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Embodied Transformational Leadership

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Feeling trapped? Anxious? Disconnected? Stop the blame game, take full ownership & make better trade-offs for you, your business & humanity.

Hosted by

Marcus Druen, Tammy Day, and Ruth Veda

Trained & coached 5000 business leaders. Delivered 1000 courses since 2005.

Course overview

Cross the next leadership frontier

Do you want to transform your relationships, future-proof your business or change the system? Then you need to cross the next leadership frontier: get out of your head and into your body, open your heart and learn how to co-create.


Co-creation is trendy but often misunderstood; we guide you to let go of your need for control, reset your ego and upgrade your sense-making capabilities.


What if your reductionist way to solve problems is becoming the problem…? Our own holistic framework, the Psychedelic Map For Change helps you experience yourself and the world like you have never seen before – no substances involved.


Transformational Leadership is the capacity to move things forward in a way that the cultural forces have not taken care of. You define where and how you want to show up as transformational leader, and we guide you to embody the shift your mind wants to make.


You get teaching classes, facilitated integration sessions, breathwork techniques and intensive 1:1 support – delivered by three co-creators.

This learning lab is a great fit for:


Business Leaders who are sick of the status quo and need a structured process for how to change it and inspiration for where to start now.


Solopreneurs who feel a disconnect between profitable work and personal values and want to attract more clients in-line with their purpose.


Game Changers who don't have time to read 100 books and want a stack of self-coaching tools to instantly expand learning and deepen impact.

Typical outcomes - you will:

Cultivate more compassion

We help you stop the blame and shame game, guide you how to open your heart, and reconnect with yourself, others and nature.

Improve your foresight

We show you how to sense into socio-economic shifts before they are on mainstream media and how to upgrade your sense-making capacity.

Break unproductive patterns

We challenge you to unlearn unhelpful yet sticky habits and nudge you to outgrow your problems right here right now.

Make better trade-offs

We train you to expand your mind and to design your step-by-step change choreography for what you want to say yes and no to

Expand your network

We teach you how to attract the people you dream to have in your circle and how to become a network node for fellow game changers.


We inspire you to knock-down your lead domino and future-proof your career as a pioneer of the emerging regenerative economy.

Breakthrough Stories

        "Marcus & team provide a novel, avante-garde and exciting approach to executive development that is willing to push boundaries. For the individual who is committed to unlocking greater potential within themselves with an open mindset, I believe their offering can be a very powerful tool for growth."
Isadora Tang

Isadora Tang

VP Labs Designer at Google
        "During the four modules and in-between, Marcus guided me to develop a lasting understanding about what sustainable change is about. Highly recommend him."
Christof Kortz, Ph.D.

Christof Kortz, Ph.D.

Head of Startup Partnerships at E.ON Innovation
        “It has been a unique experience for me to combine both an analytical framework and experiential breathwork. It created new insights for me that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.”
Christian Erhard

Christian Erhard

Partner at audacify (former eBay CMO)
        “Within the safe container of the Psychedelic Map for Change I was grateful to experience the unique combination of somatic breathwork, Compassionate Inquiry and deep, meaningful group connection. This unique alchemy of elements allowed for greater expansion and consciousness to manifest. Thank you for holding the space with devotion and grace.” 
Lauren Mugglebee

Lauren Mugglebee

Coach. Inspiring Motivator. Storyteller. (former Meta)

Re-imagine your leadership

Marcus' view on why embodiment is key

Meet your transformation guides

Marcus Druen

Marcus Druen

Course Leader & Change Catalyst

For the last 25 years Marcus has optimised his career to play the success game: he is an internationally regarded executive coach, course facilitator and change leadership expert. Marcus has worked with 5000 leaders at Microsoft, Adobe, KPMG, O2, Sanofi Biologics, EON Energy and Lidl as well as nimble game changers like Digital Service Bund, Future Energy Ventures, Xempus, and Desolenator. His company is called audacify, and his 50 Linkedin recommendations tell the story.

A string of life-changing events including a near-death experience, being fired with no financial runway, his sons neuro-diversity diagnosis, divorce, and the impact of COVID led to post-traumatic growth while pondering on this question: what are we optimising for?

Marcus realised that much in society is driven by perverse economic incentive structures and that late-stage capitalism is becoming a life-destructing force. He critiques by creating...

Scratching his own itch, Marcus condensed decades of his own research, ancient wisdom and client insights into the Psychedelic Map For Change. After exploring and testing this with business leaders on his podcast Leading Audacious Change and also in two online courses, he will now share his wisdom with you here in this unique and cutting-edge course.

Marcus is also a certified psychedelic integration coach, one of the first in the world. He supports mainly solopreneurs and transformational leaders to achieve non-clinical breakthroughs.

He lives with the love of his life and his son in a forest in the lush Surrey Hills in England. They have co-developed many routines, habits and practices that led to profound personal transformation.

In his role as course leader and change catalyst, Marcus will ignite sparks so you can create personal strategies that help you become the person and leader you always wanted to be. If you are disillusioned with the status quo, committed to changing yourself to have more impact, and open minded about leadership development in its broadest sense, then he invites you to join us on this journey.

Tammy Day

Tammy Day

Group Facilitator & Leadership Coach

Tammy is top-end Executive, Career and Team Coach working with business leaders to challenge and support them, and to help them to be the best they can be. She has 20 years international, board level consulting experience with some of the world's leading brands. She has also ran a company with 20 consultants and is an International Coaching Federation accredited Executive Coach.

Tammy specialises in leadership and talent development. Her company Leadership by Design has designed and delivered some well-known global programmes for Fortune 50 brands and Tammy has won many industry awards.

Tammy is a passionate horse rider and is exploring Coaching with Horses.

In her role as group facilitator and 1:1 coach on the course, she will help you integrate your key learnings into something meaningful that you are energised to take forward into life and work.

Ruth Veda

Ruth Veda

Breathwork Guide & Compassionate Inquirer

Ruth has studied Compassionate Inquiry with Dr. Gabor Maté the multiple NYT best-selling author. C.I. is a psychotherapeutic approach that reveals what lies beneath the appearance we present to the world.

She works with her clients helping them to be 100% responsible and to change their story from victim to creator. Through body work and compassionate inquiry she holds a safe space of curiosity for you to explore and understand yourself at a deeper level.

Ruth also facilitates various online group experiences incl. self-massage and laughing therapy.

Ruth is grateful to live in a lush forest in the UK with the love of her life: Marcus.

She will guide you through brief no-nonsense breathwork techniques in each session. Leveraging her OCD-tendencies with a tinkling eye, she is also in charge of timely and accurate participant communications. You will also have two 1:1 sessions with Ruth to explore your inner resistance to change in a safe space.

More than just teaching:

We are remote-first practitioners since 2005 and have delivered 1000+ courses online and IRL
We are remote-first practitioners since 2005 and have delivered 1000+ courses online and IRL

Transform in five weeks


Make a life inventory

Assess your biggest opportunities for growth at the six realms of reality: self, team/relationships, organisation, humanity, earth and cosmos.


Experience your trade-offs

Feel your pain points that result from systemic trade-offs between the six realms via an audio-visual experience that goes under your skin.


Create a new identity

Make a prototype of who you want to become. Define new habits you can start instantly and experiment with small structural changes.


Breath into your resistance

Identify your most self-limiting core belief. Use conscious connected breathing technique to let go and create space for inner growth.


Embody your new leadership

Turn everything you learned into a tangible output for yourself, the cohort and the world. Activate your post-course growth plan.

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Embodied Transformational Leadership

Course details

3-4 hours per week
  • Session structure

    2.5 hours

    This is a compact, dense learning container comprising 1 hour teaching class, 10 mins break, 20 mins breathwork training, and 1 hour facilitated integration in pods and pairs.

  • Dates and times

    11:00am - 1:00pm EST / 4:00 - 6:30pm GMT

    Module 1: April 25

    Module 2: May 2

    Module 3: May 9

    Module 4: May 16

    Module 5: May 23

    Module 6: May 30

    More time zones:

    07:00am - 09:30pm PST

    17:00 - 19:30pm CET

  • Teaching Classes

    1 hour per week

    Marcus teaches live for around 30 mins followed by Q&A in plenary.

  • Guided Breathwork

    20 mins each week

    Ruth trains you in daily breathwork techniques to elevate your energetic states and create space to embody the changes you wish to make.

  • Facilitated Integration Sessions

    1 hour per week

    Marcus and Tammy will facilitate integration sessions in a variety of cool and creative formats. Output documentation on the cohort Miroboard.

  • Office Hours

    3x 30 mins 1:1 sessions per course

    Marcus & Tammy will offer office hours - timings TBC. We aim to give each participant two 30 minute 1:1 slots during the course.

  • In-between learning

    0.5-1 hour per week

    You'll get a mix of optional reading, watching, coaching questions for journalling each week.

  • Compassionate Inquiry

    2 hours per course

    You will have the opportunity to meet with Ruth twice and practice compassionate inquiry; to reveal what's beneath your patterns.

  • Work in pairs and pods

    You will be matched with a fellow game changer to go deep. Three pairs make a pod mainly for project work. This maximises peer learning

  • Session Recordings

    We record the teaching classes and breathwork instructions, but not the integration sessions; this creates a safer space for you to show vulnerability around your struggles.

  • Attendance

    Please be present for four of the six sessions. The magic happens in the pods and with your partner. Co-creation thrives on self-leadership!

The Map explained in 25 Mins

This is Marcus's teaching taster for Maven...do you want more?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this course have three facilitators)?
What is the breathwork about?
What value does the compassionate inquiry session add?
Really no psychedelics substances involved?
What happens if I can’t make a live session?
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
What’s the refund policy?

What kind of ancestor do you want to be?

Enroll now if you like big questions like this!
Enroll now if you like big questions like this!
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Embodied Transformational Leadership