Let's Build Disruptive Moonshot Technology

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Moonshot technologies are advanced and disruptive innovations meant to push humanity forward. Let us innovate together.

Course overview

Learn how to create disruptive solutions to everyday problems 🚀

What defines good technology? True innovation is meant to make people's lives easier, much more efficient and better. This can range anywhere from the simple wheel to trying to becoming interplanetary. Even at one point in history, inventions we might take for granted like toothpaste or our house not catching fire during a lightning storm was at some point considered disruptive.

Whether you are an engineer, project manager, artist, teacher or doctor, you can benefit from having an innovative mindset.

This course is meant to take you through the past, present and future. Throughout this course, you will enhance your critical thinking skills, be introduced to various different technologies, and expand your horizons on where humanity has headed and where humanity might be heading.

Lessons learned in this course can help you with everyday life whether you are an entrepreneur or work in a company. You can take these skills and use them to build disruptive solutions for tasks at your work environment. Come join us and think like an inventor!

Who is this course for


Anybody who thinks they can benefit from having an innovative mindset in their work environment and everyday life.


You are learning from someone with a history of working on innovative projects. This will make this course extra enticing.


With confidence, you should be able to progress in your learning journey and be ready to take on tasks with a different perspective.

What you’ll get out of this course

Expand your creativity in unique ways 🎨

Creative problem solving is a huge piece of the puzzle of building disruptive tech. The genius of SpaceX for example, started with wanting to no longer throw away rockets after a mission. Extremely complex technologies solve seemingly simple to explain problems.

Be more than just a futurist and learn from the past ⏳

Many people want to look forward into the future, but not backwards to what got us here. This course aims to help you do both. Lots of the core technologies that will impact us in the future, have many implications from the past.

Have an innovative mindset and be a better problem solver 🔥

Your goal isn't supposed to be how you can build a breathtaking technology in a few hours, but rather how can you harness the power of innovative thinking to solve everyday problems in a practical way.

Harness new technical expertise to map out solutions for various problems 🔧

Learn firsthand about somebody's journey to invent various new technologies and be introduced along the way to various different tools, technological concepts, and theorems explained in a manner that is simple to digest.

What people are saying

        Andrew is one of the most tech savvy software engineers I have met. His technical knowledge is both broad and deep, and I would trust him with the most complex programs to build and manage.
Andrew B.

Andrew B.

Management Consultant
        I had a great experience taking this course! Andrew is intelligent, innovative, and a great teacher. It definitely expanded my horizons and I will be on the lookout for more of his material in the future!
Luke Y.

Luke Y.


Meet your instructor

Andrew Magdy Kamal

Andrew Magdy Kamal

Your Instructor

Andrew Magdy Kamal is an inventor, entrepreneur and Copt. He has built technologies for over 37 startups and have taught courses for more than 100k students through various e-learning platforms.

He is a serial entrepreneur, operates a YouTube channel for one of his startups that has achieved a Silver Play Button, and has built a Decentralized-Internet SDK downloaded by over 175k developers as of late 2022. He has distributed and built apps that were downloaded by millions of users, as well as ran or managed social media pages with followings in the millions.

He has a prolific research history, authored the OPNL and OPNL-2 open-source licenses, created the Open Franchise concept, and has multiple patents. He also worked on multiple operating systems, programming languages, and computing paradigms.

One of his innovations has been making strides in Computational Drug Discovery, DNA Sequencing and Computing. He also has a wide interest in physics and authored the QSOPR Theorem: Quantum Similarity Origin Point References, MDQBT: Multi-Dimensional Quantum Breakpoint Theorem, QSICT: Quantum Simulated Informational Consciousness Theory and worked on a mathematical proof for negative infinity.

One of his interests which is blockchain technology is something he has been exploring since 2011. He is behind various projects in that space that are open source or proprietary.

Stark Drones Corportation

Stark Drones Corportation

Behind the Scenes

Stark Drones is a startup that is focused on building sustainable communities and moonshot technologies aimed at disrupting telecom and infrastructure as industries.

In 2022 alone, they have had multiple launches including an Internet Balloon telemetry test that was approved by the City of Harbor Beach. They also worked on other technologies as well such as Aquatic Wireless Networks, a Water Harvesting Device, a Space Plane, development towards a Hoverboard and a Compute Module.

They worked on noiseless signals for underwater wireless networks and are building multiple technologies hoping to be a "light to the world". Stark Drones is heavily focused on sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

Behind the scenes, they will be working on some of the content, clips and slides for this course.

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Let's Build Disruptive Moonshot Technology


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Course syllabus


What is technology?

In this section we are discussing what technology is, what is the purpose of technology, and how different historians looked at technology. This may seem simple enough but is a decent introduction to the rest of this course.


What are moonshots?

In this section we are defining the concept of "moonshot technology" and introducing you to the concept of disruptive tech. We will also be talking about what it means to have an innovative mindset.


Let's take a look at the past.

We can describe this section as a "A Brief History of Time", but that might be copyright infringement. In all seriousness, this section will look at some technology of the past, and how we got to where we are.


What is creative problem solving?

Creative problem solving involves harnessing the power of your imagination and visual/spatial thinking to come up with solutions to everyday problems.


How do we map out solutions?

So, what are ways you can go about mapping out problems and potential solutions? What are some different types of diagrams? What are some documentation techniques? What are some technologies you can utilize to map out solutions?


Can you tell us about bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping or horizontally scaling from limited resources into something much larger, is an important concept when it comes to innovative thinking and approaching things from a cost efficient and effective standpoint.


What is design thinking?

How can you create physical or analytical models centered around the problems you are trying to solve and the experiences that the potential solution may create?


Let us look into the future.

What technologies will impact us in the future? What are some things we can consider? What are societies going to look like? What does this have to do with innovative thinking and our present status?


Let us expand your critical thinking skills.

Richard Feynman didn't believe in honorifics, had only a slightly above average IQ, and yet became a Nobel-prize winning physicist. What was so different about him? Feynman was unique because he had a different approach to learning in which he applied to his teaching as well. Critical thinking turns our curiosity into logical conclusions.


How can technology negatively impact us?

This section isn't trying to provide a brief overview of ethics, but rather introduce some implications to consider in relation to ways some technologies can negatively impact us.


Wait, so what is lean manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing is aimed at reducing waste and maximizing time efficiency when producing a product. In this section, you will learn about lean manufacturing, its principals, and how lean manufacturing relates to innovative thinking.


So, the course is finished. How about some next steps?

This section aims to give you some practical tips that you can utilize in order to apply what you've learned and implement it in a real-world environment. You can also show off some of the projects you worked on and establish a portfolio and learning summary for the end of the cohort.

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    3:15pm - 4:15pm EST

    These will be the reoccurring date and times for the live sessions. We will have interactive lectures during this time.

  • March 7, 2023

    The official start date of the course

    The first cohort starts on March 7th, 2023. This will be the official start date of this course.

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    Weekly projects are 2 to 4 hours a week, and can help you establish a portfolio through various different labs and exercises.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Let's Build Disruptive Moonshot Technology


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