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6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn how to land offers at top tier investment banks. In 5 weeks you will accelerate the journey to your dream career.

Course overview

You don't need a traditional background to break into Investment Banking 🚀...

Anyone, with any background and the right work ethic, can master the steps to secure a competitive offer. This fellowship offers:

🤝 Effective networking strategies to build valuable relationships

💎 Step-by-step guidance from a coach who has successfully landed offers

🎯 Behavioral and technical interview preparation with live examples

⭐️ Hyper-curated peer group of likeminded students

📚 Live classes on resumes, linkedin, cold outreach, etc. tailored for IB

Who is this Investment Banking Fellowship for


College students who are interested in pursuing Investment Banking opportunities.


Students actively searching, applying, and preparing for IB internships & early career opportunities.


Anyone who wants a step-by-step recruiting playbook from a coach who has recent success landing 8 competitive IB offers.

After joining this fellowship you'll...

Be ready to land and ace your interviews 🔥

We've experienced over a dozen virtual, in-person, and superday investment banking interviews. As a LIB fellow, we'll share the formulaic process you need to crush and win all of your interviews!

Become an expert on behavioral and technical concepts 🥇

We leverage our experience landing top internship offers, performing well as top interns, and getting return offers, to share interview prep strategies that will help you master key concepts to stand out amongst the crowd.

Develop networking skills that will last a lifetime 🙌

Networking effectively is the most valuable professional skill you can develop. After this fellowship, you will have the confidence needed to be successful in networking throughout the course of your career.

Elevate your career trajectory & future opportunities 💰

Investment Banking careers open up a wealth of future opportunities. This fellowship will position you to positively transform the trajectory of your life economically, socially, and intellectually.

Gain a vibrant community of likeminded fellows ✨

Your cohort of fellows will become your "lifelong network." After your fellowship, you can connect with all previous Laude fellows who stay engaged via an everlasting online community, future workshops & bootcamps, and IRL meetups & events.

What people are saying about Darius & Meritcy+

        My [connection] with Darius was the single biggest connection I’ve ever made in my life. That’s when it all started making sense in my head. He talked about how, if I wanted to get started and go into this, I would need to do this, and do that. Darius is a mentor to me—and I will thank him forever.
Jacob Meija

Jacob Meija

Investment Banking Summer Analyst @ Goldman Sachs
        Darius has been extremely helpful in the finance recruiting process. I found a lot of value in the conversations with him on how to navigate behavioral and technical interviews successfully. By far, one of the most important skills I have learned from Darius is how to maintain relationships with my peers.
Eve Idusuyi

Eve Idusuyi

Investment Banking Summer Analyst @ Bank of America
        Darius was able to concretely outline the steps and process to land interviews... he gave actionable advice on how to structure my days and organize my thought process to put myself in the best position to succeed in my interviews and networking. Those interested in a competitive finance careers should make it a priority to connect with Darius.
Joey Bresette

Joey Bresette

Incoming Investment Banking Summer Analyst @ JP Morgan
        Darius has opened up so many doors to me that I would have never even imagined to exist before our chats. He has been helpful and supportive every step of the way by giving me insights into all of my interests in Finance. Always great to have a knowledgeable and connected individual in your corner. Darius goes above and beyond to be that person.
Max Zhang

Max Zhang

Investment Banking Summer Analyst @ Keybanc Capital Markets

Meet your instructor

Darius Johnson

Darius Johnson

Founder of Meritcy

Hey 👋 , I'm Darius. I broke into Investment Banking @ Goldman Sachs during my Sophomore year summer after 170+ networking calls.

After successfully receiving a return offer from GS and a multitude of other investment banking offers, I chose to start my career in PE/VC at Insight Partners ($100Bn AUM) out of college ⚡️

In my recruiting journey I've received 25+ internship/full-time offers across industries like investment banking, consulting, private equity, venture capital, big tech, and startups. All with a non-traditional background and no friends or family in the industry. Since, I've helped several other students land offers at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Evercore, etc. by leveraging the same resources & frameworks I utilized to land interviews and get offers.

I'm also a venture-backed startup founder, partner at a student run VC fund, and founder of a student run 6-figure hedge fund. Learn more about me 👉 I can't wait for you to join this fellowship! Let's get to work ⚡️

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Meritcy Premier Investment Banking Cohort


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5 live workshops + group prep sessions + office hours + downloadable templates


How to perfect the foundation of your application

We're going to show you (and give you) the best resources to optimize your application materials. Our resume, cover letter, linkedin, and application strategies will equip you with the foundation you need to become a competitive applicant. 💎


How to build effective networking funnels

Scale your networking on autopilot. We're going to show you how to identify the right professionals, leverage our templates for outreach, conduct successful calls, and build strong relationships over time. It's our unique funnel process that will accelerate your recruiting journey. 💡


How to ace the behavioral interviews

The behavioral part of the interview, more times than not, is how you separate yourself from others. The recruiting market is extremely competitive. Here, you'll learn how to craft a compelling story, answer the "why", position yourself as a candidate who is unique, and show you can add value to the company culture. 💼


How to master the accounting & valuation technicals

IB technicals are all about your high level understanding of core financial concepts. It's not about memorizing the same guides everyone else has access to. We're going to breakdown each of the key financial concepts you need to master and connect you with a curated group of peers to enhance your preparation for the interview. 🏦


How to win the offer (and stand out amongst the rest)

100,000 people apply to these IB roles every year. You need to learn how to leverage your background, story, skills, and experiences to stand out amongst the rest and win the offer. We're going to run through mock interviews, interview strategies, and interpersonal tactics to teach you how to rise above and win. 🏆


BONUS: Learn how to crush your internship and what skills/resources you'll need to get a return offer

We're going to throw in this free bonus to share with you what it takes to be a great investment banking intern, what you need to do to prepare for the internship, and the action plan ahead to get the return offer. ✅

Course schedule

2-3 hours per week
  • Sundays

    4:00pm - 5:30pm EST

    Live workshops run each Sunday for an hour and a half.

  • Optional Wednesdays: Group Prep Sessions

    9:00pm - 10:00pm EST

    Self-guided optional group work time. Sign up beforehand to connect, prepare, and work weekly with the peers in your cohort.

  • Office Hours

    Every other week

    Appointment based office hour sessions. Get 1:1 support throughout the cohort when you need it.

  • Weekly action items

    1 hour per week

    Each week we'll provide you with a weekly goal and action items to support you in achieving it. We help keep you accountable, prepared, and on track.

  • Have questions? Ask anytime

    Always available in our private slack channel or online community to answer any questions you may have.

Going through the recruiting process is better with like-minded students

Going through the recruiting process is better with like-minded students

Active hands-on learning

This cohort builds on live workshops that provide you the knowledge, resources, and environment to land competitive Investment Banking offers.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You'll join a community of like-minded students who are ambitious and will learn and grow alongside you.

You are a part of our professional community for life

Your journey doesn't stop here. Meritcy is building a professional community for ambitious students. We are all striving to achieve our goals together. As a fellow, you're a part of the community for life.

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Meritcy Premier Investment Banking Cohort


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