Coaching at Work

5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Learn a simple coaching framework that will help you manage performance, drive motivation and set up your team for the new world of work.

Course overview

Turn your poor performers into your stars!

Congratulations! You're so good at your job that you've been promoted to a management position.

But now you're suddenly expected to automatically know...

* How to empower people who you know have plenty of ability but just can’t seem to produce results.

* How to re-inspire members of your team who used to be really good performers but appear to have 'quietly quit'.

* How to help your team excel in a post-pandemic world of work that is changing at a faster rate than ever before.

So, this course is for you if...


You and your team have demanding KPIs and targets and you need to have conversations that focus on performance.


You want to make sure that your people have the motivation to do their best work despite the inevitable pressures of working life.


You want to help your people develop the resilience necessary to cope in an environment on near constant change.

At the end of the course you'll be able to...

Empower your team to solve their own problems

Imagine one of your team sits down across your desk and with a weary sigh begins to outline the latest problem. You’ll now have a method for guiding that person to come up with their own solution so that you don’t have to be involved and they get to develop new skills. 

Navigate difficult conversations with a simple framework

Imagine it’s appraisal time and you’ve got to sit down with your worst performing team member. Now you know how to coach you’ll be able to gradually develop that person into one of your stars. 

Achieve and exceed your targets regularly

Imagine what a highly coached and capable team can do for profits, customer relations, quality and innovation. 

What people are saying

        I have been involved in leadership and coaching for 30+ years. What was refreshing about this course was the fact it reminded me: you’re never too old, or indeed experienced to pick up new techniques or approaches to coaching.
Duncan Williams

Duncan Williams

Medical Training Officer, Emirates
        Matt’s course covers the fundamentals of what you need to know when coaching a team at work, as well as some additional nuggets. He breaks things down into bitesize chunks, which makes the content easy to digest and accessible. There are some great takeaways in there too – the ballerina and golf examples will certainly stay with me!”
Helen Sampson

Helen Sampson

Support Team Supervisor, Kilburn & Strode

Meet your trainer

Matt Somers

Matt Somers

I’m Matt Somers and the management and development of people has fascinated me all my working life.

Over the years I’ve helped numerous leaders like you adopt a coaching approach, teaching them the tools and techniques they need to coach their team to get results.

Because it's you, not an external coach, who is best qualified to develop your team to high performance but, like most managers, you may never have been trained to coach properly.

I have more than 20 years coaching experience which I’ve channelled into my published books and into my work with leaders at companies like AXA, Citigroup and Toyota to create a unique approach for people just like you.

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Coaching at Work


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Course syllabus


The Coaching Equation

In this module we'll uncover some of the many reasons why some people just can't seem to coach their team to high performance.

I'll help you understand exactly what coaching is and what it isn't and uncover why other approaches may make performance problems worse, not better.


The three key principles of coaching

Cookie cutter approaches to coaching tend not to work because they can't cope with the sheer diversity of people we meet at work and their unpredictable ways of behaving.

But once you understand these principles you'll have the freedom to coach in a way that matches your preferred leadership style and be free from any rigid structures.


The GROW questioning sequence

It's no secret that much successful coaching lies in an ability to ask powerful questions that challenge your people's thinking and lead them to new insights.

But, what questions? In what order? And what do you do with the answers?

All will be revealed in this module!

Course schedule

4-6 hours across one week
  • Monday 12 June, Wednesday 14 June and Friday 16 June

    7:00pm to 8:30pm (UK time)

    Live interactive classes where you'll learn and apply the principles and techniques of the coaching approach.

  • Tuesday 13 June and Thursday 15 June

    7:00pm to 8:00pm (UK time)

    Free format discussions - a kind of Q&A meets Drop In meets Ask Me Anything giving you a chance to discuss your own situation.

  • Resources

    As needed

    Articles, links and videos to help you deepen and widen your learning according to your own needs. We want this be a coaching course in a coaching style, so you're in control!

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

Unlike traditional online training, this course features live workshops and real-life practice.

Real life and work-based

No case studies, no scripts, no role plays.

Learn from others

Benefit from the combined experience of people in similar roles to you.

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Coaching at Work


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