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The Career Accelerator


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2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn How to Achieve Anything You Want in Your Career.  Level Up, Grow 3x Faster, and Build a Fulfilling Career on Your Terms.

Hosted by

Maya Grossman

Peak Performance Career Coach and Best-Selling Author (Ex @Google @Microsoft)

Course overview

Your Blueprint for Career Success

You'll learn how to use my 3-step formula to take your career from average to extraordinary:

Gain clarity, build a winning strategy, develop lasting confidence and execute at the highest levels.

Say hello to the top 1%.

This course is for you if you are an ambitious professional who wants to...


Gain clarity and vision for your career

So you can stop feeling stuck and start making progress toward your goals.


Level up and accelerate your career growth

Grow past being an “average” employee and level up 3x faster while enjoying your 9 to 5.


Increase your earning potential

Consistently grow your market value, become a top 1% performer and earn your worth.


Have unlimited career opportunities

Create your own luck, without relying on a company or a manager to decide your future.


Build lasting confidence

Grow your competence to build confidence and take action every day to become a better version of yourself.


Develop an unbreakable mindset

Break free of your limiting beliefs and fears to unleash your full potential.

Here's what you'll unlock with this course

Get unstuck. Figure out your next move.

Learn how to define a clear career destination so you have a north star that guides you. Knowing exactly where you are going will give you confidence and purpose, and will help you get there faster.

Gain clarity. Follow a winning playbook.

You’ll get a step-by-step strategy that will guarantee accelerated growth with multiple promotions, so you can relax, feel empowered and live up to your potential.

Work smarter. Future-proof your career.

Learn how to justify your worth by strategically qualifying yourself for the next level. You’ll future-proof your career and build an invaluable reputation.

Take control. Create your own growth opportunities.

Learn how to create your own opportunities and turn them into promotions, raises, and bonuses. You’ll stop waiting and start winning.

Ditch your fears. Break your mental barriers.

Learn how to work through your fears so they can no longer hold you back. You’ll stop feeling anxious and you’ll have the tools to overcome every mental block that comes your way.

Believe in yourself. Build lasting confidence.

You’ll learn how to build confidence as a skill so you can speak up, influence, and get a seat at the table. And finally, everyone will see your genius.

Gain an unfair advantage. Build a success operating system.

Create processes and routines to automate your career growth. Develop success habits so you can grow your career while you sleep.


(8 ratings)

Career Transformations

        Maya provides the structure and framework in a very easy to consume fashion that will give you the confidence to go for it. She’s done the heavy lifting and packages the course in a way that lays out a step by step approach to leave you with no excuses. She demonstrated that she genuinely cares about the students in her course!"
Shujaat Ali

Shujaat Ali

VP Automation
        The templates alone make this course a must for professionals looking to level up their careers. Maya really cares, and that shines through. She gives you a proven methodology for reaching your objectives & shares foolproof tools to get you there. You'll receive personalized feedback & connect with a cohort of like-minded ambitious individuals."
Amanda Fleising

Amanda Fleising

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
        I was able to build relationships while challenging myself and learning from other career professionals with vastly different experiences. ...The templates alone are worth the price of the course. Working with Maya, asking about your certain situation.. takes the course from great to amazing. I'll be referencing what I learned for a long time."
Raven Wilson

Raven Wilson

Social Media Strategist
        I absolutely recommend Maya’s Career Success Secrets course! Her ability to clearly articulate strategic and tactical playbooks is refreshing (resources galore!). Maya has an empathetic ear and dissects pain points in owning your career trajectory. The mind shift toward being on “offense,” despite potential progression pain points, is momentous."
Jordan Shaw

Jordan Shaw

Strategy Consultant
        I secured the promotion from my current company and I'm getting my first direct report, earlier than expected. I can't believe everything happened so quickly once I took control of my career and started taking action".
Matt Stocco

Matt Stocco

Product Marketing, Axonify
        I transitioned into a more senior role within my company, where I am finally challenged and have room to grow. I was stuck for so long because I was scared to make a move but this course gave me the strategy and the courage to make this transition. I wish I did it sooner."
Nurit Traistman

Nurit Traistman

Product Lead
        You're the reason I've been able to double, no, triple my income in about 3 years. I went from an IC to now Sr. Dir/VP roles. This strategy is invaluable!"
David 'DJ' Oragui

David 'DJ' Oragui

VP of Growth
        I was able to shift my mindset from having a hands-on marketer perspective into a CMO mindset, so I could lead marketing with confidence and grow my career".
Michal Lasman

Michal Lasman

Head of Product Marketing
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The Career Accelerator

Meet Your Instructor

Maya Grossman

Maya Grossman

I was promoted 10 times in 15 years.

Worked for the best companies in the world, and actually enjoyed my 9-5.

I quit my day job to teach you how to build a career and life that you love, on your own terms.

This course is not about getting a job. It's a call for greatness.

You'll learn how to become the kind of person who can achieve anything they want in their career and life.

We spend 90,000 hours at work and you deserve to enjoy this time, learn, grow, make an impact and leave a legacy.

Hundreds of students have used this proven formula to transform their careers and achieve outstanding results:

CSS students:

  • Got a 100% salary increase
  • Got a promotion in 6 weeks 
  • Got a raise 5 months into a new role
  • Created their own role (it didn't exist!)
  • Became a people manager after years of waiting

After CSS, you'll know exactly what to do to make these breakthroughs in your career.

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The Career Accelerator

Course Syllabus


Module #1: Define a Clear Career Strategy

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to create an easy-to-follow, step-by-step career strategy that perfectly aligns with your strength and skills, so you can start working toward the next level in your career.

  • Build a successful career in the age of remote work
  • Define your career destination
  • Design a winning career strategy


Module #2: Leveling Up

By the end of this module you’ll know how to strategically plan and secure a promotion.

  • How to level up fast without working harder
  • The importance of planning your promotion early
  • Mitigate risks
  • How to create your promotion plan (the checklist)
  • How to work with your manager to get your promotion
  • Make your case and make the promotion inevitable


Module #3: Break Through Your Barriers & Rest Your Mindset

By the end of this module, you’ll know how to manage your thoughts, so you can break free of your fears, your limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome, and build lasting confidence.

  • The success Mindset
  • How to gain confidence
  • How to manage imposter syndrome
  • How to reduce anxiety and fear
  • How to create more motivation


Module #4: Build Your Operating System

By the end of this module, you'll know how to create processes, routines, and habits to make working on your career easier and less time-consuming so you can grow your career while you sleep.

  • The power of compounding growth
  • Success habit loop
  • The career success routine
  • Unlock consistency & beat procrastination
  • Your career success game plan

Are You Ready For The Best Year In Your Career?

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The Career Accelerator

Your Templates And Bonuses

Your Templates And Bonuses

The Career Success Secrets Workbook

54 pages of step-by-step guidelines and exercises to design your unique career strategy, manage your mindset and build success habits.

According to my students, "the workbook alone is worth the price of this course"

The Promotion Game Plan

A step-by-step guide to your next promotion. From qualifying yourself for the role to getting buy-in from your manager, everything you need is in this checklist. 

The Done-For-You Promotion Templates

  • Manager conversation email template
  • Promotion conversation scripts
  • Promotion business case template
  • Succession plan template

The Confidence Playbook for Mere Mortals (Priceless!)

The no-bullshit guide to dealing with self-doubt and imposter syndrome. 15 practical tools to build your confidence and manage your mindset that will make you unstoppable.

The Done-For-You Career Success Tracker

A done-for-you career goals tracker so you can track your progress and stay accountable.

The Done-For-You LinkedIn Outreach Template

A done-for-you LinkedIn outreach template that will get anyone to answer your messages.

The Growth Machine System

My secret process for becoming a lifelong learner and mastering any topic!

The Full Career Success Secrets Self Paced Course

3 hours full of all the content and training you need to take control of your career and get the job, raise, or promotion you dream of.

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Get Reimbursed By Your Employer

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Many companies have an L&D budget that offers reimbursement for career development curses.

Even if you are not aware of a formal policy, it’s worth asking.

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The Career Accelerator