 2 - Dare To Leave Your Comfort Zone

      😶 As introverts, our comfort zone is generally to stay quiet. To be heard, we need to leave it.

      Today, we'll discover the concept of the three zones, understand the concept of the fear barrier and learn powerful tools to break through this barrier.

      📗 Learning Objectives:

      1. Realize why we stay in the comfort zone.

      2. Understand how the stretch zone makes us heard.

      3. Learn to break through the fear barrier.

  • Week 2

    Dec 11—Dec 14


    • Module 3 - Learn To Escape the Panic Zone

      🧠 To try something new, your brain needs to know that it won't kill you.

      You took the leap out of your comfort zone and spoke up in a group. Yet, a sudden blackout! What went wrong? In the initial stages, your stretch zone is narrow, posing a high risk of slipping into the panic zone. Building a robust stretch zone requires feeling secure, knowing you have tools to pull you back from panic. In this module, discover these tools and leave with an enhanced sense of safety.

    • Module 4 - Expand Your Stretch Zone

      🤗 Expand your stretch zone sustainably by regulating your parasympathetic nervous system.

      When you change the way you make yourself heard, your stretch zone is pretty narrow first. In the previous modules you learned to navigate between comfort and panic zone - and how to avoid both. That's great, but this constant "dance with the fire" can be stressful after a while, bringing the risk that you abandon the path to change. In this module, we want to make your life easier and change graceful.

  • Post-Course


    • Personal Discussion of Your Learnings

      Meet us in a private, complimentary 30-min Zoom Call. Let's discuss your learnings and crunch ideas to implement them into your daily life!

  • Bonus


    • 📅 Optional 6-Month Check-in

      Meet us after 6 months for a voluntary check-in, where we can answer your questions and look back on your development.


(5 ratings)

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How To Be Heard


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From introvert to introvert

Lauren Marie Sandmeier

Lauren Marie Sandmeier

Registered Nurse | Expert in Neuroscience, Pain Management & Trauma Therapy

Hello there, I'm Lauren Marie Sandmeier. I'm so glad we found each other.


My journey began in 2014 as a Registered Nurse, specialized in pediatric post-anesthesia and pain management. During my years in healthcare, I began noticing striking similarities between the intricacies of our individual health and the often dysfunctional systems supporting us as a society.

In 2020, the US healthcare system reached a breaking pointand so did I. Burned out and exhausted, I made the difficult decision to step away. After a lot of reflection, I began to redirect my focus towards understanding and addressing these underlying dynamics.

My purpose is to bridge the gap between individual well-being and the broader systems we navigate. My goal is to empower you to break free from harmful cycles, embrace growth, and navigate challenges with a sense of safety and understanding.

Michael Sandmeier

Michael Sandmeier

Business Leader | Expert for Organizational Trust, Transformation and Leadership

For a significant part of my journey, I believed I had to reshape myself. Navigating the corporate waters as an introvert, I often felt the pressure to wear an extroverted mask, fearing I'd be overshadowed if I didn't conform.

In my role as a senior executive, overseeing hundreds, I noticed the silent achievers, their voices unheard in the background. I recognized the inefficiency and unfairness of a system where the outspoken often took precedence, leaving valuable insights untapped.

This realization sparked my exploration into introversion, questioning why we hesitate to claim our rightful space. While organizational behavior and leadership theories provided some answers, it wasn't until I joined forces with my partner and now wife, Lauren Marie, that the puzzle fully came together. Her expertise in neuroscience and psychotherapy complemented my insights.

Today, I leverage this blend of knowledge to guide organizations and individuals in navigating change and fostering organizational trust.

Course schedule

2 weeks | 2 weekly sessions | 90min each
  • Week 1 - Tuesday

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 1 - Neuroscience of Change

    Following a warm course introduction, Lauren will show you from a neuroscience perspective why you are not the problem. Discover the concept of the "grease fire", the source of resistance to change, and explore our strategies to extinguish it.

  • Week 1 - Thursday

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 2 - Stepping Beyond the Comfort Zone

    As highly sensitive individuals, quiet often feels like home. Michael introduces comfort and stretch zones, explores the fear barrier's role, and equips you with powerful tools to move past fear and out of the quiet comfort zone.

  • Week 2 - Tuesday

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 3 - Navigating the Panic Zone

    As you push beyond your comfort zone, a reliable safety kit is crucial. Lauren unravels the rules of the panic zone in this module, providing powerful tools for a swift and secure escape, ensuring confidence in your journey.

  • Week 2 - Thursday

    19:00 - 20:30 CET

    Module 4 - Stretch Your Stretch Zone

    In our concluding module, Lauren provides powerful tools for a sustainable expansion of your stretch zone, fostering regulation of your parasympathetic nervous system. This creates a secure space for expressing yourself beyond reactivity.

After this course, you'll feel...

After this course, you'll feel...

Empowered and Confident

Equipped with practical tools and a deep understanding of neuroscience, you'll feel more confident expressing yourself.

Informed and Enlightened

The blend of theory and practical tools provides profound insights, fostering a sense of enlightenment about the inner barriers to communication.

Capable of Navigating Challenges

You'll gain the skills to navigate group settings effectively, making yourself heard and overcoming challenges with less fear.

Free resource

7 Steps to Dealing With Flashbacks

You've bravely stepped beyond your comfort zone, finding your voice, but then comes that overwhelming feeling of panic.

We've been there too, and we want to share a tool we personally rely on when facing panic or dissociative states. It's our adaptation of Pete Walker's 13 steps, a potent way to navigate the panic zone.

Give it a try on your own, or join our course for more guidance and support!

Download the Resource

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How To Be Heard


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