Mastering Remote Leadership

Level Up as a Remote Leader

Remote work is here to stay, but how we manage remotely has to change. The techniques that worked in person don't work virtually. Attempting to replicate what you did in the office leads to endless meetings with no time for deep work, struggles with miscommunication, and a lack of connection with your colleagues. But it doesn't have to be this way. Learn from someone who has been there. This course will help you skip years of frustrating trial and error, so you can lead even more effectively remotely than you did in person. Embrace the benefits of freedom that come with remote work, while optimizing your work to be the absolute best. By the end, you’ll have developed a working system that allows you to lead a distributed team to successfully communicate, collaborate, and thrive together. 

Marissa Goldberg
with Marissa Goldberg
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Topics we'll cover

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  • Adapt your management style to lead even more effectively remotely than you did in person
  • Utilize actionable strategies to build a thriving culture
  • Leverage the Work Forward Approach and stop wasting endless time in meetings
  • Zero busy work. Level up from projects made for busy professionals with useful, tangible outcomes.
  • Optimize your virtual communication skills to eliminate miscommunication
  • Create the opportunity for serendipitous moments
  • Identify how to take full advantage of the benefits of remote work and upgrade your quality of life
  • Receive personalized feedback from a community of peers and diverse perspectives from industry-leading guest speakers.

Who this course is for


You are directly responsible for the happiness and performance of your team and want to level up how you manage remotely. 

Product Managers

You help deliver a product and want to master collaborating across a distributed organization.


You’re bringing your team remote and want to do it in a positive, effective way.

Stop degrading your quality of work by wasting endless time in meetings.

Master techniques that have been proven to transform your workweek from 80% meetings to 5% while increasing team velocity and output.

Meet your instructor

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Marissa Goldberg

Marissa has been working remotely since 2015 and has managed distributed team members across 20+ countries. After implementing the strategies shared in this course, she was quickly promoted from Technical Product Manager to Head of Product and Operations for a fully remote software company. In 2018, she started Remote Work Prep to help companies successfully create an effective and positive remote work environment. Currently, on entrepreneurial leave from her executive product role to teach this course, her goal is to help you thrive as a remote leader without going through the years of trial and error she went through.

Course Benefits

  • Active Learning, not Passive Watching

    This isn’t your standard boring lecture course. You’ll experience a live workshop approach with engaging content and breakout discussions. Plus, exclusive Q&A sessions with industry leaders.  

  • Learn with a Cohort of Peers

    One of the best parts of cohort-based courses is the people you meet. You’ll get to know fellow remote leaders through our community, group activities, and social events.

  • Accountability and Thoughtful Feedback

    We provide resources, support, and deadlines to keep you accountable. Personalized feedback will help to accelerate your growth.

  • Projects Made for Busy Professionals

    No busy work here. Level up from projects made specifically for busy professionals that provide useful, tangible results.


Remote Work Fundamentals

You can't lead a successful distributed team without understanding how to work effectively remotely yourself. You’ll discover why what previously worked in person doesn’t work as well remotely and how slight tweaks to your current techniques can lead to big results. 


Humans are bad at repeating themselves, yet communicating more than you (initially) think is necessary is a key part of working remotely. Switch from an ineffective approach that leads to confusion to an optimized approach that keeps everyone on the same page and saves you time. 

New Hires

A virtual team falls apart without trust. Your hiring and onboarding process is where you start laying this foundation. You’ll learn how to enhance your new hire system to provide team members with a running start. 


You need a bonded team to do your job. Stop working against yourself and instead create the opportunity for serendipitous moments, increase morale, and build a thriving culture virtually. 

Asynchronous Work

Synchronous work by default is exhausting and leaves no time to think. Understand the difference between synchronous and asynchronous work styles so you know when you should ideally use each one. Marissa will share how she went from spending 80% of her workweek in meetings to 5%, while increasing velocity and output. 

The Work Forward Approach

The pressure to always be available is degrading your team’s quality of work. Spend less time running after fires and more time catching things before they spark. Leverage the Work Forward Approach and gain uninterrupted work time and a calmer approach to leadership.


With the right tools, remote teams have higher quality brainstorming and more creative problem solving than teams working in person. This leads to better results. Build an optimized virtual environment that allows your team to work together and use distributed time zones, cultural differences, and individual communication styles as a competitive advantage.

The New Ways of Work

Individual choice around where/when/how we work leads to higher quality output and happier team members. You’ve done the work to successfully transition to remote work, now it’s time to take advantage of the benefits. Identify the new possibilities and upgrade your quality of life. 

Everything you need for a positive, healthy, and effective remote work experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this course? 

Remote work became popular overnight. People weren’t trained on how different it is from working in person and why new approaches are required to succeed. You need support in figuring out how to thrive as a remote leader without going through years of trial and error. We’re here to offer that. 

I work full-time. Do I have time to take this course?

Yes! This course was built for busy professionals like you. Marissa will lead two 1-hour live workshops each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Outside of that, expect curated resources, projects, and virtual events to meet your fellow peers leading remote teams. In total, you'll commit 3-6 hours a week on this course.

What time will live sessions happen?

The current plan is for them to be from 9:00-10:15am PT on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, we will be confirming with registered students that this timing is the best before making it official. Also, all workshops will be recorded and available to students.

Do I have to attend all of the live sessions in real-time?

It's okay if you have to miss a workshop or two. We record every live workshop and make it available for you to replay, at your convenience. With that said, we strongly recommend you make time for them so you can ask questions directly to Marissa and join productive breakout discussions.

Can I expense this/get an invoice? 

Yes! If your company offers an educational reimbursement program, we highly recommend taking advantage of it. You will be issued an invoice at checkout.