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Ace your Product Management interview Workshop


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1 Day


Cohort-based Course

Practice the skills, rubrics & frameworks you will need to succeed in your next PM interview

Hosted by

Dr. Marily Nika

AI Product Lead @ Meta, ex-Google, Harvard Business School Fellow

Course overview

Never be intimidated by a PM interview again

Product Management interviews can be daunting if you don't know how to approach them. We'll empower you by showing you what to expect from each interview theme (Product, Execution, Leadership, Strategy) and by giving you the opportunity to live practice in a safe space.

If you are interested in learning how to lead teams and build AI/technical Products with 0 technical skills, you can also take my other course: https://maven.com/marily-nika/technical-product-management.

Who this one-day workshop is for


Aspiring Product Managers looking to land their first role as a PM in a tech startup or FAANG company - with or without technical skills.


Recent graduates that want to understand what it takes to succeed in PM interviews and practice.


Experienced Product Managers that want to get a Senior / Lead Product role but haven't interviewed for a while.


Team Leads that want to understand how to assess Product Managers for their organizations.

You'll get live practice and resources for:

Estimation / Analytical / Execution Questions

We'll deep dive into Strategies and Rubrics that will help you approach Fermi-type of questions like: "How many x fit in y"

"How much storage is needed to"

"How would you measure success in z?"

Product Vision & Design Questions

We'll help you to know what to expect and to successfully demonstrate Product Vision and structured thinking. You'll prepare answers to questions like:

"How would you improve x?"

"How would you build a marketplace for x?"

Leadership & Strategy

We'll discuss what Leadership means, and how to adopt strategic thinking. You'll prepare answers to interview questions by leveraging your own experiences and learnings. Example:

"Should company X expand in Y?"

Other common types of interview themes

We'll briefly touch on other themes such as: Cross-functional Impact, Culture Fit, Take-home exercises

AI Product Management

Also check out my other course, Breaking into AI Product Management


(69 ratings)

What people are saying

        This course increased my confidence that I have the basic skills needed to succeed as a PM, and gave me a better awareness of what I DON'T know and need to focus on learning more about.
Elissa H.

Elissa H.

Product Operations Manager
        The fundamentals for one to be successful at PM interviews as well driving business impact.
Joseph M.

Joseph M.

Sr. Operations Manager
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Ace your Product Management interview Workshop

Meet your instructor

Dr. Marily Nika

Dr. Marily Nika

AI Product Lead @ FANG

Based in San Francisco, I am an AI Product Leader with over 10 years of experience in bringing AI products to life. I've worked for Google & Meta. In 2014 I completed a PhD in Machine Learning.

I am a Fellow at Harvard Business School where I teach Digital Product Management & Strategy and I am a LinkedIn Learning instructor, teaching Product Management.

I love helping aspiring PMs break into tech Product Management and I created this course that contains everything I wish I knew when I was applying and interviewing at big tech companies.

You can follow me on instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post product tips and insights. Check out my 2 Maven courses AI Product Management and Ace your PM Interview

Workshop agenda

3 hours
  • Frameworks

    8:00-9:00am PDT

    • Overview of Frameworks/Rubrics/Tips & Tricks for each interview type

  • Product Sense practice

    9:00-10:00am PDT

    • Live Practice in breakout rooms for Product Sense & feedback
  • Analytical / Execution interview practice

    10:00-11:00am PDT

    • Live Practice in breakout rooms for Analytical Interviews & feedback
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Ace your Product Management interview Workshop