Uncaged Academy

4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Stop letting your job dominate your days. Get the blueprint for your ideal life — inside & outside the 9-5.

Hosted by

Matt Doan

Transformational Coach, Podcaster, Freedom Fighter. 15+ yrs consulting (BCG).

Course overview

Supercharge your life by owning your 9-5

🔋 Generate "max return for least effort" at work by streamlining your corporate job.

🧭 Establish clarity on your ideal life through intentional design.

🤯 Destroy limiting beliefs about what's possible for your career and life.

This course is for...


Burned-out high-performers who want to take control of their 9-5 while still "succeeding" on the job.


"Stuck" mid-career pros who want to shape their careers to enable their ideal lives.


Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to diversify income (using their unique abilities) while maintaining a stable 9-5.

Key outcomes for living Uncaged

Seize control of your 9-5

Take the Red Pill and escape your Matrix. Challenge the "truths" you accept about work. You don't need to be in all those meetings or work all those hours. You can succeed there on your terms — so that it's "win-win" for you and the organization.

Reclaim (and redirect) precious time and energy to what matters most

We're generally able to reduce corporate work hours by 40%. Use this regained time and energy for family, self-care, and passion work. You've got a full life to live.

Conquer self-sabotage

Identify the obstacles that you're putting in your own way. These "pressures" are 99% fabricated by you (they're not real). Release them and start thriving — at work and home.

Design the custom blueprint for your breathtaking life

Radical self-transformation can't happen without a sharp and compelling vision. Across 5 "freedom" dimensions (Time, Financial, Purpose, Relationships, Health), specify "success" over the coming years. Then, ignite 30-day habits that get the flywheel moving.

Recession-proof yourself

Don’t go to the grave with your gifts locked inside of you. Commit to 10X personal growth by exploring an energizing side hustle business. This keeps you relevant and resilient in the marketplace. Diversify and kickstart entrepreneurial "you"...while keeping your 9-5.

Rave reviews for Uncaged Academy

        This course is one of the best things that’s ever happened in my life.
Hien Nguyen

Hien Nguyen

Cybersecurity Leader, Booz Allen Hamilton
        I’m ready to break from the expected path. This cohort just feels so real. With so many people feeling the same things, it adds legitimacy to my problems and dreams.
Kunjie Qian

Kunjie Qian

Operations Officer, Bank of Communications
        If things aren't good at work, I have difficulty feeling good outside of work. The Academy freed my mind to break free of the Matrix and take more control of my time and interests.
Rachel Bonistalli

Rachel Bonistalli

Senior Marketing Manager
        Matt delivers so many lightbulbs in this class. I just keep walking through lightbulbs and breaking them. The five freedom dimensions really opened up my eyes to what life could look like.
Todd Inskeep

Todd Inskeep

Founder, Incovate Solutions
        I’m now focusing on my energizers, not my drainers. My freedom blueprint gives me the clarity for charting my path forward.
Dhvanit Dave

Dhvanit Dave

Sr. Program Manager, Walmart Global Tech
        I can literally feel the new neural pathways lighting up in my brain. The Uncaged Academy gave me a clear framework for freedom that has clarified how I'm approaching life — literally.
Mark Zappi

Mark Zappi

Strategy & Transformation Leader, Booz Allen Hamilton
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Uncaged Academy

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The only course in the world designed to enhance your life inside and outside the 9-5.

Meet your instructor

Matt Doan

Matt Doan

Founder, Uncaged Pro

👋 Hi! Early in life, I let my job dominate me.

It cost me a marriage, access to my kids, my mental health.

In my "rebuild" phase, I realized I could step out of the (imagined) Corporate Cage.

I found the courage to set my own terms:

  • My role at work
  • What I said "yes" to
  • Hours, meetings, boundaries
  • Protecting my deep work time
  • Prioritizing self-care and family
  • Growing outside the 9-5 (side hustle, personal brand)

And guess what? Nothing bad happened.

I was actually promoted, several times over. My reputation 📈

I made a choice to live Uncaged.

And you can too.

You deserve to feel alive, energized, & confident at your 9-5.

A lil' more about me:

🎨 Coach, creator, & freedom fighter

🎙️ Host, Uncage Yourself podcast

👨 Recovering strategy consultant (15+ years @ BCG, Booz)

👉 Connect w/ Matt on LinkedIn

📞 Book 15 min to chat about Uncaged Academy

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Uncaged Academy

Course syllabus


Break the Corporate Chains

Is the 9-5 dominating your life? Stop tolerating that. This is a foundational and tactical module designed to identify pain symptoms at work (e.g., meeting overload), along with root causes. We'll rapidly develop "corporate countermeasures" to boldly (and safely) take control of work, buying you back time and energy to build a bigger life.


Envision Your Ideal Life

If given a blank slate, what would your career and life look like? Here, we release from the constraints of today and draw inspiration from your heroes. We'll use 10X thinking and regret (as a power tool) to paint a picture of your enhanced life (professional and personal). In essence, we'll frame up your ideal Future Self.


Design Your Future Self Blueprint

Freedom is something we all crave. But it means something different to each of us. Across five "freedom" dimensions, we'll articulate the specifics. We'll identify the "get started" micro habits/projects that'll compound over several years into the life you dream of. It's time to be your Future Self...now.


Kickstart Entrepreneurial "You"

The 9-5 provides stability, but this single-stream income won't generate prosperity. And with the economy changing rapidly, you must diversify your professional self. Discover your unique (monetizable) blend of perspectives, skills, and experiences. Learn how to ignite your side hustle — to generate wealth and continual personal growth.



Stay engaged with Matt and your peers through the Uncaged Club (community). This is a private forum with resources, special guests, and events that keeps you inspired and energized to (1) own your 9-5 and (2) be your Future Self.

What people are saying

        Uncaged Academy fixates on 10X thinking, which is an absolute game-changer. Now I see how I can reach the top of my own mountain, without all the competition.
Clint Leffingwell

Clint Leffingwell

Technical Account Manager, VMware
        I found immense value in identifying the near-term projects and habits that’ll compound into the life I want. I loved every second of the experience.
Divij Bhatia

Divij Bhatia

Media Strategy Director
        I am a lifestyle design enthusiast, especially when it comes to living Freedom-Principled lives. There aren’t many who grasp what it means to live a freedom-filled life. But Matt is one of those people. He delivers powerful strategies and tactics for you to live your best life while putting work in proper context.
Maurice Philogene

Maurice Philogene

Investor & Freedom Coach, Quattro Capital
        It's hard to express in words how transformative Matt's coaching has been. He is genuinely passionate about developing those who want to make a step change in their life. He does this through the most powerful tool there is — training and fortifying your mindset. Every interaction with Matt gets me focused and energized.
Harsh Jain

Harsh Jain

Digital Transformation Leader, Boston Consulting Group

Course schedule

4-5 hours per week
  • Kickoff Mixer

    Monday, October 10th @ 4:00-5:00pm ET

    Grab a beverage and meet your instructor and fellow students!

  • Wednesdays & Fridays

    12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

    Each session will involve interactive lecture and breakout groups. Roughly 50% of the coursework will be done during class.

  • 2 Bonus Sessions (Optional)

    AMA & Special Guest

    Students can also join two bonus sessions! One Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Matt and another with a to-be-announced special guest.

  • 1:1 Coaching Session with Matt (Optional)

    Occurs post-cohort

    After the 4-week cohort course, you'll meet 1:1 with Matt for a coaching session. We'll explore where to go next in accelerating your personal work-life transformation.

Already proven to transform careers & lives

Already proven to transform careers & lives
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Uncaged Academy

Transformation is better with friends

Transformation is better with friends

Active learning, not passive watching

We're terrible at self-directed growth. The cohort approach fixes this by placing you with a group of people in similar situations.

Your community in lockstep

You'll be part of a highly curated set of peers who'll support your journey and act as a sounding board well after the course ends.

Take the Red Pill

With this group, you'll escape your Matrix. No more robotic behavior or mediocre results. You'll feel empowered at work while building the life you really want.

Get reimbursed by your employer

Get reimbursed by your employer

Your company may fund this course

Many companies have a personal development budget allocated for each employee. It's worth asking.

Ready-made template to request funding

We drafted this template for you — listing the benefits to you and your company.

🌟 Download email template here

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Uncaged Academy

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