The Stop Burnout Sprint

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

For women in tech: Discover how to heal, recover and reset your body, mind and energy - and stop burnout in its tracks in 10 days or less!

Hosted by

Marna Schwartz

Leadership Development, Stress Reduction & Burnout Recovery Specialist

Course overview

Your health doesn't have to suffer for you to succeed in your career

There's a myth that because you've gone into tech, stem or an other high-pressure career, that the sacrifice you must make is your mental health and overall well being in order to be seen as driven, ambitious and worthy of respect and promotion.

But that, my friend, is a LIE.

Your health doesn't have to suffer for you to succeed in your career - in fact it shouldn't.

If you want to gain support, respect and promotion from colleagues, direct reports, and upper management, it starts with how you treat you.

After helping dozens of women in tech, STEM and other high pressure careers turn their burnout into their big career breakthrough, I can confidently tell you it's possible for you, too.

Over our 10 days together inside The Stop Burnout Sprint, you're going to learn how to create lasting change in your mental health and well being and...

Be more present in the moments that mean the most to you, put an end to the exhausting cycles of burnout, and finally re-awaken your happiness.

Implementing this toolkit will also support you in preventing burnout and expensive employee turnover for your team.

This course is for you if...


You dread waking up to go to work every day and often wish you didn't have to.


You want to reduce stress while gaining greater energy, focus and inspiration.


You've tried #allthethings - books, self care apps, therapy - and they're not working.

What you’ll get out of this course

You'll replace the sense of constant urgency with calm, effective presence

Feel more relaxed in challenging situations, experience greater peace of mind and foster an overall sense of well being.

You'll discover how to make you the priority

Reduce feelings of guilt and shame associated with putting yourself first, even if you've always been a people pleaser.

You'll learn how to respect your voice as much as you respect others

Appropriately prioritize your own needs and wants in order to create healthier, more balanced lives.

You'll set yourself in the direction of what sets your soul on fire

Increase motivation and enthusiasm for life and have more energy to pursue your goals and make you a powerful role model in the office.

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Feeling exhausted has turned into your “new normal”. Worrying all the time, poor sleep, and wasting the weekend trying to recover from the previous work week… It's time for the burnout madness to STOP.

Hear from some of our students

        I was really at the end of my rope. I didn't know what to do. I was finding less & less joy in the things I love about my life. And I thought, why not? What do I have to lose? I did not lose anything. I gained so much valuable knowledge. I learned how to listen to myself, respect my voice & set myself in the direction of what sets my soul on fire.


        I felt like I had to be available every second of every day. I was constantly on edge, waiting for something to go wrong. I had a sense of constant urgency. Now I'm letting myself feel better... Starting to get more restful sleep. I don't need coffee anymore, which is kind of amazing. This class has been wonderful.


Software Engineer
        I was struggling to get my work done, and spent my non-working hours near catatonic. The Sprint gave me simple, ADHD-friendly ways to handle life's obstacles. In only a week, my productivity at work has rebounded, and I finally picked up a book for pleasure reading for the first time in months. In short, it’s given me a roadmap to reclaim my life.


        I had stress because of all the things I had going on. I loved the community with other women who are going through similar struggles. Since the Sprint I've been looking at things in a whole different light. I've been a lot happier overall.  Time management wise, it's like time has just appeared. Plus I actually have more energy!


Meet your instructor

Marna Schwartz

Marna Schwartz

Burnout Recovery Specialist

With 20 years' experience in personal development, Leadership Development Coach and Health Consultant Marna Schwartz has empowered countless individuals to achieve better health, stronger communication skills, and greater success in their personal and professional lives. After years running a boutique on-site service for Silicon Valley's elite, she now works with individuals and companies around the world.

Marna graduated cum laude from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science, and was certified as a Holistic Health Coach by the Teachers College at Columbia University and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also holds certification as a professional instructor from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and currently serves as a guest expert for Tech Ladies.

Marna supports high achieving professionals on their journey towards personal fulfillment and joy, enabling them to live more meaningful lives despite the stresses of modern life. Weaving together expertise in both mind and body, she utilizes her Beyond Burnout Program as well as corporate learning & development trainings, and private coaching to help people thrive.

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The Stop Burnout Sprint

Course syllabus


First Module

The 7 Toxic Lies that Keep Women Trapped in Overwhelm and How to Break Free


Second Module

Escape Velocity: How to Regain Control of Your Life, Even if You're Feeling Exhausted


Third Module

The Fast 5-Part Formula to End Stress

Course Schedule

4-6 hours
  • Mon May 15, Tues May 16, Mon May 22

    7:00pm - 8 pm EST

    Meeting three times for training sessions, 1 hour each over 2 weeks provides a powerful opportunity to make lasting changes in your life.

  • AMA - Office Hours Sessions

    Wednesdays May 17th & 24th - 7 pm EST

    Optional sessions for live AMA and expert group coaching. Ask about anything going on in your life. This is where the magic happens!

  • Personal Exploration Time

    Length depends on you

    Journaling and exploring the topics discussed in the content can provide deeper insight.

  • Bonus Training

    Tuesday, May 23

    Opportunity to dive deeper and develop more skills.

Learning is better with cohorts - You are not alone

Learning is better with cohorts - You are not alone

Active hands-on learning

Participants benefit from live workshops and expert coaching


You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and focus sessions

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Before and After

Before and After the 2-Week "Stop Burnout Sprint"
Before and After the 2-Week "Stop Burnout Sprint"

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Stop Burnout Sprint