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Cohort-based Course

Get proven templates, guidance, and feedback to turn your hard-earned knowledge into a premium course.

Hosted by

Wes Kao (Cofounder of Maven) and Rachel Cai (Marketing lead)

Advised thousands of creators & experts on building top-selling courses

Course overview

Make an impact teaching what you love

Not enough operators with real-world experience teach online. Many are too busy being heads-down within their organizations.

But the next generation of leaders wants to learn from you. Join Maven to turn your hard-earned knowledge into a transformative online course.

Over 15,000 students have taken Maven courses, and instructors have earned $14m to date. On average, instructors earn ~$20,000 per cohort.

Who teaches on Maven:


Operators & Leaders

with a track record at successful companies with a history of achieving results and coaching others


Subject Matter Experts

who have hard-earned knowledge and frameworks to share with the next generation of leaders



who are bored of repetitive client projects and ready to scale their expertise with a highly-leveraged course

Why teach on Maven?

Learn from the best

Maven coined the concept of cohort-based courses and has helped new instructors earn millions in revenue.

Pay it forward

Your hard-earned knowledge can help others a few steps behind you succeed and move up in their companies.

Expand your influence over time

Your course can evolve into a vibrant community that builds your credibility and increases your impact.

Stay on track with accountability

Maven teaches easy-to-follow frameworks, models, and exercises to help you ship your course in just two weeks and iterate as you grow.

Interact with passionate learners

Students on Maven are smart, accomplished, and dedicated to up-skilling themselves. Your experience teaching will help you sharpen your own ideas.

Gain notoriety for your knowledge

Experts from top companies and the fastest-growing startups teach on Maven.

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Maven Course Accelerator

Get started for free on Maven's all-in-one platform

Get started for free on Maven's all-in-one platform

Integrated marketing tools to convert students

Build a beautiful landing page, optimized for cohort-based courses and integrated with Stripe. You can send automated drip campaigns and personalized emails for every stage of the funnel.

Simplify course operations

No more disparate forms, spreadsheets, and email. With Maven, you can easily admit students, automatically send calendar invites, and host your course content.

Engage your community

Get access to Maven's community so students have a one-stop-shop to find all their course content and connect with their cohort.

Instructor-friendly pricing & terms

When you start earning on Maven, you keep 90% of your course revenue minus Stripe transaction fees. We only make money when you do. Plus, you own your content and intellectual property.


(481 ratings)

Hear what other experts have to say

        Creating and teaching my course was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. And I legitimately would not have been able to pull it off without the Maven team teaching me how to... teach.
Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny Rachitsky

Writer and former Growth PM @ Airbnb, Creator of Product Management Fundamentals Course
        Designing my course with Maven was a transformative experience. Before the Course Accelerator, I had my content laid out and thought I was ready to go. Throughout the program, I discovered new ways to communicate my material and engage my students. My course will be 10x better because of Maven.
Sara Sodine Parr

Sara Sodine Parr

Lead Experience Researcher at Airbnb, Creator of Build the Right Thing
        From expert feedback on building my landing page to hands-on help with creating my syllabus, I’m ready to launch my first cohort and I couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re a prolific creator, an experienced speaker or a veteran of your craft, I promise you will learn boatloads from Maven on how to run a truly effective and engaging course.
Amanda Natividad

Amanda Natividad

VP of Marketing at SparkToro & Creator of Content Marketing 201
        The Maven Course Accelerator helped me approach my work in a more structured and deliberate way. I learned how to set clear goals for my students, design engaging sessions, and activate my community. Within 3 weeks, I launched a whole new course and started accepting enrollments. The MCA was a life-changing experience. It's worth the effort!
Dror Poleg

Dror Poleg

Writer & Creator of Hype Free Crypto
        The Maven Course Accelerator is magic. I started without a word on paper, and 12 days later my course had come alive. I've been grateful to work hand-in-hand with a cohort of people I admire. I'm excited to bring a new course into the world, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without this experience!
Justin Mikolay

Justin Mikolay

Writer & Creator of The 10x Creator Course
        Building and teaching my cohort-based course was an incredibly rewarding experience. By focusing on this topic so deeply, I discovered completely new insights. Building the course actually pushed my thinking further and deepened my own expertise.
Li Jin

Li Jin

Founding Partner of Atelier Ventures, Creator of Creator Economy Course

Meet your instructors

Wes Kao (Cofounder of Maven)

Wes Kao (Cofounder of Maven)

Co-founder of Maven and the altMBA

Wes is co-founder of Maven. Previously, she was the co-founder of the altMBA with Seth Godin, growing the altMBA to thousands of alumni in 550 cities in 45 countries and creating the cohort-based course category. She has built courses for Professor Galloway (Section4), David Perell, Tiago Forte, (by the co-founder of Masterclass), Morning Brew, and more.

Rachel Cai (Marketing lead)

Rachel Cai (Marketing lead)

Marketing lead at Maven, ex-Google for Education

Rachel is a marketing lead at Maven and co-created the Maven Course Accelerator with Wes Kao. Her mission is to help highly credible operators turn their expertise into impactful, interactive courses. Previously, she led programs and partnerships at Google for Education for 5 years, launching a global coaching certification to thousands of teachers and a partnership program to 300+ edtechs.

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Maven Course Accelerator

Free resource

Workshop: How to figure out your ideal course topic

"If you build it, they will come" is the biggest myth in building courses. That's why you should define your positioning from day one and avoid building a course no one wants.

In this workshop, you'll use the "outside-in, inside-out" framework to define your topic: What questions do your target students ask you all the time? Within your area of expertise, what are you most obsessed about?

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Build alongside a motivated group of operators & experts

Build alongside a motivated group of operators & experts

Active, hands-on learning

Every workshop is designed to help you put your learning into practice and ship your course pilot.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll build and learn alongside a cohort of top operators and experts. Our alumni include:

  • Arielle Jackson (Marketer in Residence at First Round)
  • Andy Gupta (ex-Goldman Sachs)
  • Marily Nika (AI Product Lead at Meta)
  • Amanda Natividad (VP Marketing at Sparktoro)
  • Dave Kline (former Head of Recruiting at Bridgewater)

Accountability through community

Access to peer feedback and expert staff to keep you accountable and help you get unstuck.

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Maven Course Accelerator

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